Friday, 24 August 2012

Chapter 46: Baby Father

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street.

Chris and Reese lives at number 29 Red Lion Street.

Reese is 8 months pregnant. I made her that way.

She got super pissed because she found out that her husband Chris had screwed a prostitute. Read about that here.

She asked me round to her house and put on her wedding dress. As I fucked her from behind without a condom as she cried 'make me fucking pregnant.' I did. Read about that here.

Now Chris has left her and me and Reese are stuck with a baby. I'm trying to do the right thing.

Shit, even pregnant she looks damn hot though. You know when people talk crap about how a woman looks wonderful and radiant when she's carrying? Well Reese really did look exceptional. I don't know if it's wrong, but when I saw her walking down the street with her big swollen tits and belly I wanted to fuck her more than ever.

She saw me one day last week, 'Hey fucknuts,' she said. 'Come with me to the Doctors, it's time for my check up.' She was wearing a tight red dress. She was wearing t-bar shoes with high heels.

I walked with her to see Doctor Sun.  Doctor Sun has a practice on Red Lion Street at number 52. You've never had a Doctor like Doctor Sun.

Doctor Sun checked Reese over and asked her some questions. Both of these sexy vampires were wearing sexy nylons and heels in the middle of summer. I had a feeling they'd be stockings or holdups too.

'Everything seems fine, Reese' said Doctor Sun. 'Are there any problems you've been having?'

'I'm just down,' said Reese.

'That's very normal during pregnancy,' said Doctor Sun.

'I know but my shit bag husband has left me and now I'm left with this douche bag,' Reese jerked her thumb at me. 'I'm tired, fed up and I haven't had a fuck since forever.'

'You know you can still have sex when you're pregnant?' said Doctor Sun.

'At eight months? Fuck off,' said Reese.

'No really, you can, it's quite safe,' continued Sun. 'In fact due to an abundance of pregnancy hormones and because the pelvic area is more sensitive many women experience increased arousal and orgasm. There's more blood in the body and it becomes more responsive. '

'No shit,' said Reese.

'Lie down on the bed,' said Doctor Sun. Reese did so. 'Get your legs apart.'

Reese was unsure and looked at me. I nodded. She pulled her tight red dress up to her waist. She was wearing dark opaque hold ups with a red seam.

Doctor Sun said, 'Pull your panties to one side. I want to check something.'

Reese pulled her black panties to one side so her beautiful bare cunt was revealed to us both. Doctor Sun got up on to the bed between Reese's legs. She stuck her arse in the air and got her face right down next to Reese's crotch. As she bent over her short black skirt rode up. Doctor Sun was wearing black sheer nylon hold ups.

Shit, here we go again.

Doctor Sun poked at Reese's vulva. 'Is that sensitive?' she asked.

'Yes very,' said Reese.

'But it feels good?'


'Scoop your tits out. I want to show you both something,' said Sun.


'I'm a Doctor,' said Sun.

Reese scooped her giant boobs out.

Doctor Sun inspected Reese's slit but frankly it didn't look like a medical examination. Reese was getting fingered, plain and simple. Reese put her hand down there too and said, 'No, not there; there. That's better.'

Doctor Sun turned to look at me and said, 'Do you see how easily your girlfriend is turned on?'

'She's not my girlfriend,' I said.

'You're the father of the baby though and whats good for Reese is good for your child. You should treat her right. Look after her.'


Doctor Sun turned to Reese and said, 'Take your knickers off darling I'm going to get you some right now.'

Reese took her knickers off and kicked them to the floor.

Doctor Sun stood let her skirt fall to the floor took her coat, top and bra off. She put her white Doctors coat back on. I'm glad she did.

'Whats the matter Shame?' said Doctor Sun. 'The sight of a pregnant woman doesn't turn you on? You're not man enough?'

'I'm plenty man enough,' I undid my trousers. My dick sprang out. I was ten inches long. I was fully hard.

'Shit,' said Doctor Sun.

'Mother fucker,' said Reese. 'I forgot about that.'

'How could you forget a thing like that?' said Doctor Sun.

'Are you sure this is a good idea Reese? I mean we're getting on fine but these things get complicated and for the sake of the child we....'

'Shut up, come here, fuck me,' said Reese.

I walked up to her. I got on the bed. Reese spread her legs and pushed her tits together. I got myself into position.

Doctor Sun got on the bed too. She lay above Reese and got her legs either side of her.

No instruction was needed. Sun pulled her panties to one side and Reese started lapping at her damp pussy.

