Friday, 16 March 2012

Chapter 29: Business Class

Don't you just hate Airports? Don't you just how many times you've been fucked up the arse by a money grabbing airline?

An air hostess just happens to live on Red Lion Street. You've probably seen her above in the Red Lion Street banner. There she goes, walking down the street swinging her arse from side to side. Wobbling on her high heels.

I fly a lot. I sometimes see Angela on my travels at some airport or another.

Last week I was flying back to London from Innsbruck in Austria. It was foggy so the planes had to land in Munich. We had to take a three hour coach ride to get our flight. When we arrived at Munich it was chaos. Nobody telling us what we had to do. The delayed passengers were given a food voucher for 4.80 Euros.

I saw Angela at the check in desk. She wore a tight red suit with white hold ups with seams up the back.

I think her skirt was shorter than regulations allowed.

I pretended I didn't know her.

"Look here, Miss. This simply isn't good enough, you run us from pillar to post. You don't tell us what's happening or why. It's absolutely dreadful service. I want to speak to your supervisor. At once."

Angela looked at me with a cheeky glint in her eye. She was trying to stop herself from laughing. She pretended she didn't know me.

"I'm very sorry Sir. But we are doing all we can to make your flight as safe and as comfortable as possible."

"It isn't good enough," I replied. "We're your customers." I gestured to the crowd of fed up, angry passengers behind me. "We are tired of being FUCKED UP THE ARSE by stupid, greedy airlines!"

Everyone was staring, everybody was listening.

"Sir, would you mind not talking to me like that?"

"I'll talk however I like! I said that we're tired of being FUCKED UP THE ARSE by airline companies. I want to know what you are going to do to compensate me for all the trouble you've put me through today."

"Come with me Sir, let's talk in private," Angela grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the passengers to a quieter part of the terminal.

When we were out of earshot she turned to me and said, "You are going to lose me my job!"

I looked at Angela in her perfect red uniform. We had screwed before. We were fuck buddies. No strings attached. "But seriously, what are you going to do? I've been waiting for five hours for this flight now. I want to go home. Help me out."

"Well," said Angela, thinking it through. "The only thing I can think of doing is upgrading business class." and with that she pulled her tight red jacket open and showed me her magnificent jugs. 

She wore a tight polyester see-through blouse. I could see a dark lacy bra underneath.

"What do I get in business class?" I asked.

"You get, certain perks," said Angela. "We try that little harder to make you more comfortable."

"Do I get extra leg room?" I asked.

"Yes," said Angela.

"Do I get free drinks?"


"Do I get preferential treatment?"


"...and whilst I'm waiting for my gate to be announced, do I get to take a long legged, big arsed air hostess to a private room. Bang the living shit out of her for ten minutes and then land a big, fat load of cum on her pretty little face."

"There's a surcharge for that, but yes."

"Where shall we go?" I asked. My dick started to swell inside my trousers.

"Follow me," said Angela. I would have followed her anywhere.

She led me down a maze of corridors. Her big arse swinging from side to side.

"Angela," I said. "Is that uniform, strictly regulation?"

"It's a size or two too small," said Ange. "It hugs my tits and arse. I fixed the skirt so it was too short as well."

"Why do you wear a uniform that's too small?" I asked.

"It makes big business men want to fuck me. They take me to their big, expensive hotels in foreign cities and shower me with gifts and cum."

"Jesus," I said.

"It's why I became an air-hostess. I wanted to serve, in more ways than one."

Angela, found a door marked 'private'. She unlocked it and pulled me inside.

"I'm not a business man, I'm not rich," I said.

Angela reached round behind her and unzipped her skirt. She let it fall to her feet. Her long, strong legs were wrapped in white nylon. Her hold ups were held in place by purple suspender belts.

"I know, but it's been such a hard day," said Angela. "Last night I watched porn for three hours in my hotel room and I've been thinking about cock all day. I've been coming on to everyone but no fucker wants to bone me."

Angela unbuttoned her blouse and let it hang. Her tits were fucking amazing. She was dressed head to toe in expensive, satin and lace lingerie. She started to stroke her neck.

"You look fucking amazing," I said. "That outfit!"

Angela kept stroking herself. She closed her eyes. "This underwear costs more than I earn in a week. It was bought for me by some banker guy. He had flown with us a few times on our transatlantic flight. He always flirted with me and once he just grabbed my arse, hard. He knew I liked it and he told me he would be in the bathroom. I couldn't help myself. I followed him into the rest room and five minutes later he was fucking me from behind over the lavatory. My head knocking against the cubicle wall. He came inside me without a condom and let his jizz run out down my legs so that for the rest of the flight anyone could see I had cum stains on my stockings."

"Was he good looking?" I asked. I unzipped my trousers. My dick sprang out. Angela had seen it before but she still couldn't stop staring.

