Friday, 14 October 2011

Chapter 6: A Hot August Night

Hannah lives at number 37 Red Lion Street with her parents Pete and Brenda.

Hannah is a 20 year old blonde with smooth, unbroken, porcelain skin.

She's too young for this shit.

A month or two back on a hot august night I was driving my car back into Red Lion Street when I saw Hannah walking down the middle of the street.

She had the shortest skirt on with high heels. She strode down the street like she owned it. She was maybe a little drunk. I wanted to check she was ok. I pulled the car alongside her and opened the window.

"Hannah, are you ok?" I asked.

"I'm fine," said Hannah. "In fact I've had fantastic night but I don't want to go home yet. Do you want to take me for a drive?"

It was a strange request for a 19 year old to make to a 40 year old man. Her parents were my friends. I wanted her to get home safe and I felt she needed to sober up.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"Take me to the back fields."

The back fields lay just behind Red Lion Street. There is a small car park there, where teenagers meet for illicit rendezvous. Hannah got in the car. She complained at how hot it was. It only took us a few minutes to drive around to the back fields.

After I parked I turned to see she had undone her blouse. Hannah wasn't wearing a bra, she didn't need to. Her body still retained the supple tautness of her teenage years.

"I'm sorry, I was hot," said Hannah. "Besides, I'm sure you've seen it all before."

This was turning into a situation. "Hannah, this is not cool. I'm friends with your parents. I think we should just let you sober up and then I should take you home."

"I'm not drunk, I promise you. Just happy."

I could see one of her smooth young titties. I had terror in my heart and a twitch in my pants. 'Do the right thing,' I told myself.

"Where have you been tonight anyway?" I asked.

"The Red Room," said Hannah. The Red Room was a sorry excuse for a night club in a room above the pub at the end of Red Lion Street. I'd never been but often the pounding bass would keep me awake at night.

"I go there on my own quite often to dance. I actually love to go out dancing on my own. It makes me feel free and alive. I love to dress sexy, a little slutty even. Sometimes when it's crowded I like to rub my bum up against the ugly teenage boys and their stubby little cocks."

"Jesus, Hannah, you should be more careful."

"I know what you're thinking but I'm not a slut. I don't sleep around or pick men up. Don't tell my Mum and Dad. I just fantasiseof being some kind of temptress. Although I must admit; tonight I was naughtier than I'd ever been."

"I need more space. I'm getting in the back seat," said Hannah.

"No, Hannah, No. This has to stop."

She wasn't listening. She was already in the back seat. Hannah had always been kooky and eccentric but this was odd behaviour. She didn't seem drunk but it seemed crazy that she might be trying seduce me. I'm 40 years old and she is my friends' daughter.

"Tonight I let a boy find out that I wasn't wearing any panties," said Hannah.

"Why aren't you wearing panties?" I asked.

"It's a hot night. Why the fuck should I?"

"What happened?" She was winning. I was being sucked into this.

"There was this boy at the club who kept looking at me in my short skirt and heels. He was ugly and brutish looking. Not the sort of guy I would ever go with but that made it even more exciting. I wanted to toy with this thick thug."

I turned and looked into the back of the car. Hannah had her shirt open. Her firm, nubile tits were nearly out. She had pulled her skirt up. She had the neatest, prettiest shaven pussy I had ever seen. She was starting to finger herself.
"I walked past him a couple of times," continued Hannah. "I swung my arse and stuck my tits out. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. He kept laughing and talking to his mates. He was probably telling them that I was a slut and that he would like to fuck me. I walked past and made sure my butt rubbed against his crotch. I felt his hard little cock. The second time I brushed against him, he couldn't contain himself and slapped my arse. I said 'Take your hands off of me you fucking cunt.' He said, 'You fucking want it, you know you do.' I danced a while longer and then brushed against him a third time. This time he thrust his hand up my skirt. He found my bare wet pussy and grabbed it there and then in the middle of the night club. He was shocked. I was shocked. I slapped him round the face and left the club."

"Jesus Christ Hannah," I said. "You have to be more careful."

"I'm getting out of the car," said Hannah.

I got out of the car too. She was standing there with her shirt undone and her skirt hitched up above her cunt. She looked like a common, street slut. She was laughing.

"Hannah, this has to stop," I said. "Anyone can see you, like this. Do you shirt up, pull your skirt down. Let me take you home."

"I'm so sorry," said Hannah. "I can't help myself sometimes. I get this craving in my cunt and my tits start to tingle. Sometimes I want to be bad so much. I just can't stop thinking of that arsehole grabbing my pussy in the middle of that nightclub. Part of me wanted him to fuck me there and then in the middle of the night club, with everybody watching."

"Why are you like this?" I asked.

"I don't know. I just want to. I want to do the wrong thing, the worst thing I can think of. I want to be bad. Right now, right here. I'm going to play with myself right here, right now."

Hannah got down on the cold pavement by the side of the car. She got her legs open wide. She slipped two fingers inside herself and started giving herself pleasure.

Have you ever seen a 20 year old girl fingering herself in public car park on the dirty ground where anyone can see? I hadn't either until this night. I looked around. There was nobody else around. Just me and this filthy, desperate horny girl. My dick was hard. I had to decide whether to do the right thing or not.

"Look at me, watch me," said Hannah. "Watch me fuck myself on the cold hard ground. I love you watching me. I want a total stranger to find me here, fucking myself on the floor with a dirty old fuck wanking over me."

"I'm not wanking myself," I said.

"I can see your dick is hard. Take it out, don't be ashamed. Wank yourself, wank yourself, do it, do it."

"I want to, believe me but..."

"I won't tell anyone," said Hannah. "I want to watch a forty year old man wanking over me."

I fell off the edge. I crossed the line. I took my dick out. I started jerking myself.

"You're big," said Hannah. "I knew you would be. Wank yourself. Wank yourself good and quick."

"Make yourself cum you dirty slut," I grunted.

"I am, I am. I'm cumming right now. I'm cumming right now in front of you. I want to be the baddest. I want to do the dirtiest thing I can think of. What's the dirtiest thing you can think of?"

"Coming over your pretty, little face," I said. "The filthiest thing I can think of is me shooting jizz over your pretty young face."

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!"

"Is that a yes?" I cried

"Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come on me. Come on me now. Please, please, please come on me. Come all over me. Come on me now. Cover me  in cum, you filthy, dirty old man."

"FUCK!" My cock spat out a hug shower of gloopy spunk on Hannah's gorgeous, beautiful face. Jizz went all over her red lips and her cheek and ran onto the pavement.

"You fucking, filthy old fucker," cried Hannah.

"You dirty, little slut," I cried.

"Take me home," said Hannah.

I love living on this street.


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