Friday, 9 December 2011

Chapter 15: After the Red Room

Myself, Cate and Theresa were tired drunk and elated. 

We were at the Red Room Night Club and had had quite a night. Cate had let two total strangers come over her bright red party dress in the men's toilets. Theresa had let three men come over her cute little face. Theresa had won the bet. I had stood there and watched and afterwards I tried my best to clean them up.

You could see the cum stains on their dresses under the ultra-violet lights.

"Let's go," said Cate. The girls clip clopped out ahead of me, all heels, legs and arse.

Theresa had a fantastic fat arse that she swung back and forth. I wanted to fuck it.

As we walked home along Red Lion Street Cate said, "It would have been a draw if this cowardly fucker had come on me."

"I was there to take care of you," I said. "I was your chaperone."

"Do you want to come back to ours?" Theresa asked me.

"It seems inevitable," I said.

We got inside Cate's house and the girls collapsed onto the sofa. "Please don't take your heels off," I said. "Not yet."

"We wouldn't dream of it," said Cate. Cate hooked one of her long white legs over Theresa's and looked at me. Theresa didn't seem to mind, they were close for cousins. Their hemlines were hitched high, both had beautiful long legs but Theresa was bigger and curvy. Someone might call her fat. I wouldn't.

Cate pulled her dress straps down a little. She knew what she was doing. She rubbed her tiny tits through her dress. These girls had an itch they hadn't got to scratch.

Cate said, "Let's stop fooling around. We know what's going to happen here, right? Which one of us do you want to fuck? Where do you want to come? The other one can frig herself watching. Whoever comes first, wins."

"Er, you two are cousins? Isn't this a bit weird," I asked.

"We fool around with each other," said Theresa. "Have done since we were young. It's weird, deal with it."

"I won't ask again old man. Who do you want to fuck? Where do you want to dump your load?"

I thought of the possibilities.

I could fuck Theresa's fat young cunt. I bet it would be the tightest slit I'd had in years.

I could fuck Cate's filthy gob, screw her face and make her swallow my jizz whilst she fingered herself.

I could stick my dick in between Theresa's massive jugs and throw a fat load of junk over her neck and face.

Or I could get Cate to kneel and shoot my junk onto her glasses. I love a girl with cum over her glasses, don't you?

Or I could fuck Theresa's arse-hole. I would love to plough into that fantastic big rump. I would fill her up.

What would you do if you had the choice? Out of these two girls who would you fuck and where?

"I can't decide," I said. "I really want to stick my dick up Theresa's shit hole. Have done since I first saw her, but I'd also love to see my semen all over Cate's glasses. Is both possible?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled. "I can think of a way how this might be achieved," said Cate.

Theresa leaned forward. Cate went behind her and unzipped her dress. Cate leaned forward and let Theresa do the same. Cate pulled her tight red party dress down and land in a heap around her black stiletto heels. She wore skimpy black bra and panties. She pulled her bra cups down. Cate had tiny little titties. I'm not even certain she needed a bra. She was still wearing her long satin gloves. I hoped she wouldn't take them off.

Theresa stood up and eased her black dress down to her knees.

Theresa was a towering inferno. An absolute juggernaut of a woman. She had tits that could sink a ship. An arse that could stop a war. She was a big, big girl.

I would call her a woman. A real belting fuck of a woman. You would leave your wife for her.

"Do you like what you see?" said Cate looking at her cousin.

"You are both beautiful. Really, truly sexy and beautiful but Theresa is phenomenal."

"Ever since I was young I wanted to look like her. I wanted those big heavy tits, I wanted that super fat arse and I want that pretty, slutty face," said Cate. "I love my cousin."

"With a body like that you could rule the world," I said to Theresa.

"Do you want to see all of it?" Theresa asked.

"No," I said. "Leave your bra on. It's better like that. I don't need it all. Just a taste."

"As you wish old man," said Theresa.

"Are you going to call me old man all night?" I asked.

"I might call you Daddy," said Theresa.

"As you wish," I said.

"Show her," said Cate.

I unzipped my jeans and dropped them. My huge erect dick sprang out.

"Wholly fucking shit," said Theresa. "Is that real?"

"I told you," said Cate. Cate had seen my dick before, she had let me come on her black nylon stockings. You can read about it here.

"I'm not sure I can fit that in my cunt let alone my arse-hole," said Theresa.

"Is it the biggest you would have had?" I asked.

"Jesus fucking Christ, isn't it the biggest anybody has had?" said Theresa. "But I do want it. I want it inside me. I want it up my arse hole. I want to feel something I've never felt before."

Theresa walked over to a table and bent over it. I undressed and went over. I took her panties and eased them down over her massive arse cheeks.

"I bet you're the kind of filthy fuck who leaves a girl's knickers on half way down her legs," said Theresa.

"You know I am," I said leaving her panties round her knees.

"Lick my arse-hole daddy," said Theresa. "Make me ready."

I got down behind her. I eased her cheeks apart. I could smell her. I could smell the sweat of the night club. I could smell her anus. I love the smell of a girl's most private place.

"Do it right," she said.

I ran my tongue up the entire length of her crack. From cunt to back.

"Oh my," said Theresa.

I did it again. And again. And again.

"More," said Theresa. Her pussy was getting wet. I took the juices up to her tight shit hole with my tongue. I worked my way in. Her rosebud puckered up for me. I pushed my tongue inside her anus.

"Get me ready," she said.

"Lick my cousin's arse hole," cried Cate.

"How are you doing back there darling?" Theresa called to Cate.

"I have two fingers in my snatch," said Cate. "I'm doing just fine. I can't wait to see if he'll fit that massive tool inside your back hole."

