Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chapter 45: A Piece of Tail

Harper Eliot lives at number 9 Red Lion Street.

You can read all of her stories here.

Harper is a big girl. A big girl with a fantastic big, generous body. She has beautiful, fat tits and a giant arse that makes men wet themselves.

She's too much for you. You don't deserve her.

She says she will do anything I ask. I believe her. 

She just turned 22. Thank god.

On April 16th she phoned me up and said, 'Fuck me up the arse Daddy.'

Harper is an anal virgin. Poor girl has never had her arse fucked.

'No not me,' I said. 'Find someone who will love you and take care of you. Find someone special.'

'Daddy's cock is so beautiful. The most beautiful I've ever seen. Fuck my arse, Daddy.'

'Leave it alone Harper,' I put the phone down.

On May 16th she phoned me again.

'Jesus Christ Daddy. Just played again. Just fucked myself. Used three fingers. Thought of your cock. I want it. Jesus Christ, please fuck my arse. I want it. I need it. Please.'

'Harper,' I said. 'It wouldn't even fit. I don't think it's even possible. Please stop this. I don't want your arse virginity.'

'Fuck my arse Daddy. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Pleeeeaaaaassseee.'

I put the phone down.

On June 8th she rang again.

'Fuck my arse Daddy, please,' Harper sounded like she was crying.

'No,' I said. 'I'll tear you apart. It's not for you.'

'Fuck you.'


'Fuck you, Daddy!' Harper slammed the phone down.

About a week ago I was just leaving my house and I found a hand written note on my doorstep. It said, 'Chase my tail.' A little further down the street I could see a pair of panties. I walked down and picked them up. I smelt them. They were delicious, but I didn't recognise the scent.

Further down the street I found more clothing; a neck scarf, a cardigan, a belt.

The trail led me round to the back of Red Lion Street to a place known as the back fields.

Amongst the grass I found a white cotton blouse and then a black skirt. At the very end of the backfields, just before a small woods I found a bra, size double F.

I think I'd worked out who it was.

I'm sure you have too.

I walked into the woods and saw a line of pearls

I followed the trail of pearls deeper into the tress and eventually came to a ramshackle, wooden hut.

It looked like the sort of place someone would go to get raped.

I pushed the door open and there she was; Harper Eliot, a mountain of woman, a tower of sex, a monument to every big girl you wanted to fuck but were too scared to. She could fuck a whole planet. She's too much for you. She's too much for me. She will break a man one day.

She was standing there almost naked.

She had her back to me. Her mighty arse begged me. Her valleys and canyons pleaded. Her tits hid.

She was almost naked.


Harper Eliot wore patent leather brogue shoes with a 2inch heel. She had her red hair up.

She had a fox tail coming out of her arse crack.

It looked real.

I couldn't see how it was held there.

But held there it was.

A real fox tail coming out of Harper Eliot's arse.

Harper turned around and said, 'Please, please, please take my arse virginity. I'm only 22. I want you to be my first.'

'Get on the floor, child,' I said.

Harper smiled like a little girl with cake. I had all but said yes to her.

Slowly and carefully Harper got down on to her knees. She kept glancing around behind her.

I unbuckled my belt and undid my flies.

My ten inch dick flopped out.

I was nearly fully hard already.

I was going to fuck this young girl up the arsehole.

I wanted to.

She wanted me to.

We weren't doing anything wrong.

'I need to make you ready,' I said.

'I've tried to make myself ready,' said Harper.

Harper stayed upright on her knees and put her two hands on each of her monumental arse cheeks. She pulled them apart and displayed her arse crack to me.

Then things became clearer. The fox tail was attached to a glass butt-plug that was inserted fully into Harper's anus.

'Oh fucking beautiful,' I said. I massaged my cock gently, bringing it to it's full length. 'Is it real?'

'It's from a real fox,' said Harper. 'It cost me more than I earn in a week. Now I want a real dick in my arsehole. I've dreamt of this for years.'

I got down low behind her. I could smell her sex. I knew Harper would taste delicious.

I placed my hand on the glass butt-plug and gently eased it out of Harper. As it finally left her, Harper let out a gasp.

Her rosebud was stretched and glistening but still tiny and tight.

I placed the fox tail on the floor. Harper still had her hands on each cheek, stretching her crack wide.

I got in close.

I spat on her shit-hole.

Harper shuddered.

I spat again.

She shuddered some more.

'Get on all fours, child.'

Harper put her hands forward and arched her back. She stuck her arse out. She was perfectly at ease with what was going to happen.

