Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Chapter 19: The Dirty Weekend

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Stephanie lives at number 42 with her husband Rob and her baby.

Stephanie writes me the filthiest letters. One came the other day, I'd been expecting it.

There were pornographic photos with the letter. Stephanie wrote;

'Dear Captain,

I wanted to tell you all about my weekend. As you know I went away for a few days. I told my husband I was going to meet my cousin, Sarah and go to a health spa. I wasn't. I lied. I had arranged to meet three well hung black men who were going to fuck the living shit out of me.

I'd logged on to a website called www.interracialromance.com my opening post said, "My name is Stephanie and to be honest I'm not looking for romance as such. It's just that I've never tasted, nor have I been fucked by a huge black dick. I don't want any commitment or love. I just want a damn good fuck from a black man and I don't want my husband to know. I am a blonde young mum in her early 30s. You've never fucked a body like mine."

I went to bed and when I logged on in the morning I had, had 56 replies. I just chose the first three, I didn't care. I replied to them and said, "I want you three to pay for a four star hotel out in the country. It must have a health spa and you must pay for all my food and luxuries. I will go there on the Friday and you will join me on the Saturday night. I will let all three of you fuck me. I will do what ever you want. This will cost you, but it will be worth it."

Shane, Reggie and Max all replied and said, "Hell, yeah!"

The date was arranged. In early December I went on a train to the hotel out in Sussex. I ate like a queen and slept in a deluxe hotel room. I spent all of Saturday relaxing in the spa and dreaming of the magnificent fuck I was going to receive in the evening.

We all met in the hotel restaurant for dinner. I wore a short leather mini and no panties. I wore a sheer see through top, so that everyone could see my black bra. I wore red patent leather high heels with an ankle strap.

I looked like a whore. I loved it.

Shane arrive first. He looked like a big black man who would have a massive dick.

Reggie arrive second. He looked like a big black man who would have a massive dick.

Max arrive third. He looked like a big black man who would have a massive dick.

We talked about news and sports over dinner. We were all nervous. Everyone looked at us. We were a strange combination of people. I decided to be bold. I said, "Let's go upstairs. Let's do something obscene."

We walked up the stairs. I was in front. I let my arse swing from side to side. My leather mini was so short I knew they could see I was panty-less. I gave a camera to Shane I said, "Take pictures, one day I'm going to show my husband."

I heard Shane say, "Jesus, is this really happening?"

I heard Reggie say, "Did you see the wedding ring on her finger?"

I heard Max say, "She's nothing but a whore. I fucking love it."

Outside my room I undid the zip on my skirt and let it slip down my butt. I said, "Come inside."

Inside I let my skirt fall to the floor and stepped out of it. The three men stood their rubbing their crotches staring at my perfect, pink pussy.

"Strip," I said.

The men got out of their clothes. They were all muscle and big dicks. Shane's dick was extremely long and elegant. Reggie had a hug fat schlong. Max was bigger then both of them.

"Are you guys all married?" I asked as I slipped a finger into my damp cunny.

They all said, "yes."

Shane said, "I love my wife but we're so busy we never get to fuck. I've dreamt my whole life of screwing a sweet looking vanilla girl like you. Didn't think I'd have to share."

"There's enough to go around," I said.

Max said, "My wife thinks I'm away on business. Three weeks ago I discovered she'd been screwing this white guy at her work. This is my revenge. Call it race relations."

Reggie said, "My wife actually knows I'm here and wants copies of the pictures when we're done. She wants me to fuck you up the arse-hole."

"I don't know," I said. "I've never been fucked up the arse by something that big."  I pointed at Reggie's fat member.

"Turn around girl, everything is going to be fine," said Reggie. I got up on the bed. I got into the doggy position.

"Do you want me like this?" I asked.

"I want you like that," said Reggie.

"Fuck," said Max who was wanking.

"Holy mother," said Shane who was wanking.

"Take pictures," I said. Max got the camera.

Reggie got up behind me. "Open your legs, wider."

I got my legs wide apart. I still had my red heels on. I never take my heels off when I fuck. Reggie spat on my arse-hole. My nipples went hard. I felt his huge bell end at the rim of my arse hole. He pushed inside a little way. He was way bigger than my husband. It hurt a little. I gasped.

"Don't worry baby," he said. "Reggie won't hurt you. Just relax. I know you can take it."

Then in one gentle, slow surge, he pushed his meat all the way inside me.

"Oh good fucking god," I said.

Max and Shane had their huge fucking dicks bobbing in my face.

"Have you ever felt something like that before?" asked Reggie.

"I have never, ever in all my born days felt a dick like that," I panted. "Fuck me like a dog."

Reggie started fucking me like a dog. Max said, "How does her arse-hole feel, Reggie?"