"He was fat, bald and ugly," said Angela. "But sometimes that's what I need. A rich, useless fuck who comes too quickly and buys me things to make me stay with him. He took me to his hotel in New York. He bought me this underwear. I put it on and wouldn't let him touch me in it. I made him sit there and wank, whilst I stood in front of him, fingering myself. He came three more times that weekend. Once in my cunt and twice in my mouth."

"Did you ever see him again?"

"He sent me a Cartier watch and said he had a special job for me. He had three important Arabian clients over for a special meeting in London. He took me to hotel and I had to lie on a bed whilst all four of them fucked me in turn. The first got horny enough to go again and so I actually had five blasts of semen dumped inside my high class snatch."

"Did it win him the deal?" I asked.

"He said it did. He sent me a diamond ring a week later."

Angela was lying on the floor. She had taken her jacket and blouse off. She still wore a red neck scarf. She was pushing her boobs together. She had kept her shoes on. Like all the best girls do.

"I'm glad you left your shoes on," I said.

"I always fuck in my shoes," said Angela. "Don't you just hate it when you're watching porn and the girl takes her heels off?"

"I know," I said. "Do they think that's sexy?"

"Or they just wear the wrong damn shoes!"

"All the time!" I said. "Stupid strappy numbers that look like they cost £25."

"I like to fuck in expensive lingerie bought for me by fat ugly business men. I like to fuck in heels that cost more than most people's wages."

"How much did those shoes cost?"

"I don't know," said Valerie. " Probably about £500. They were bought for me by this couple."

"A couple?" I said.

"Yes. They lived in Paris. When I flew there, the husband would paid me to eat out his wife's cunt. He insisted we both wore the most expensive red shoes."

"Tell me something else," I said.

"I was once on a flight and this guy in first class was travelling with his teenage son. His son was maybe 17 and was completely fixated on me. Couldn't stop staring at my tits and arse. Eventually the Father asked me if he could pay me to take the boy's virginity. We were flying to Rome and when we got there the three of us found a cheap hotel. The father waited outside. The poor little beggar didn't even get his cock inside me. He started ejaculating as soon as I got my little puppies out of their cradle. He got virgin jizz on my sweet tits and that was it. We both lied to the father and said he performed like a stallion."


We heard our flight was boarding on the tannoy.

"Very," said Angela. "Listen, as fun as this is, we're going to miss our flight if you don't shaft me quick. Now where we you planning on sticking that huge tool."

"You airline constantly fucks me up the arse so I want to fuck you in the arse."

Angela unclipped her bra and let her boobs fall free. She slid down her panties and got on all fours with her legs wide apart. She reached down and smeared wet cunt juice up her arse crack.

"I'm ready," she said. "Hurt me."

I slid in easily. Too fucking easy if the truth be told.

"You're a perfect fit," I lied.

"You fucking fill me right up, Captain," said Angela.

I was halfway in. I pushed home and her arse tightened around my dick. My balls hit her arse cheeks.

Angela had strong long legs and had them spread wide. She knew how to make her arse stick out and keep her back curved. The red seams on the back of her stockings were driving me wild.

"Do you get fucked up the arse often?" I asked.

"I only let Captains fuck me up the arse. Are you the Captain? Are you in charge?"

"I own you, you little skank. I might even finish before you even get to come. That will teach you."

Angela was pulling herself halfway off and then back down onto my dick. Really letting my length slide up and down inside her. I spat on my dick and her arse-hole to keep us wet. Cunt juice was glistening on my long pole.

"Don't you fucking dare. Please wait. Please let me get myself off."

"You're getting fucked by the Captain, Angela. You're just a slutty little air hostess getting fucked by your Captain."

Angela put her hand between her legs and started finger fucking her front hole. She slipped three fingers inside herself. She needed to be filled completely. "I can't believe I've got such a big dick up my arse and I'm still at work."

"Sluts like you don't know when to stop," I said.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit shit. I'm commmmming."

It was like the girl was on an electric chair. She shook and shuddered ferociously. She jigged about for a minute. Squeezing the most out of her volcanic orgasm. I held on. Just.

We heard the gate closing for our flight on the tannoy.

I pulled my dick out.

"Where?" I said.

"In my mouth, I want it all. Right now."

She spun round and knelt before me. I could see her cute, expensive heels sticking out behind her.

She got her mouth wide open like a porn star. She wanted to taste it We could both smell her arse on my dick.

I felt the spunk rush up from my balls. I aimed and let go. The shot was too much. I missed her mouth. A fucking huge load of cum plastered her left eye shut and ran down her face. A few drops landed on her tongue. In short I missed her mouth and made her look like a spunk splattered whore.

Angela was laughing her head off. "Holy fucking shit that was a HUGE load!"

"Clean up, we need to run," I said.

"See you back on the Street," said Angela.

I fucking love living on this street.


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