'I am a child,' said Harper. 'To you at least.'

I grabbed both her her ankles and pulled her legs apart. I pushed her arse cheeks apart with my hands and spat on her hole a third time.

'Fuck, shit,' said Harper.

I moved one hand into her arsecrack and slid my palm down. My index finger traced the bottom of her valley. I moved underneath her and round to her pussy.

The girl was soaked. I moved two fingers inside her fuck hole with ease.

'You're so wet, slut,' I said. 'Have you been touching yourself?'

'Ugh, no,' grunted Harper. 'Nobody believes I get this wet. People say you have to have lube to get arse-fucked. I don't think that's true with me. Ever since I was very little, my little fanny just got absolutely soaked when aroused. I'm so fucking drenched. I can't stand not having your cock in me any longer.'

I put a third finger inside her. She was tight but her sex was so swollen and open with arousal. I pulled my fingers out and transferred her dripping girl sex round to her tiny arsehole. I rubbed her fanny juice in with spit. I worked it around the rim of her hole.

'Holy fuck. Show no mercy,' Harper whimpered.

I put my face deep into her crack. I ran my tongue around the edge of her arsehole.

I worked my tongue in.

I could taste her arse and her pussy at the same time.

She tasted magnificent.

'Please, please, please,' she mewed.

I licked her like that for ten minutes. I think she might have started crying at some point.

I pulled my tongue out. I pushed my finger in to her arse.

'Oh my sweet Daddy,' said Harper. 'Oh sweet fucking Christ my beautiful Daddy. De-flower my arse. Take my arse-virginity.'

I missed out two fingers. I went straight up to three.

I pushed them all in. I struggled and then once past the knuckles Harper's arse-hole suddenly seemed to ease and relax. I had stretched my girl wide.

'Aaaaoooooooooooowwwwwww! Oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! oh!'

'Want me to stop?' I asked.

'Don't you dare ever stop,' said Harper. 'It hurts, but it hurts so fucking good.'

I pulled my fingers out. Her shit-hole was wet and gaping. I spat on it some more.

'Now,' I said. 'It's time.'

'Oh my Daddy, please use me. Please use me however you desire. Please.'

My dick was so fucking huge and swollen. I was massive. The tip touched her.

'Fuck,' she said.

'Oh my,' I said.

I pushed in. My helmet was squashed by the walls of her arsehole.

'So fucking tight,' I said.

'Oooooowwwww,' cried Harper.

My bell-end was inside her. Harper was actually crying now. I saw tears fall from her face. I couldn't see how I would get any more inside her.

It seemed impossible.

I pushed on.

I got another inch inside her.

'It just won't work Harper,' I said. 'It's impossible.'

'I'm begging you for the last time, Daddy. Take me. Fuck my arse hard. I want all of it. Show me no mercy. I am yours. I am yours completely.'

I took hold of Harper's wide hips. She braced herself. 

I rammed myself inside her.



It really fucking hurt.

Both of us.

'Cunt, fuck, bitch, shit!' I said.

Harper just screeched like a cat on fire.

'I can't, I must, I can't!' cried Harper.

Her body rocked. Her tits banged together.

'I've taken your arse cherry, Harper.'

'Finish inside me, Daddy,' whimpered Harper.

Her arse was loosening. I had stretched her.

'You want me to?'

Harper managed to turn around and look straight at me.

'Come. Inside. Me.'

I did. I exploded. Harper's arse tightened.

She was coming too.

I could feel the warm spunk jetting into her anus and filling her up around my cock as I continued to pump.

I kept coming.

So did she.

She fell off me and onto the floor in a heap.

She lay their sprawled on the floor.

Semen fell out of her arse.

It was so fucking beautiful.

I love living on this street.


  1. Wow, your ten-inch dick...rules the world.

    Out-fucking-standing story. As always.

  2. You've never written anything that's disappointed us, but this may be among your finest efforts to date. Harper is one of our favorites - mine especially - and the thought of her in such a scenario is very appealing. Well done, as always.

  3. Beautiful. I love the dialogue especially in this story. It's emotional. Touching. Wonderful.

  4. Dear Captain Shame,
    I just love your episodes, I like to save them up and read a few at a time, flick back to previous stories and get my smutty fill of you! I love all your Harper stories, the fact her voice is so perfectly spoken in RL makes her submissive sluttiness all the more perverse and thrilling on RLS! Bravo, and thank you for writing a bloody fabulous blog
    Lily xxx