Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chapter 1: When You're Older

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Valerie lives at 28.

You can read all of Valerie's stories here

Valerie is fifty but still a beautiful fuck of a woman. You would. You know you would. Her husband is fat and rich. Valerie is trim, tall and tight. I've masturbated about her since I was ten years old.
When I was fifteen, she was twenty five and she caught me looking at her arse. She walked up to me and grabbed my stiff teenage cock through my jeans. I was as hard as a rock. She said, "One day. When you're older."

Last week I watched her going into her house. She was wearing red heels and a tight pencil skirt that hugged her arse and thighs. She caught me looking.

"You've been looking at my arse for twenty five years," said Valerie.

"I swear you look better every year," I said.

"Come in for a drink?"

When we got inside Valerie quickly straightened up the front room. She bent over the chair and pushed her arse out. Her skirt rode up and I could see her stocking tops.

Valerie turned and looked at me. "Like what you see?"

"You dress like a teenage boy's wet dream," I said. "Even when you're just going to the shops your hair is all perfect, and you wear fuck-me shoes and stockings."
"I'm getting older. I dress to my strengths. I know what men like and I know what makes me feel good. I love the feeling of wearing stockings. I love it when the bare skin of my thighs rub together."

"Do you know what men are thinking when they see you walk down the street?" I asked.

"I see men half my age staring at my legs and I know they want to drag me to the nearest toilet, bend me over and fuck me hard up the arse. I love feeling boys' eyes drilling into me. I love the power. Do you want some wine?"

Whilst Valerie got the wine I sat down and thought about how hard this gorgeous, older woman had made my dick. I thought about how hard she made lots of dicks.

Valerie bought the wine back. She sat down. She was flirting with me. She had been prick teasing me all my life. I wondered when she would ever let me fuck her.

"As I say, I love stocking tops," she said. "Sometimes on summer days I don't wear any panties. I love to let my pussy breathe."

"Prove it," I said.

Valerie opened her legs like it was the most natural thing in the world. She wasn't wearing any panties. Valerie's cunt was beautiful.
"That looks fucking gorgeous," I said. "You have the cunt of a girl half your age."

"I look after it," said Valerie. "I keep it waxed and smooth. I know it looks good."

"Do you mind me using the word 'cunt'? Do you mind me saying that word to you?" I asked.

"I love the word 'cunt'. I love the way it sounds. Cunt."

"Does your husband know that you're like this?" I asked.

"He knows and he fucking loves it. Sometimes he pays for young boys to fuck me so he can watch. He has the best wife he could ever wish for and I can do whatever the fuck I want."

"You're not wearing a bra are you?" I asked.

"Believe it or not my tits are still firm enough to get away with it," said Valerie as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

She pulled her blouse apart just a little so I caught a glimpse of her near perfect tits. I found it hard to believe this was the body of a fifty year old woman. She pulled her skirt up a little so I could see her bare cunt better.

Valerie made it so I could see a little of everything and all of nothing.

"You're not going to let me fuck you are you?" I asked.

"Of course not," said Valerie smiling. "How dare you ask."

"You grabbed my crotch when I was fifteen. You said, 'when you're older'. I'm 40. I've been wanking over you for half my life, you filthy bitch."

"Then you won't mind waiting a little longer will you," said Valerie. "When you wank over me, what do you think of?"

"Your arse mainly," I said. "I think of having you bent over a table top and filling you from behind. I dream about my spunk dripping out of your cunt and running down the inside of your leg."

"Oh my," said Valerie. "I won't fuck you. Not today. But maybe I can do something to scratch that itch for you."

Valerie got on her knees in front of me. She looked beautiful on her knees, most women do.

I unzipped my jeans and my giant cock slipped out. "Oh,'re big."

She opened her mouth wide. I slipped in easily. She had a big mouth, perfect for cock sucking she could take me all the way in.
I looked down and saw her D cup tits swinging. I saw her stocking clad legs. I thought about just letting go right then. Shooting a fresh load into her fantastic, slutty gob before she'd had a chance to get started.

Valerie moaned a little. She knew how to suck cock and she knew how to show that she liked it. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly like a girl who hadn't eaten for a week.

She didn't use her teeth, she made her mouth, warm and wet, like a gorgeous cunt. I started to fuck her mouth like it was a cunt. She didn't seem to mind.

She took my cock out of her mouth and gasped, "You taste fucking delicious. A lot of women just pretend they like cock, but I really do. I fucking love it." She had my balls cupped in her hand. "I'm not going to let you fuck me," she said. "I'm going to make you wait. I'm going to make you moan. I'm going to make you cry into your pillow with desperation."

"Ok," I said. "Tease me. Do it. Tease me for weeks and weeks. I want you to. But can I come? Can I come now, please?"

"Come when ever you want, baby," said Valerie looking up at me. "Use me as your dirty wank rag. Ruin my clothes."

I couldn't stand it. I tugged three times and exploded. I did as she said and aimed for her crisp white blouse. Four of five globs landed on her fine clothes. I managed to get a little on her tit cleavage as well.
"Fucking, fuck," I said. "You look gorgeous."

"I love being covered like that," said Valerie. "Now get out of my house."

"Can I come back and fuck you?" I asked.

"When you're older."

I love living on this street.


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  3. comienzo a leer en orden, me va a llevar un tiempo,
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  5. I like your story, I've just found it and I will read it all. Can I ask who draws the illustrations?
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