"It feels tight man. Nice and fucking tight. It will be even fucking tighter for you."

Reggie's balls slapped against my ass cheeks. He started to fuck me a little faster. It hurt like crazy. "I can't believe no-one even licked or fucked my cunt. You dirty bastards went straight for anus."

"Do you think you can come like that baby?" asked Reggie.

"Fuck me just like that you beautiful black angel," I said. "Fuck me just like that up my arse-hole, no faster and no slower and I will come, hard."

Shane pushed his dick towards my mouth. "Kiss it," he said. I kissed it.

Reggie fucked my arse good and steady. He gave me his full length. I've never been stretched so wide.

"Like that, like that, like that, like that," I said.

Max, took pictures.

"Like that, like that, like that," and then I felt it, rising from deep inside my arse-hole, a huge wave took hold of my entire body. "Jesus fucking shit I'm commmming."

"Yes you are baby, yes you are," said Reggie.

"Don't fucking come in me," I screamed. "Save it for my face."

Reggie pulled out. "Next!" I shouted.

Max threw the camera to Shane and waved his massive dick in my face. "Where do you want it?"

"Same place as Reggie stuck it," I said. "I'm loving getting arse fucked by you guys."

I took off my sheer top and bra and let my cute little titties roam free.

Max lay on the bed and I squatted down on his dick. I would never have been able to take a dick the size of Max's if Reggie hadn't stretched me wide, as it was he was still a tight fucking fit. I was going to limp for a week.

But there he was, inside my arse hole. Deep, deep inside. I pulled my legs up high and kicked my heels in the air. The other two men were wanking like school boys.

"You are one fucking tight asshole!" screamed Max.

"I've never had my asshole fucked so good," I laughed.
"Are you going to come again?" asked Max.

"I might, I just might if you call me slutty names," said.

"What do want to be called?" Max asked.

"Call me slut, call me whore, call me skank, call me a filthy, fucking white bitch."

"You are, you are the filthiest nastiest cheapest white bitch I have ever met. Your husband should be ashamed of you," said Max.

"If he knew, he would be. If he knew I was getting fucked up the arse by three black men he would divorce me and spend the rest of his life wanking over it," I said.

"You are the dirtiest whore the world has ever seen. You don't deserve a dick like mine."

"Make me come you fucking fucker. Make me come hard."

"Like that? Like that? Like that?"

"Like that! Fuck my arse! Make me come! I'm your whore, I'm your whore!"

I came again, harder than before. I squeezed every ounce out of that shocking orgasm.

"Do you want my dick there too?" asked Shane. "Do you really want to be fucked three times in the arse?"

"Get here, do it. I just want to be used."

I got up and turned over. I told Max to stay where he was. I wanted him inside my golden snatch. I lowered down onto him until he was deep inside my cunt. I turned around and said to Reggie, "I have never been DP'd. Make a girls dream come true."

It was true, I had never been DP'd before. Max was completely filling my cunt. Shane was long and thin, he slid into my wet gaping arse-hole. They were tearing me open.

"Holy fuck," I said. "I don't believe this is happening."

"Where do you want me?" asked Reggie.

"There's only one hole left. Fill me up. Fuck my mouth," I said.

Reggie put his dick in my mouth. I was completely full. I was airtight.

The boys were rough. They pulled me every which way. They grapped my arse. They grabbed my tits. They were brutal with me.

Reggie fucked my mouth slow and steady. He loved to fuck slow and my mouth could only just take him. Sometimes he went in full throat and his balls slapped against my chin.

Max was the perfect fit for my juicy plump cunt. He fucked me nice and quickly, pulling all the way out every now and then to tease me. He was older than the other two and had perfect control. 

Shane tore at my arsehole like he had never had a fuck before. He rutted me like a donkey on heat. He was hurting me badly and I was scared he was going to damage me. 

I fucking loved it though. I really, really did.

We fucked like that for an hour. Every five minutes we swapped around so I could try out a different one in my arse and then I could taste my arsehole on the next one's dick. I came again when I tasted my cunt and arse on Max's huge fucking dick. 

Eventually they all came out of me and said, "We want to come. Where do you want us to come?"

I said, "Decorate your cake. Put the icing on your vanilla tart."

Shane jerked himself off and came on my left tit. Cum dripped off down on to my thigh.

Reggie spunked on to my right tit and shouted out "you fucking, evil nasty witch!" as he did so.

Max blasted a huge dirty fat wad right in my pretty face. Cum was hanging off of my nose and chin. I looked so fucking beautiful.

Keep these pictures, Captain. Wank about me every day. One day I might show them to my husband.

Love Stephanie.'

I love living on this street.


  1. Fuck fuck fuck fuck… Captain Shame? You give me more orgasms than anyone else. Thank you. Fuck.