Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chapter 7: Eat My Black Ass

Reese lives at number 29 Red Lion Street with her husband Chris.

We went for a drink after work at the Red Lion Pub. Reese is a real beauty with a big curvy frame and massive tits and ass. She is how you dreamt women would look when you were ten.

Reese drank red wine and I drank ale. One drink lead to another. Reese talked about her husband Chris and how he didn't pay attention to her. 

A week earlier I had fucked Eloise, the prostitute who lives on Red Lion Street. Eloise told me that Chris had also paid to have sex with her. I knew no matter how drunk I got I could never tell Reese.

We ordered another bottle of wine. Reese was getting drunk. She told me how her husband Chris had the biggest dick she'd ever had and that no-one could root her like he did. However she also told me that Chris was away and that I should go back to her place for more drinks.

This woman was sending me mixed signals. Reese and I staggered back to her place. I would have followed her anywhere. She was a perfect woman. I remember drinking vodka with Reese on her sofa and I remember her giggling and being flirtatious. I remember staring at her tremendous rack and thinking how I would love to bury my face in between her beautiful brown boobs.

I must have passed out.

The next thing I knew it was morning and there I was on Reese's sofa.

Reese came in, all bright and breezy. She was dressed for work in a tight top and skirt and black leather boots. She towered above me. Her tits could start a war.

"Morning," said Reese. "I bought you a cup of coffee."

"You're an angel," I said. My head was splitting. Last night I was certain I was about to shag this Amazonian but like an old fool I must have passed out. And now here she was towering above me like a goddess.

"I think we had too much to drink last night," said Reese.

"Yes, I'm really sorry about staying over."

"It's no trouble. Listen, I've really got to dash off for work in the next five or ten minutes so I'm in a bit of a hurry but I wondered if you could just do me one quick favour before you leave?"

"Sure," I said, sipping my coffee. "Anything."

"Well, I wondered, would you mind terribly if...if...well, would you mind eating out my big, fat, black arse?"


"I'm sorry to ask," continued Reese in a matter of fact tone. "But I woke up this morning as horny as a dog on heat and I just really need someone to run their tongue around my rim, maybe stick in and out a few times. Just really give my tight little butt hole a good going over before I leave the house. Would that be ok?"

"That would be fine, absolutely fine."

"Don't move, you don't have to move. I'll just sit on your face right there if it's all the same."

"That's absolutely ok with me," I said.

Reese crouched down beside the sofa and hitched her skirt up. She wasn't wearing any panties. You didn't think she would be, did you? She put her hand between her legs and started toying with her neat, shaven pussy.

"So you don't mind eating out a girl's arse-hole then?" asked Reese. "Is that something you like to do?"

"I adore it," I said. "I love to get behind a girl and really explore their crack. The bigger the better, it makes me as hard as a diamond."

"My arse is big, fat and round. You've never eaten an arse like mine. I love to push down hard on a man's face so they're deep inside my chocolate crack."

"And I love it when a built woman like you pushes down hard on me and uses me like a piece of meat for her own satisfaction. Sit on my face whenever you like. I'll eat you like I've been starved for a week."

Reese was still crouching beside me. She had two fingers inside her cunt. Her nipples were getting hard and poking through her tight, white top. I thought of her husband Chris and how he would hate it if he knew I was going to eat out his wife's arse. But then I thought about him fucking Eloise. Horses for courses.

"Man, I'm so ready for you white boy," said Reese. "You're going to lick it. You're going to lick it good."

Reese hoisted her frame over me and pulled her skirt up high so I could see her round brown butt cheeks in all their glory.

As Reese slowly lowered herself down towards me I could smell her sweet musky scent.

"You can smell my arse can't you?" said Reese.

"It smells of roses, how could you tell?" I asked.

"I noticed your dick getting hard under your jeans."

My dick was hard. It was straining at my pants and jeans. I wanted to get it out and wank myself but I knew this wasn't about me. This was all about Reese and what she wanted. Her cunt and anus were so close to my face now. I love the smell of a woman's cunt and anus. I really do.

Resse pulled her giant globes apart so I could see her precious little back hole. I strained my neck forward and ran my tongue around the edge of her rim. She tasted delicious.

"Oh, oh that's it white boy." gasped Reese. "Lick this black mama's shit hole. Lick it good. Lick me clean."

I ran my tongue round and round the edge of her hole. Her arse-hole twitched and opened a little.

"Oh mother fucking fuck, you know I fucking love it like that. Lick my fucking dirt box."

She lowered herself down. Her cheeks were on my face. I slipped my tongue inside her shit hole. She squealed like a little girl on Christmas day. I pushed my tongue up inside her and she cried out, "I fucking love having my big fat arse played with. I love having someone lick out my anus and I love having my butt fucked. I love being fucked up the arse!"

I didn't dare dream that I might get to fuck Reese's ass. She only asked me to eat her out. I could speak anyway. Reese push her self down on my face, hard.

I couldn't breath. Reese's massive butt covered my face completely. I licked and chewed at her cunt and ass as she rubbed herself back and forwards. She was pretty heavy as she pushed down on me. She was using me as a fuck toy. She was unconcerned with my comfort or how I feel. She was only concerned with her own pleasure.

"FUCKING EAT MY ARSE, EAT MY CUNT EAT MY FUCKING ARSE YOU FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF FUCK MEAT!!" she shouted. She thrust her sopping wet cunt against my chin and I managed to get my tongue inside her sweet, sweet anus again.


Reese's whole body shook and trembled as she came hard onto my face. It felt fucking beautiful.

I let go too. Without touching myself I managed to explode inside my jeans.

Reese lifted herself off of me. Her cunt and arse glistened with cunt juice and saliva.
My face reeked of black girl arse and cunt.

"Thank you," said Reese.

"You are fucking amazing," I said.

"I need to go to work, get the fuck out of my house."

I love living on this street.

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