Monday, 19 September 2011

Chapter 3: Who Does That?

I live at No 10 Red Lion Street. Two doors down from me at No 14 is a student's house. The students change quite often.

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Cate lives there now.
We get on quite well. I help her with her course work.

One evening I went round her house. She was dressed in a neat black skirt on top. She had her usual shock of red hair. She wore high heels and anyone would be able to see that she was wearing sheer stockings.

"Don't you mind people staring at you when you dress like that?" I asked Cate.

"I fucking love it," said Cate. "I love making the young men stare. I love making the old men stiff inside their pants." She giggled and threw her long sexy legs onto the sofa.
"I know you like looking at my legs too," she said.

From where I was sitting I could see her stocking tops and a small glimpse of her bare arse cheeks.

"You're a friend, but yes you make me hard sometimes and you know you do," I said. "I guess what I really meant was, do you wear stockings for yourself or for the men?"

"It's both. I love the feeling of smooth stockings on my legs. It makes me feel like a woman and not a girl. It makes me feel powerful. I love the cool feeling when the tops of my thighs touch each other. But I know what men like too. I know they like this."

Cate turned around on the sofa and got her arse in the air.
It was easy to see the bare tops of her thighs and her skirt rode up so I could see smallest glimpse of her red panties.

"Men like this," continued Cate. "They love where the stocking's end and the arse starts. They love the fact that there would always be easy access to my sweet cunt and arse should I ever let them. I love walking down the street and seeing their pricks getting hard in their trousers. Sometimes I even pull my skirt up briefly to let them catch a glimpse of my red panties."

"Show me a little more of those red panties, Cate." I said.

"You are a filthy old fucker aren't you."
Cate stood up and slowly unzipped her skirt a little so I could see her pretty red panties.

I am certain she could see my dick getting harder. She was teasing me.

"You know what men also like to do with stockings?" I ventured.

"No, tell me."

"They like to come on them."

"Fuck off," said Cate.

"No really," I said. "Some men love nothing better than to wank over a woman's stockings."

"Really?" said Cate. "Who does that?"

"Lot's of men."

"What about you?" asked Cate. "Would you like to come over my stockings? Is that something you'd like to do? Let your spunk drip on to my long smooth legs and ruin my nylons?"

"Yes I would. I would love that."

Cate looked at me. I looked at her. A moment passed.

"Do it, " said Cate. "Do it you filthy old man. You dirty fuck. Come over this young student's pretty stockings."

I had my dick out. I was stroking it's long length. Cate laid herself out on the sofa and crossed and uncrossed her long legs. She stroked her beautiful nylons.

"Do you want it?" I asked.

"You're fucking massive. I want to see it explode. I want your cum to shoot on to me."

She lifted her top. I saw her soft young stomach and her tiny red bra.

"Let it go," cried Cate.

I did. I let it go. I shot cum over this beautiful young student. My jizz fell onto her long stockinged legs. Some fell onto the sofa.
"Oh you filthy fucker!" she cried in joy. "You dirty, dirty old man."

I fucking love living on this street.

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