Friday, 11 November 2011

Chapter 11: Playing Away

Chris is married to Reese. They live at number 29 Red Lion Street. I live at number 10.

Reese is built like the Empire State Building. She claims that she has never been unfaithful to Chris but three weeks ago she let me lick out her butt-hole. Apparently that doesn't count.

Chris has been unfaithful to Reese though. He fucked Eloise, the local prostitute, who lives at 45. I know because Eloise told me whilst I was screwing her myself.

Eloise is built like the Titanic and is worth every penny of the £500 it cost me to fuck her.

If you were married to someone who looked like Reese would you fuck around? I know I wouldn't. I took Chris to the pub.

"Chris," I said. "What the fuck are you doing? You screwed the local prostitute who lives on the same street as you. Are you insane?"

"How do you know that?" asked Chris.

"Because Eloise told me whilst I slipping her my own length. She said you were bigger than me."

"You fucked Eloise? Did you pay? Of course I'm bigger than you."

"Yes I paid, " I replied, "but that isn't the point. I'm single, I can fuck who ever I want. Why were you unfaithful to Reese? She's amazing."

"Reese is amazing," said Chris. "When I met her I thought she was the fuck of my life. Up until that point I could never really get to fuck properly. My massive tool would hurt the girls but when Reese saw what I had she knew she wanted it all to herself. Man, I couldn't believe it. Those tits, that arse. I never, ever thought I would need another woman. She lets me fuck her mouth, her tits, her cunt, even her arse even though it almost splits her in two. I didn't think it was possible that I would be unfaithful until I saw that dirty tramp Eloise walking down the street."

"Did you know that Eloise was a prostitute?" I asked.

"Everybody knows. She walks like a whore, she dresses like a whore and she talks like a whore. One night I was talking to Eloise and I told her that my wife was the best fuck of my life. Eloise grabbed my crotch and said, 'I'm better and I'll prove it'. That was six months ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'd see Eloise walking down the street swinging her arse and tits around and I thought, 'maybe she is better, maybe she's a better fuck than my wife.' I was wanking about her every, single day and in the end I phoned up Eloise and said, 'Ok, let's do it.' She said, 'You still have to pay. It's £500 without a condom but you can't cum in my cunt'. I said, 'You'll be begging me to cum in your cunt when I've finished with you, you fucking whore.' She said, 'big talk, get over here now. I'm dressed for sex.' I walked down to Eloise's and when she opened the door she was dressed head to toe as a ho; black heels, red basque, sheer stockings. I didn't speak, I just dropped my pants and let my giant cock spring out and she got down in front of me. 'It's big' she said, 'but nothing I can't handle'. She opened her huge cock sucking mouth and took me inside her."

"She sucks cock good doesn't she?" I said.

"It can't be denied but the filthy slut has had a lot of practice. A lot of cocks have been inside that cock munching gob. She was trying to act cool but soon she was pinching her tits and looking up at me. My balls were slapping onto her chin and the tip of my meat was hitting the back of her throat. Any other girl would be choking on it but Eloise knew how to accommodate me. She started to grunt and moan. She touched her cunt a couple times. Eventually she let my dick fall out of her mouth. I said, 'Don't pretend this is just another job.' She said, 'It's just another job, now throw a fuck into my hotbox.'

I love to fuck a tall girl in high heels from behind standing up. Her cunt was wet I knew, though she would never admit it. She pulled her butt cheeks apart and I went into her."
"She was tighter than I expected," I said.

"Agreed," said Chris, "Although most girl's are tight to me I expected a forty year old ho to have a little more give. She felt good and right. In fact her cunt felt a lot like my wife's. I put up a good rhythm, a little slower than I knew she wanted. I wanted to tease her into cumming. Did you make her cum?"

"I wasn't trying to," I said. "I just pleased myself and left."

"Well I wanted to make her cum. I don't know why."

"Did you think of you wife as you fucked this prostitute," I asked.

"I did and even though it filled me with guilt it just made my dick go harder. We crave the wrong thing don't we? And Eloise is completely wrong. She said, 'you call that fucking? That isn't fucking. Don't fuck me like a boy, you useless little piss stick.' I fucked her harder and faster and she said, 'I can hardly feel it, you idiot fuck.' I threw her to the ground. She wanted it rough. I got down behind her and entered her again."

"Eloise got her legs wide apart so she could get me in all the way," continued Chris. "I was slamming my whole length inside her. My helmet was hitting the very back of her cunt. My balls were slapping against her big white butt cheeks. She turned her a little and started to suck on my fingers. She said that she wished she had another dick in her mouth. I was trying to make her feel something, anything. I saw that her nipples were getting harder, they were sticking out like cigarette butts. "

"Let me ask you?" I said. "Did you think Eloise's tits were natural? When I used to see her walking down the street I used to be sure she had a pure natural rack but when I saw them up close and moving around I wasn't so sure."

"I know what you mean, " said Chris. "If they're plastic tits then they're really, really good plastic tits, right?"

"Right, what happened next."

"She wanted to come. I knew she did. She was acting all hard, like she didn't care but I knew she wanted to bring herself off. I said, 'what do you want?' and she said 'Reverse cowgirl, get on your back'. I lay on my back with my dick in the air like a flag pole. Eloise lowed herself onto me."

"Her cunt felt so awesome. She said, 'Like most men, you fuck too fast, Try this.' She pulled herself up so that only my tip was inside her and then pushed herself down again. Each rise and fall took about two seconds. Each time she pushed down harder, devouring every inch of my meat. She was breathing hard and concentrating. I don't know how often a whore like Eloise gets to come but I could tell she was trying. 'I fuck better than your wife, don't I?' I'm not sure she did but I lied and said, 'Your cunt is tighter than my Wife's.' She said 'I fucking love that. I fucking love that my cunt is tighter than your wife's. Fucking say it, you useless dick, say that I'm a better fuck than your wife!' She was starting bounce up and down on my dick faster now. I said, 'You're the fuck of my dreams and you're nothing but a whore. I love fucking you, you fucking whore. I love fucking you more than I love fucking my wife.' All of a sudden Eloise pushed down hard on my shaft and her pussy tightened around me. She moaned for a second and I said, 'That's it, fucking come for me you filthy whore, that's it.' She said, 'I'm not coming!' I said 'I know you are.' Eloise got off of me and I could see the pussy juice dripping from her slit. She got down on me missionary style and said, 'Fucking screw me however you like but do it quickly, I haven't got all day.' I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and gave her a proper pumping. I fucked her like a 20 year old virgin; fast and furious and just trying to please myself. She said, 'don't you dare come inside me, you know the deal.' I said, 'but I want to, I want to fill you with my seed, I want to give you a dozen black babies.' She said, 'please don't fucking come inside me, I don't want your junk up my fuck hole, please don't!' She tried to lift herself off of me and at that moment I grabbed her ass and held her there. I felt myself go over the edge. I came and shot a big wad of jizz up into her filthy skanky fuck hole.

Cum was oozing out of her slit.

It ran down my shaft and over my balls."
"'You fucking filthy dirty fucking cunt!' she cried. 'I fucking hate you, you selfish tosser! Get the fuck out of my house right now.' I got up and pulled my pants up and went back to my Wife. I left her there with cum oozing out of her used pussy."

"I love living on this street," I said to Chris.

"So do I," said Chris.


  1. What a great Blog you have here.
    Who does the draws?
    Really wonderful, I'm impressed.

  2. It's me. I sometimes regret the idea as it's exhausting preparing every post.

    Glad you like it. The next step soon will be to start putting up some reciprocal links and stuff. Try and get involved in the community.