Monday, 3 October 2011

Chapter 4: There's No Shame In It

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Eloise lives at number 45. She works as prostitute.

No I'm being serious. You can pay to have sex with her, honestly, anyone can.

You can read all of Eloise's stories here.

I watch her door from my window. I see men come and go late at night.

I see her dressed in skirts too short for a woman in her forties.

Last Thursday I knocked on her door and she answered.

I stammered and stuttered, "Are you?"

"I think you'd better come in," said Eloise.

I stepped inside her house. Eloise was tall and big boned, she was what you might call a handsome woman. She had a bold, raw sexuality. She had a massive, fuckable arse and huge natural tits. She had strong long, legs that could clamp you tight and never let you go.

She was dressed in a tight long dress and was teetering on four inch black patent heels.

I stood there nervously.

"I know you," said Eloise. "You live on this street don't you?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Do you know what I do?" she asked.

"I...I think so. I I might. You're a whore, right?"

"Well, yes, you could say that. I prefer not to but sometimes people call me a whore and sometimes, on certain days, I enjoy it."

I could tell she was enjoying my nervousness, which in turn made me less nervous.

"You fuck for money?"

"Yes, I fuck for money," said Eloise. "What of it?"

"I want to fuck you," I said. "I want to fuck you for money. I want to pay for sex."

"Do you need to? Do you need to pay for sex?"

"I'd like to think I don't HAVE to pay for sex, but I want to today. I want to fuck you and I want to pay you. The fact that I have paid for it makes it all the better. The fact that you might not enjoy it also makes it better. I want to fuck you quickly. I want to use you."

"Can you afford me?" asked Eloise. Her mouth was starting to crack into a smile. She had a filthy looking mouth. It was a big mouth that looked like it could fit two cocks inside it.

"I think I can afford you. How much does it cost to fuck you?"

"What do you want to do?"

"I want you to crouch down and take the full length of my dick in your mouth."

"Without a condom?" asked Eloise.

"Yes, I'm clean."

"£200. Anything else?"

"I want you to scoop your giant tits out, turn around and let me pound your cunt from behind."

"Without a condom?" asked Eloise.

"Yes. I want to shoot my jizz inside you. Ideally I'd like to see my spunk oozing out of your pussy lips."

"I'll let you fuck me without a condom but you can't come inside me. You'll have to pull out. This will cost you £500. I can give you an hour. Can you afford it?"
I gave Eloise the money in six fifty pound notes and said, "I'll be finished in ten minutes."

Eloise looked at the money. I'm pretty sure it's more than she usually got. She put it down and said, "Let's start. Drop you trousers."

I couldn't wait to get my dick inside her cocksucking gob. I undid my jeans and let them fall to the ground. My dick sprung out, huge and erect.

I have a big dick. I don't like to talk about it.

"It's ok," said Eloise. "It's not too bad. I know you think you're fucking huge but I've had bigger. Just last week I got fucked by Chris, the black man at number 29. He's dick is fucking unbelievable. I didn't think a man could hurt me any more but he really did."
>Eloise crouched down in front of me with her legs apart. I could see down her cleavage. I had thought her tits were natural, now I wasn't so sure.

"Are you're tits natural?" I asked.

"Oh yes," said Eloise. "Do you want to see?"

"I want you to scoop your tits out of your dress and bra but keep your clothes on," I said. "I love to fuck a half dressed woman."

"Whatever," said Eloise. "I really don't care."
Eloise stood up and pulled the black cotton of her dress apart to reveal a sturdy red bra. She eased the cups apart. Her massive boobs came out. They were beautiful and huge. They were real or very good fakes. She had gorgeous, large nipples. She massaged her right tit a little and threw her head back. She was doing her whore thing.

"You don't have to pretend you're enjoying it," I said.

"You really are a fucking cunt," said Eloise.

"You're a fucking cheap whore, shut up," I said.

"You are a useless tool who has to pay for sex," replied Eloise. "Women laugh at people like you."

"This is going to be fun."

"I know."

"My dick is fucking hard for you, you stupid slut."

"Stick it my whore mouth and let's get this over with."

Eloise got down in front of me. She placed her hands on my thighs and guided me in between her lips.

Some women know how to suck cocks and some don't. I don't know where they learn it from. Eloise didn't use her teeth and made her mouth feel like a tight, wet cunt and that's all you could ask for. She moved her head in and out. She knew the right speed for a face fucking.

She pulled her dress up her thighs and reached down and pulled her red panties apart. She a had a beautiful, bald snatch. She fingered herself a little as I continued to fuck her face. She made a moaning sound.

She might have been pretending. I couldn't tell. I didn't care.

She looked beautiful with her tits flopping out and my dick in her mouth.
"You filthy fucking whore," I said.

She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. "You sad, sack of shit. I bet you've never had your cock sucked like this."

"I've had my cock sucked twice as well by girls half your age," I said to her. This was a lie. Eloise was giving me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had and it's all I could do to stop myself blowing a huge wad in her face.

"Do you you want to stick it me? Do you? You fucking cunt? Do you want to see if you can fill me?"

Eloise and turned around pulled up her dress and put one leg up high. I could smell her cunt. It was wet.

"Your cunt is dripping," I said.

"I can't help it. I'm so wrong. I love being a whore. I love being paid for sex. It makes it better. This is more than a job to me."

Eloise still had her panties on, pulled to one side, her giant bangers were still swinging outside of her dress and bra. I gripped her hips and put my helmet in between her cunt lips.

"Oh," said Eloise.

"Oh," I said.

"I lied," said Eloise. "It is big enough. It's good. It feels good."

I slid inside her. She was surprisingly tight for a 40 year old prostitute. I slapped my balls against her ass cheek and started to build up a rhythm.

"That's it," she said. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me you fucking cunt. Fuck me properly."

"I'll fuck you how ever I want. I paid for this."

"Please don't come in me. Fuck me hard and long and please don't come in me."

"What are you?"

"I'm a slut."

"No what are you?"

"I'm a whore."

"Say it again."

"I'm a fucking whore and I love it. I don't care who knows it. Fuck me hard, pay me over and over again. Tell the whole world."

I was fucking her hard and fast. Her tits were banging together. She was looking back at me with gritted teeth.

"I'm going to come," I said.

"I haven't come yet! No don't. Carry on. Hold on."

"I'm going to come inside you."

"No please don't come inside me, please don't."

She said these words but kept rocking back and forth on my dick. She didn't know what she wanted.

I said "I want to see if I can make a 40 year old whore pregnant."

I let go. I shot several loads of my filthy spunk into her hot, wet, whore snatch.


My cock was still pulsing a little as I pulled out; my jizz leaked out of her slit and dripped onto her carpet.

"You are a fucking cunt. You came inside me. I didn't even come. I fucking hate you."

"You did come," I said.

"Get out of my house," said Eloise. She didn't stand up. Spunk was still oozing from her cream pie.

I love living on this street.

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