"Let's see," said Theresa. "Try me old man."

I stood up behind her and took a hold of her wide hips. She moved her arse to get the best angle. I ran some more of her cunt juice up her ass crack and shit hole. I got her good and sloppy. I pushed my bell end into her rim.

"Oh my fucking good god," said Theresa. "This is it."

"I don't want to hurt you," I said.

"I do," said Theresa. "I want you to hurt me. Just a little bit, in the right way."

I pushed forward a little more and Theresa got her legs as wide apart as she could.

"You are a fucking horse, Jesus fucking Christ, ouch," cried Theresa.

"Just relax," I said. "Breathe deep. You can take it."

"Whatever you say Daddy," said Theresa.

"This is the fucking best," cried Cate. I couldn't see her but I could here her fingers squelching as she fucked herself. "I love watching my fat cousin getting her arse reamed by an old man."

"Who was the winner?" I asked. "Who came last or first?"

"Who comes first," said Cate. "And I'm getting close."

"I'm getting used to it," said Theresa. "Try and get it in a little more."

I pushed in further. She was tight but not the tightest. Her pussy and arse juices were starting to flow.

"I'm going to fuck you a little now," I said. "I won't go to the hilt. Just a little gentle fucking."

"I'm your sweet anal whore," said Theresa. "Fuck me a little."

I took her ass cheeks in both my hands and squeezed them hard. I fucked her slowly.

"OOOOooooh you like that don't you Daddy?" she said. "You like my big fat arse, don't you?"

I was fucking a gorgeous big titted angel, who was half my age, up the arse, whilst her long legged cousin looked on.

"Fuck my cousin," said Cate. "Fuck her up the arse."

"Oh," said Theresa.

"Oh," I said.

"Oh," said Cate.

Three quarters of my dick were up her ass now. I was still slow fucking her. She was moving with me now though. She wanted more. 

"That's it, that's it, that's it," said Theresa.

Her anus hugged and pulsed around my cock. It was a beautiful fuck. We totally connected.

"I'm coming," cried Cate from behind us.

"Fucking do it," said Theresa. "Make yourself come whilst you watch me get my arse filled."

"OOooohh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes. Fuck yes, FUCK YES!" cried Cate as she came hard. "I won," she said.

"There are no losers here," I said.

"Push it in now," said Theresa. "Fuck my arse hard now. Don't spare me. Fuck my arse, Daddy. Please Daddy. Please fuck my fat arse-hole."

I pushed in hard. My balls slapped against her arse cheeks. I rammed her again and again. I gave her my full length. I hit her A-spot.


I pulled out. Theresa came away from the table. She bent over and pulled her panties off so she could get her legs far apart. She bent over all the way. She spread her cheeks wide.

"Put it back in, I'm ready for all of it," said Theresa.

"Let me see," said Cate. Cate got down in between Theresa's legs. She had taken her bra off. It was a beautiful sight; a big fat arse, stretched wide with a gaping arse-hole and a beautiful small breasted girl lying directly underneath.

I stepped forward and got inside Theresa again. It was such a fantastic ass fuck and we all knew it.

"Oh my, you filthy fucking fuck. Fuck my arse like that. Fuck my arse like that. FUCK MY ARSE LIKE THAT!"

"You should see Theresa," said Cate. "It looks so beautiful, he's stretching your arse wide apart."

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" cried Theresa.

"Jesus," I cried.

"If you fuck me like that I will come," said Theresa. "If you fuck me like that I WILL come."

"What else?" I cried. "What else?"

"Call me names," said Theresa. "Call me the worst fucking names you can think of."

"You're a fucking whore! A fat, useless trollop. A stinking little slut."

"Is that the best you can do?" shouted Theresa.

"You're a fucking a dirty piece of fuck meat. I watched three total strangers dump their loads on you, and you didn't even blink. You could fuck the whole of this street and it still wouldn't be enough for you would it?"

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me daddy," said Theresa.

I gave Theresa a machine gun drilling. "I'm going to come with your huge tool up my ass," she cried.

"Make her come then fucking come on my face," cried Cate.

"FUCK ME DADDY! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" cried Theresa. Her ass contracted around my dick as she came hard. She shook violently.

She collapsed on to her knees as I continued to pound her. Cate was still there inches away from my dick and balls. I felt myself right on the edge. I pulled my dick out so my tip was just inside Theresa and then Cate reached up with her satin gloved hand and wanked my shaft.

I started to come. I came into Theresa's arse. Spunk flooded out of her hole and down her ass crack.

I was still pumping. Beautiful jizz fell out of her back door and fell down on to Cate's face.

Cum splattered onto Cate's cheeks mouth and glasses.

I pulled out and looked at them both. Theresa was on her knees with cum falling out of her big sexy arse.

Cate was on her back and her young slutty face was completely covered. She had cum all over her glasses.

"It's time for bed," said Cate. "Get out."

I love living on this street.


  1. I love your stories, the drawings, the characters, the slutty girls, the situations, the rawness, the laughs, you big old cock. Beautiful. Keep it coming.

    (Are you ever tempted by a gay story line?)

  2. It's not impossible. I have written some bi men scenes before, but there's always a female involved somewhere. I'll bare it in mind. It's about having the right idea I guess.

  3. Great work on your erotic stories and illustrations. Keep it up. I hope my blog drives some good traffic for you.

  4. Hey Cap'n,

    I can always count on you. I love visiting your street.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  5. Switch Couple, Link reciprocated. Scott, Thankyou


  6. Hello, i came retribute your visit and thanks your coment. Very very hot this blog, the stories, the will be a great pleasure to walk by on Red Lion street.


  7. I can't get enough of this story. Maybe one day I'll get to the end of it…