Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chapter 9: Afternoon Tea

Valerie lives at number 28 Red Lion Street, Reese lives at number 29 and Carol lives at number 5.

It was Monday afternoon. Valerie, Reese and Carol were all sitting in the Red Lion drinking tea. They were laughing and talking loudly. They were all heels and nylons and tits. Which one would you fuck if you could?

I pulled up a chair nearby so I could hear what they were saying. They knew I was there. They didn't seem to care.

Reese threw her head back and said, "No you didn't! No you fucking didn't!"

Valerie said, "I swear it's the truth. I still haven't washed them, you can still see the stains."

If you ever wanted to fuck a woman in her fifties then that woman would be Valerie. Her hair is dyed. She wears a little too much make up, but her body is tight and she knows how to make your dick rock hard. Here she was, in a pub in the middle of the afternoon, wearing red stockings and white heels and still looking classy.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs. Her short grey skirt rode up so that I could see her stocking tops. She had on a tight white blouse that was stretched tight over perfect medium sized boobs.

If she was on a bed, in front of you, pleading to be fucked, and next to her lay a nubile twenty year old. You'd fuck Valerie. You would. Every time.

I have known Valerie for twenty five years. She has always been a complete prick tease. She has never once let me fuck her but last week she let me cum over her ass.

Valerie is married. Her husband is fat and rich.

"The thing is," said Valerie, "My husband likes it, he actually encourages it."

"Really?" said Reese. "You husband knows you've had affairs? He doesn't mind?"

"In our twenty years of marriage I have had seven lovers. My husband knows the name of every one. He has even been in the same room when some of them have fucked me."

"That's outrageous," said Carol. "I didn't think these things really happened."

"Derek loves me, but he knows he is fat and old. He wants the best for me and he wants me to be happy. He knows I have a big sexual appetite. I can't help myself, I just want it ALL the time."

"When...how... did all this start?" asked Reese.

"For the first ten years of our marriage we were faithful but his dick was small and he never properly satisfied me," said Valerie. "We were on holiday in Italy. There was this long haired Italian boy who use to sit near us by the hotel pool. One night we were talking to him in the bar and my husband went to bed. I got drunk and fucked Nico on his hotel balcony. He had my skirt up over my arse and gave me a better drilling then I'd ever had with my husband. The next morning I told Derek and cried my heart out. I was sorry and felt so bad. Derek, said he didn't mind, he said he wanted me to. He said he was outside the hotel door listening to me moaning with his cock in his hand.

Derek asked me to fuck Nico the next night in our own room. He asked if he could watch. He paid Nico money to fuck me and let him watch. Nico thought we were crazy. I got on the bed on all fours and opened my legs wide for my Italian lover. My husband looked into my eyes as Nico entered me. I told my husband that Nico was bigger and better then he ever was and he just sat there wanking himself.

Nico made me orgasm three times before he shot his hot junk inside me. My husband walked over and jerked himself over my face and hair. Nico told Derek that I was a whore and my husband laughed his head off. It was the best fuck of my life but I've had better since.

Me and Derek love the way we live. We wouldn't have it any other way."

Reese laughed and gasped all the way through Valerie's story. Reese lived with her husband Chris at number 29. Reese is built like a battle ship. Her massive tits are like bazookas. Two weeks ago she let me lick out her arsehole and I've never tasted anything better. Reese was wearing red high heels and white ankle socks, like it was a perfectly normal thing for a woman in her late thirties to do.

"I've never been unfaithful," said Reese. She knew I was listening. "Well, not really, not properly. I've given a couple of blow jobs and I've let a few guys lick out my cunt and arse. I LOVE having my arse licked out."

"So do I," said Valerie.

"Euugghh!" said Carol.

"But I haven't told Chris. It would break his heart. I know he is faithful to me and would never stray," said Reese.

I knew Chris had been unfaithful. He had fucked Eloise the local whore. She told me herself when I fucked her.

"Chris satisfies me like no-one else," said Reese. "I have to tell you a secret and it's not a thing that a woman should say but my pussy is quite, well big. When I was younger, boys would fuck me and I would never really, feel it you know? Not like you're supposed to? I mean I would cum sometimes but I always had to help myself. I had to play with my clit to bring myself off. Their cocks were never enough on their own. That all changed when I met Chris. On our first date I was wearing the tightest black dress. It could barely contain my massive titties. My arse was all over the place. He kept looking at my tits and arse like all the men do and I looked at the crotch of his jeans. He was hard. It looked like he had wedged a spanner down there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We had dinner. Afterwards, I told him, I said that I wanted to take him home. I told him I wanted to fuck him. I used that word. I said 'fuck' in a restaurant on our first date. I took him to my flat. He said he didn't want to hurt me. He said he had hurt girls before because his dick was so massive."

I have a big dick too. Really, honestly I do. However, when I fucked Eloise she said the biggest dick she'd ever had was Chris's.

"I unzipped his jeans," continued Reese, " and unwrapped the most beautiful black rod. I mean, honestly girls, it is a really beautiful thing. Truly huge. I looked at him and said that I wanted it. I wanted all of it. I wrapped my lips around his cock and took in as much as I could. He fucked my face gently but soon his dick was at the back of my throat. I was choking on it. It was too much. I took it out and said, 'Please stick it inside me, I've never come from just a dick alone. Please show me how. Please fuck me however you want.' He lay me on my bed. I didn't take my tiny black dress off but I did scoop out my boobies and took my panties off. I stretched my legs as wide as they would go. He put his big bulbous helmet at the lips of my cunt and I said 'don't wait, don't be gentle, fuck me hard.' He was inside me and I knew this was the man I wanted to fuck for the rest of my life. He slid in and out and I could feel my pussy leaking juice like it had never done before. For once in my life my cunt was filled. I could feel his stick on my pussy walls and it felt glorious. I asked him if I was too big for him and he said I was perfect. He said he could never fuck girls hard for fear of hurting them. I said he wasn't fucking me hard enough and then he went crazy. He fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. I said, that's still not enough. His giant ball sack was slamming against my fat brown butt but I still wanted more. I said,' fucking fuck me you useless fucking fuck' and then he turned into a pneumatic drill. I came like an earthquake and screamed the house down. He said, 'I'm going to come baby. Where do you want my cum?' I said, 'Fucking come in my black cunt and make me pregnant. Marry me and fuck me forever you gorgeous, gorgeous man.' He came and came and came. An hour later, jizz was still oozing out of my slit. I would never be unfaithful to Chris."

"You two are fucking crazy," said Carol.

"Tell us something dirty, Carol," said Reese.

I liked Carol. She was in her forties but still had a great rack and ass. She told dirty jokes and could drink like a man. I had though about asking her out on a date before. You know, like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I thought she was pretty filthy, so I was surprised at what she said.

"I've only slept with five guys in my life," said Carol. "I once let a man fuck me up the ass but I didn't like it."

"Is that it?!" howled Reese.

"Is that the best you can do?" said Valerie

Carol was the best dressed of the three. She had dark, dark opaque tights on with shiny black heels. She had let the strap on her red dress fall so you could see her black bra.

I got up to leave and pretended to drop my wallet as I walked past Carol. I bent down and looked up at Carol.

She smiled down at me and then I realised that her black tights weren't tights at all. I could see a tiny glimpse of white skin at the hem of her dress. The dirty woman was wearing hold ups.

She saw that I saw and smiled.

I love living on this street.

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