Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Chapter 27: The Bottom of the Stairs

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street.

Chris and Reese are married and live at number 29 Red Lion Street.

Well they did until recently. Reese came round to my house the other day. She was in floods of tears. She was inconsolable. I sat her down and tried to make her calm.

"I'm pregnant, you fucking shit bag. You made me pregnant and now Chris has left me."

A couple of months ago Reese got me to fuck her in her Wedding Dress and take photos as revenge for her husband Chris sleeping with a prostitute.

We are out of control on Red Lion Street. We don't know how to live.

"Jesus shitting Christ, you're pregnant?!" I said.

"Yes, it's you. I know it's you. I wasn't fucking Chris because I was so mad at him. You fucking shit. Everything is spoilt. Everything is ruined."

"With all due respect, you ordered me to not wear a condom. In fact your actual words were, and I quote directly, 'Give me your cum, make me pregnant. Give me a little half cast baby. I want my husband to see it and remind him of his slutty wife.'"

"Fucking fuck," said Reese. "This is such a mess."

Even upset and with tears ruining her make up Reese still looked like a ferocious fuck of a woman. She wore red t-bar heels and her tight short skirt rode up her thighs to reveal the tops of her thigh-high black stockings. A prim white satin blouse barely contained her massive tits.

"It get's worse than that," said Reese.

"Let me get this straight," I said "Your husband fucked a prostitute. I fucked the same  prostitute. You got revenge on your husband by dressing in your wedding dress and getting me to fuck you in it and take pictures so he would see? Your husband punched my fucking lights out two weeks ago and now you're pregnant. How can it get worse?"

"It all happened this afternoon," said Reese. "Let me explain. Chris has been gone four days now. He hasn't phoned or anything. I know the marriage is over. He said there was no way we could repair this. I needed to speak to a friend. I went round to Tracy's at number 15.

Tracy is beautiful and kind. You've probably seen her. She's 29 and tall and blonde. I told her everything from start to finish.

'I can't believe I've lost my Chris, he was everything to me.' I told her.

'You're going to have to start all over again,' said Tracy. 'Don't forget he started this, not you. You'll survive on your own.'

'And...I know it's wrong to say it but...I WILL miss the sex. I'll miss being close to someone,' I said.

'Reese', Tracy was hesitant. She had something important to say to me. 'Do you remember we...you know...when we...'

'When we fucked?' I finished her sentence for her. About a year ago me and Tracy had got drunk down at the Red Lion Pub. Chris was away and somehow we'd end up at my house licking and fingering each others' pussies. We'd gone at it all night. By the morning our fingers were sore and our faces were sticky with cunt juice. I needed some human contact like that. I wanted to feel loved.

'Oh Tracy,' I sighed as I reached out to her and touched her arm.

'We have to be quick,' said Tracy. 'I'm expecting someone in half an hour.'

'Upstairs, now,' I said.

We leaped for each other. We forced out tongues into each others mouths. We stood up and stumbled into the hall.

We were a mess of tits, hair and heels.

Tracy wore black shiny heels, a skimpy vest top and a short black skirt. She always dressed for the boys no matter what the weather.

In the hallway I pulled down her vest top. Tracy's magnificent E cup boobs were busting out of red satin bra.

I undid my blouse and let Tracy see my own tits.

'Jesus Christ, you're an angel,' said Tracy.

'You're a goddess, you make wet,' I said.

'You're wet? I'm fucking soaked. Take off my skirt.'

I reached around and unzipped her. I slid the skirt down over her pert arse.

We kissed there at the bottom of the stairs.

In our heels.

Staring at each others tits.

We kissed properly. Not like men kiss. We kissed like girls.

We teased.

We stroked.

We twisted and writhed.

I took off my skirt and Tracy stepped out of hers.

We both let our tops fall to the floor.

We were just two long legged, fat arsed beauties in our panties, bra and heels.

'We should go upstairs,' said Tracy, when she didn't have my tongue in her gob, 'My friend might come.'

'Let them come, let them see, let them join in.'

I reached round and took her arse cheeks in both my hands. Her panties were satin too, soft and smooth to the touch. I really grabbed those cheeks. Pulled them apart, pushed them back together.

'You've got a big arse for a white girl,' I said.

'You've got a big arse for a black girl,' said Tracy.

I got down on my knees. I couldn't get enough of her. When I got down low I could smell her cunt and took in her sweet dark scent.

'I'm going to eat you up little girl,' I started to pull Tracy's panties down.

Tracy's knickers were round her knees. I like it when a girl leaves her underwear half way on. So much sexier then taking it all the way off. I also liked to be fucked with my panties stretched between my legs.

Tracy's cunt was neat, trim and shaven. It looked like the snatch of a girl half her age. I breathed in her delicious smell once more and then ran my tongue up the entire length of her fuck crack.

'Holy fucking mother of Christ' moaned Tracy. 'You know how to make a woman howl.'

It's true. I know how to lick cunt and make a girl's nipples  go as hard as rocks. I have done ever since I was a teenager when I made my best friend squirt her girl juice all over my black whore face.

