Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chapter 21: The Middle of the Night Part 1

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. At 2am in the morning I heard loud squealing from the street outside. I thought it might be foxes fighting or something. I looked outside and saw Penny and Rikki standing by the bus stop.

Penny lives at number 48 with her mother Laura. You can read all of her stories here.

Rikki is her friend, she lives at number 27. You can read all of her stories here.

Penny is 22 and fresh and smooth like a pebble. She was as drunk as a sailor and howling at the moon. She was dressed in a short velvet cocktail dress that showed off her long legs. She wore a choker around her neck and the highest heels.

Rikki is also 22 and Penny's best friend. She is skinny and awkward looking with long red hair and a big cock sucking mouth. She wore a skirt short enough to show she was was wearing hold ups. She wore black patent heels with tiny double straps. She was as high as a kite.

When Rikki saw me she gave me the finger and shouted, "Fuck off old man, what are you looking at?"
I looked at the girls for a moment, they were all legs, heels and lipstick. They looked easy. Any man or boy could pick them up.

"Girls," I said. "It's getting a little late. Don't you think you should calm it down a bit?"

"Fuck off you old pervert," said Rikki.

"Yeah, fuck off, you dirty old fuck," said Penny. "I saw you looking at my legs."

It was true I had been looking at Penny's legs. I wanted to kiss them from toe to cunt. I wanted to see my cum running down them. But this wasn't the night for that kind of activity. I was genuinely worried for the girls.

"Aren't you cold dressed like that Penny?" I said. "It's January."

"Why do old people think young girls are cold in their short dresses?" said Penny. "I'll wear what the fuck I want. I dress to impress. I dress to make men's dicks hard. I'm not cold, I'm hot!"

"What are you ladies doing out here at this time anyway? Why don't you go home to your mother Penny? She'll be worried about you."

"We're adults. We can do the fuck what we want," said Rikki.

"My mum think's I'm over at Rikki's parents," said Penny.

"Let's sit on the wall," said Rikki. "I'm tired."

The girl's sat up on the wall. Their skirts rode up their thighs. They had the most beautiful young legs.

"I think he's trying to look up our dresses, Rikki," said Penny.

Rikki giggled. I said, "For fuck's sake, Penny."

Rikki looked at me and hitched her skirt up a little higher, "Look closely you old fuck, what can you see old man? Tell me what you can see."

I looked. Rikki was wearing no panties. She was wearing hold ups and her perfect 22 year old pussy was there for anyone to see.

I tried to work out if  Penny was wearing any panties. She had her dress up high and I could see all of her pearly white pins but I couldn't see if she was crotchless or not.

I decided to turn my thoughts to purer things.

"Girls,"  I said. "Tell me what you are doing out here at this time of night?"

"We're waiting for a bus," said Penny.

"He's still looking at my mini moo, the dirty old fucker," said Rikki.

"The buses have all stopped," I said. "There are no buses at this time of night."

"We want to go into town," said Penny. "We want to look for boys."

"He is! He is!" cried Rikki. "He is still looking at my slit. He is such a dirty, pathetic man. I think he's getting hard Penny!"

I was getting hard but I tried to ignore it. For once I was going to do the right thing.

"Penny, Rikki, listen. There are no buses, every where will be closed or closing by the time you get there and you are far too drunk and dressed that way you are likely to get yourselves into trouble."

"Dressed what way?" said Penny.

"Yeah, dressed what way, old man?" said Rikki. "What's wrong with the way we dress?"

"Nothing but..."

"Are we dressed too slutty?" said Penny. "Is that it? Can't a girl wear heels anymore without getting called a slut?"

"Do you think we're whores for wearing short dresses? Is that it?" said Rikki.

"Ladies, you look beautiful, but at this time of night and the state you're in, I think you might be sending out the wrong signals to men," I said.

"What signals are they?" said Penny.

"Do you think we're saying, 'we want to be fucked?', 'come and fuck us?' 'we love boys and we can't wait to be drilled?' is that it?" said Rikki.

"That is what we're saying isn't it?" said Penny to Rikki. "We do want to get fucked don't we?"

Both girl's almost fell off the wall they were laughing so hard.

I said, "I'm giving up. I'm going to bed."

"Dream of my cunt, old man," said Rikki.

Just as I was about to leave a car turned into Red Lion Street. "I can hear a car!" cried Penny. The girls leapt off the wall. "Let's flag it down! Let's get a lift!"
The girl's staggered around on their heels. They were so drunk but they were still fucking gorgeous. Rikki was right; I had gone completely hard for these delicious young harlots.

The car was big, black and expensive. I don't know shit about cars. The driver was some young rich, cock. He saw the girls' and their legs. He pulled over straight away. He wound down the window.

"What's going on girls?" he said. "Do you need a lift?"

"Yeah," said Penny. "We need a lift, take us somewhere."

"Where?" the rich fuck asked.

"We don't care," said Rikki. "Just take us."

The rich fuck looked at me and said, "Are you with them?"

"I was trying to take care of them," I said.

"He's not with us," said Rikki. "He's a perverted old man who keeps staring at my cunt because I'm not wearing any knickers."

"Jesus christ," I said.

"Ok," said the rich fuck. He was confused but could tell he was onto something. "Get in the car girls."

"Be careful Penny, be careful Rikki," I said. I turned to the driver and said, "Please take care of them."

Penny said, "Fuck off old man."

Rikki said, "Fuck off you old pervert."

The rich fuck in the car said, "Yeah fuck off old man."

As Penny got into the car her purple velvet dress rode up her arse and it was easy to see that she was wearing no knickers. "Dream of my cunt too old man. Sweet dreams," said Penny.

They all got in the car and drove off.

I love living on this street.


  1. Hey... As always I love your story, except that on on this one this was really frustrating, he could not event cum in front of the girls !
    However, I think I would love living on this street !!!

  2. Sometimes their needs to be a little tease. There will be cum next week.

  3. Just simply some of the best erotic writing in the blogosphere. Keep it up mate!

  4. Thanks so much Scimione, a beautiful comment.