I pushed my giant dick in-between Reese's pussy lips and started to fuck.

Reese's cunt felt different to how I remembered; tighter, plumper. I'd never fucked a pregnant girl before but had always wanted to. This woman looked glorious, ripe and fertile. I started to fuck her quickly and passionately. This was the mother of my child. She was red hot. Her big brown tits shook and wobbled as I threw long, hard thrusts into her. She didn't look at me. She was too busy eating Sun's dripping gash.

Sun herself was gorgeous too. A small neat Asian beauty with perfect boobs. She loved her own tits. She stroked them as Reese feasted on her cunny. She brushed her hands up and down her body. She touched herself lightly. She looked straight into my eyes and said, 'That's it; look at me. Look at me.'

Reese took a moment to glance at me and whispered, 'Holy fuck, my baby father.'

I looked down at her and said, 'Fuck, you beautiful whore. I made you pregnant in your wedding dress, you skank.'

Sun looked at us both and said, 'You two are doomed. You're leaving a wake of destruction behind you. But you fuck like it's the last day of earth and I love it.'

'Shit fuck,' said Reese.

'Bitch fuck,' I said.

'Cunt on a bike,' said Doctor Sun.

'I can't lie on my back like this with the weight of the baby on me,' said Reese. I pulled out. Reese flipped over and stuck her beautiful black arse high in the air. 'Like this.'

I grabbed her hips and ploughed into her. I love to fuck a big arsed, pregnant black girl from behind.

"Holy shit,' said Reese. I started to tear her apart.

Sun was off the bed and had lost her lace panties. She letting her white coat drop to the floor. 'I love it when my patients fuck,' said Doctor Sun. 'Fuck her harder,' said Sun. 'She can take it, fucking hurt her.'

Reese turned and looked at me and said, 'Yes, hurt me Baby Father. I've ruined your life. Take me, you bastard, fucking cunt.'

I fucked her hard. She was right. She and her husband had ruined everything. I started to give her angry drilling but she just seemed to love it more.

'Shit I needed to be fucked, 'said Reese.

'I'm fucking you good aren't I?' I shouted.

Reese looked at me with sweat running down her forehead. 'I know we aren't meant to be together but as the father of my baby you can tap this fat arse any time you want. We'll be Mother and Father and best fuck buddies.'

I fucked even harder, faster. Reese's body suddenly shook violently and quickly. Her cunt contracted tighter. She was coming. She whined, high and long.

'Never, never,' she gasped. 'Never had it like that before. Never'

Doctor Sun had three finger up her pussy. 'Fuck, me too, I'm going over, I'm going over. Fuck. I'm over the edge. Yes. Yes.'

Reese shouted at me, 'Come on you cunting shit head, unleash your load on me, I want to be showered with jizz.'

I looked up at Doctor Sun who was finger fucking herself and bringing herself off a second time and knew I was ready to blow.

I pulled out. Reese dropped to her knees in front of me. I started to come on my pregnant princess.

Jizz fell on her tits. Some hit her face and then Reese quickly wrapped her beautiful, slag mouth around my bell end and I shot the last few spurts down the back of her throat.

'Hole fucking shit,' I said.

'Christ. I've got cum all over me. I've got cum in my throat,' said Reese.

'You will have a beautiful child' said Doctor Sun.

'Oh my,' I said.

'I've got to go,' said Reese. 'This is so wrong.'

Reese hurriedly pulled her dress and bra back up. I could still see jizz on her cheek as she ran out of the surgery.

Doctor Sun still stood there in the corner with half her hand up her hole.

I started to pull my trousers back on. 'Not yet,' said Doctor Sun. 'I still need something from you.'

'I've given all I can give,' I said.

'I need to take a urine sample from you.'


'I'm a Doctor.'

'I know but right now?'

'In my mouth.'

'What the fuck?'

Doctor sauntered over, swinging her hips. Showing off her perfect body.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and opened her mouth wide.

'Piss on me,' she said. I let my trousers fall to the ground.

'I want it to splash out of my mouth and down my tits,' said Sun.

'Christ almighty,' I said. I aimed my dick and started to relax my bladder.

'Use me as your toilet,' said Sun.

I love living on this street. I think.


  1. I love it! New depths of depravity are always welcome...


  2. Wow! I love it! The image of you fucking her from behind is my favourite. Absolutely perfect.

  3. Hi Cap'n,

    Parental obligation and pissing in the Dr.'s mouth. Yum! This shit is bad!


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