Monday, 13 February 2012

Chapter 24: Nurse Cate

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Chris lives at number 29 Red Lion Street with his wife Reese

Chris fucked a prostitute, Eloise who lives at number 45.

Reese found out and as revenge asked me to fuck her in her wedding dress and take photographs. You can read about that here.

Are you keeping up?

Yesterday there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and it was Chris. He was mad. I knew he'd found out.

"You fucked my wife? In her wedding dress?"

Before I could think his fist lashed out. He punched me hard and square in the face. 

I fell back into the house. I was out cold.

I don't know how long I lay there unconscious for. 

Slowly I started to come round. My head was pounding. I felt like my skull had been split in two.

I was aware that I had been moved. I was no longer in the hallway. I could sense I was in my living room. Cushions had been propped behind my head. 

My vision was blurred. There was someone else in the room with me. I could make out a shape moving.

Slowly I regained focus.

Cate was standing there in a nurse uniform. It was too short and too tight. 

Cate is not a nurse. I thought I may be hallucinating.

Cate wore white stockings and I could see her garter belt and her smooth white thigh skin beneath her hemline. She wore shiny black stilettos and as always her hair was a brilliant flame red.

"Wh..wh..what are you doing here? Why are you dressed like that?" I asked.

"You're hurt. You needed a nurse, so I came," Cate replied.

"But, you're not a nurse," I said.

"I can be," she replied. "I will be, for you, today."

My head throbbed with pain. "Ow," I said.

"What happened here?" said Cate. She sat down. Her legs were beautiful, long and smooth. 

Could it be possible that I was half concussed and getting a hard on at the same time?

"Chris came round and punched my lights out," I said.

"Why?" asked Cate.

"Because I fucked his wife in her wedding dress and took photos. She must have showed him the photos. She said she was going to."

"Holy fucking christ. Why did she do that? Why did YOU do that?"

"She did it because Chris had slept with Eloise, the prostitute at number 45. I did it because, well, I don't know. I guess I did it because Reese has the most heavenly, massive natural boobs and I wanted to see them bounce up and down as I rammed my dick inside her."

"Wow," said Cate. "I would have loved to have seen you fucking Reese. Her tits are fucking beautiful and your dick is huge. I bet it made an awesome sight. But also I would have loved to have seen Chris fucking that whore, Eloise. She's got a massive arse and I've heard Chris is hung like a fucking Giraffe. I bet he tore that skanky slut to shreds."

Cate had sat on my big leather chair. She had eased her legs apart. She was wearing dark red panties. She knew I could see. She wanted me to see.

She undid the top button of her nurse uniform.

"Is it making you horny?" I asked.

"Yes," said Cate. "All this depravity right on my door step. People on this street just can't stop fucking and doing the wrong thing. It's like they put something in the water."

"Why are you here, Cate?" I asked. "Why are you dressed up like a nurse? Why are you showing me your panties?" Why are you unbuttoning your dress?"

"Do you want me to nurse you?" said Cate. "Do you want me to make you better?"

"Yes, please," I said.

"Where does it hurt?" asked Cate.

"Here," I said, point to my head.

"But more than that, I feel tense. I'm in shock. I need...something to relax me," I said.

"I can help you relax," said Cate. She undid some more buttons of her dress. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't need to. "Reese and Eloise may have the biggest, natural tits on the street but I'm not jealous. I know what my perky little girls can do. My small tits make men hard. They make you hard."

"They do," I said. "They're making me hard now. It's making me dizzy all this blood rushing to my dick."

"Don't worry honey," said Cate. "Here comes the red cross."

Cate pulled her dress down from her shoulders. Her small tits were free. She had taped red crosses onto both of her nipples. It looked hilarious.

Cate kept her legs apart. She stared me straight in the eye. She didn't say a word for a few minutes. My dick was fully erect in side my jeans.

"Nurse," I said. "I feel so tense, I need to rest. Make me better."

"I know what to do," said Cate.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm going to slip out of this tight, nurses uniform. Then I'm going to crawl over to you on my hands and knees in my cute heels and stick my arse high in the air. You'll take your jeans off. I won't put you in my mouth and I won't fuck you. You're not well enough for that."

"What, will you do then?"

"I'm going to give you the best hand job of your life."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked. "I've had some pretty good hand jobs."

"Take your jeans off," said Cate. "Wait and see."

Whilst still lying on the floor I pulled off my jeans and underpants. My giant dick sprang out.

Cate stood up. She let her nurse dress fall to the floor and then stepped out of it. She was gorgeous, young and supple. She got down on her knees. She went on all fours. She crawled towards me like a cat.

She pushed her arse up high in the air.

Sometimes all you need is a good hard screw.

Sometimes all you need is to stick your dick in some beauties' mouth and let go.

Sometimes all you need is to lie on your back and have some angel beat you off.

Cate knew exactly what I needed today.

She was right in front of me.

"I can smell your dick," she said.

She took my dick in just one of her hands. She let my shaft go between her middle two fingers. It was an unusual technique.

"Think about something nice, whilst I wank you," said Cate.

"Like what Nurse?" I asked.

"Think about the time I let you cum all over my black stockings," said Cate.

I thought about my jizz on her long, stockinged legs and felt the spunk rise up from my balls.

Cate wanked me a little harder, a little firmer.

"Think about the time you watched me licking Stephanie's cunt through her window," said Cate.

I thought about Cate with her mouth all wet from Stephanie's snatch.

I knew I was going to shoot soon. I felt my balls tighten. Cate kept jerking me off.

"Think about that time you fucked my cousin up the ass and let your jizz fall onto my glasses," said Cate.

I thought about my jizz falling and splashing on Cate's pretty face.

"Come on honey," said Cate. "Let it all out. You'll feel so much better."

I let go. Four beautiful arcs of cum jetted into the air.
"Nurse!" I cried.

Cate smiled throughout.

I had cum on my dick and balls and leg. Cate had cum on her hand.

"Clean me Nurse," I said. Cate licked her hand clean and then she got down and licked my dick, balls and leg until I was perfectly clean.

She ate my cum, she swallowed it. She fucking loved it. She did all this and didn't even touch herself once. A truly dutiful nurse.

"Yum," said Cate. "Now go and see the Doctor. You've had quite a shock and I don't mean this."

I love living on this street.


  1. Your work just gets hotter and better!

  2. listen to me,

    this is hot stuff. i can only hope one day i'll come to with a dirty nurse coming into focus like cate did in this story. i never thought about going after the 18- and 20- year olds in this world, but the two drawings of her, the one sitting with legs spread and the one holding the shooting cock, make me want to reconsider my age-appropriateness philosophy. jesus christ she lights a fire, doesn't she?

    richard cephalon