I pulled my tongue gently up the length of her slit once again, parting her lips just a little more.

'You taste like Christmas,' I said.

On my third stroke I went a little deeper and right at the top of her fold I found her magic button.

I ran the tip of my tongue around her sweet, beautiful clit.

'Fucking, fuck, fuck,' cried Tracy.

Tracy was teetering on the brink, she was at the cusp. I let my tongue keep her there. Not making her come but keeping her at the edge. 

I pulled my own panties down whilst I tongued her. I got a finger inside my glory box whilst Tracy pushed more of her own muff in my face. It wasn't long before I was reaching my peak too.

'I can't stand up any longer,' said Tracy.

'Then get down here and sixty nine me, bitch,' I said.

I kicked off my panties. I got down on my back and got my legs up high and wide. I scooped my boobs out of my bra.

'Here I am baby,' I said.

Tracy got down over me. Her cunt in my face, her hands at my crotch.

'I want to do it right for you,' said Tracy as she slid her middle finger inside me.

'You are doing it right. Fuck me. One finger. That's all. Do it. Tease me.'

Sometimes all I need is just one finger. If the girl does it right that's all it takes. One long finger in the right place and I can bring the whole fucking house down.

Her index finger was in up to the knuckle. She moved her finger so that she stroked my cunt walls. I wriggled to get the most of her. She lowered her self down onto my face. She covered me.

I was engulfed in sweet, white girl cunt. I could have stayed there for a year.

Tracy pushed down. She rubbed her snatch up and down my face, smearing me with cunny fluid. It was immense. I desperately tried to give her what she needed. I flicked my tongue back and forth. I was lapping like a dog.

Tracy was doing a better job. She had her finger in such a beautiful place, never fully fucking me but just easing it in and out. I was close.

Then Tracy suddenly bent down, tongued my pretty, little clit and I was gone.

'Fucking, fucking bitch fuck!' I howled as my whole body shook hard.

As I tried to screech, Tracy rammed her pussy back in my mouth so I had to eat delicious, lesbian slit as I came and came and came and came.

The orgasm finally ebbed away and Tracy got off me and sat on the stairs.

'Quick,' she cried. 'My friend will be here soon. Lick my cunt like a crazed dog, whilst I flick my bean. I want to get off.'

'Is this a guy or a girl, you're expecting?' I asked.

'A guy, but honestly. You CANNOT be here when he gets here.'

I couldn't work out what Tracy's problem was but I got down to eating more cunt and getting my best friend to hit the jackpot. Tracy got her finger right on her clit and stretched her snatch wide.  She stroked her hot spot super fast but super light, like only us girls know how. Her pussy was stretched so wide that I was really able to get my tongue inside.

'Oh Jesus, just there, just a little bit longer, keep going, keep going,' Tracy was a like a huge juggernaut nearing the top of a hill. Once she went over the edge there was going to be a huge crashing noise.

'Oh, my baby.'

'Oh yes.'

'Come for me.'

'So near.'

From behind me I heard the key turn in Tracy's front door. Tracy froze. I looked up at her face. She looked like she'd seen a ghost.

I didn't look behind me. I just said, 'Look mister, I don't know who you are and I don't care what you look like. All I know is that if you are any kind of man at all, you will drop your pants right now and fuck me straight up the shit hole whilst I eat this slut's cunt.'

The stranger didn't say a word. I heard his trousers and pants fall to the ground. I got my tongue back inside Tracy's hole.

Tracy slowly started fingering herself again.

And then I felt it. The hugest, massive bell-end ploughing it's way between my butt cheeks. Oh my fucking god, this guy was huge. He was going to split me in two. I was dripping wet. I thought he might get some of my girl juice and spread it up to my back crack but he just gripped my waist and with one thrust slammed his manhood deep, deep inside me.

'OOOOoooooohhh holy fucking shit, you fucking bastard!' I cried.

I could concentrate on licking Tracy's slit anymore, this was too much. Tracy just sat there with her jaw hanging open.

This stallion was ramming my poor arse-hole hard and fast. It hurt like hell but somehow he was bringing me close to an orgasm the size of Mount Everest.

He was so fucking big, he was fucking so fast. I hadn't felt something like this since....since....

I turned around and looked. It was Chris, my husband.

He looked down on me with nothing but hate. This was all so wrong. Was he fucking Tracy? Is that why he had her key?

'I'm so sorry,' cried Tracy. I guess he was fucking Tracy.

'You bastard,' I said to Chris.

'You fucking whore,' said Chris to me.

He threw a last violent thrust into me and shot his load. Semen pumped up my back hole. He pumped and pumped and pumped.

It was all so wrong but I came too. I came hard and for the second time today. My anus tightened around my husband's huge donkey dick and I shook like thunder.

Spunk was spilling out of my back hole as I tried to get my clothes on and get out of there.

Chris was laughing.

Tracy was crying.

I came straight here. This is all your fault.

What have we become? We are hateful selfish people."

"It will be ok," I lied to Reese.

I love living on this street.


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