Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Chapter 47: Back to School

I'm a people person. Really, I am.

Despite what I say and do on Red Lion Street, I really like these people.

I'm not sure about Ms. Q, who lives at number 4 Red Lion Street though. She always seems to be a bit of a nasty bitch.

She's always ignoring me and giving me the stink-eye. But she's like that with most people.

She works at the local school. She's the head teacher in fact.

Most mornings I just sit at my window watching all the different girls on Red Lion Street set off to work. I see Ms. Q strutting along the street in her school attire, just treading the line between appropriate and completely unprofessional: high heels, short pencil skirts, fitted jackets with a hint of cleavage. Q walks around like she owns the place.

She has bright, dyed, red hair. She looks about 30? I would say her tits were E cups. I'm shit hot at guessing stuff like that.

Valerie, who lives at number 28, told me that she thought Ms Q was frigid, but then that's what jealous women say sometimes. And Q certainly doesn't dress like she's frigid.

Once in the Red Lion pub I caught her looking at me. I went home and wanked about her.

There's a small alley that connects Red Lion Street to the back of Ms Q's school. One evening I came across her there. She was locking up. She was carrying too many books. She dropped them.

I asked if I could help and bent down to help her pick them up. When Ms. Q crouched I could see up her skirt and down her cleavage.

'Fuck off,' she said. 'I don't need your help. Stop being such a creep.'

'Jesus,' I said. 'Drop the attitude, what's your problem?'

'You,' said Ms. Q looking at me with hate filled eyes. 'You're such a loser. Always at your window staring at me every morning. Always trying to fuck every girl on this street. Always bragging about your stupid dick.'

'Fuck, you hardly know me?'

'Everyone knows you, Captain Shame,' said Ms Q. 'We all have your number. You're just a fucking sad, sack of shit, living on your own, lost in your dream, fantasy world. You're the biggest loser on the street.'

'You bitch,' I said. I regretted saying it straight away.

Ms. Q slapped me hard around the face. It stung.

I looked at her. 'You fucking bitch,' I said.

She slapped me again. It hurt even more.

I slapped her back. I slapped her hard across the face. I couldn't believe what I had done.

Ms Q's mouth hung open.

She pounced on me like a wild cat. We fell onto the ground. She clawed at me. She bit me. We rolled on the dirty floor.

She punched my face. It really, really hurt.

I didn't want to fight a woman, but really; she was going to put me into hospital. I had to retaliate.

I punched her in the stomach hard enough to wind her and managed to stand up. I started to walk away but she came at me again. This time I was ready. I grabbed her arm and threw her against the wall. With one hand I restrained one of her arms and gripped her throat tightly.

I pushed my weight hard against her to stop her moving. Her one free hand was still hitting me.

Here's the funny thing; My dick was rock hard.

As I pushed against her, my full ten inches was dug into her thigh.

The look in her eye changed. She was confused. We both felt this thing between us.

Her struggling started to subside. She stopped hitting me.

'You're a fucking animal,' I said.

'Animals can be tamed,' said Ms Q.

With one hand still clamping her neck against the wall I moved my other hand down between her legs.

I reached up inside her skirt. Her thighs were clenched tight.

'Spread your legs,' I spat the words out.

'Make me, cunt,' said Ms Q.

I slapped her face and then forced my hand back up inside her skirt. I pushed my way in. Her legs parted a little. I grabbed her sodden cunt through the damp nylon. I grabbed it roughly, as though she were my fuckmeat.

'You are a fucking arsehole,' she said.

'You're a fucking whore,' I said back.

'You couldn't handle me,' she said.

'I'd break you,' I said. 'You're damp. Submit.'

'Oh when I submit, you'll know,' said Ms. Q. 'When I submit, I submit completely.'

My face was inches from hers. She was truly beautiful. A strong, defiant and sexy face.

We kissed.

A wild, animalistic kiss. She bit my lip. Her hands went to my hair. She scratched and pulled. She thrust her tongue around my mouth.

I still had my hand on her cunt, I started rubbing at it hard. Ms. Q gasped. I pulled away.

Ms. Q stood there against the wall. She looked a mess. She opened her legs wider. She hitched her skirt up. She showed me her pussy. There were no panties under her nylons.

She said, 'Tame me.'

I walked forward. I bent down and with two hands I ripped her tights apart at the crotch. Her cunt was free.

She went to move at me, but once again I put my hand around her throat and restrained her.

I stuck three fingers in her fuck hole. It was easy. She was dripping.

She spat in my face.

I took my fingers out. They stank of school teacher snatch. I thrust my fingers into her mouth. She tasted herself.

She sucked greedily for a while but then she bit my fingers. I slapped her round the face again.

The look on her face was pure pleasure. She loved being slapped.

I took my hand away from her throat.

I ripped her blouse open. The buttons fell on the ground.

She wore a deep red satin bra. Everything about this woman was red.

Her tits were magnificent. I pulled both of her boobs out of her bra.

Ms Q stood there, skirt up, tights shredded and torn around her crotch. Blouse ripped open and tits on display.

She didn't move.

'What now?' I said.

'Sometimes I tire of all the bells and whistles,' said Ms Q. 'Sometimes I just want my cunt fucked.'

'Get on the floor you filthy bitch,' I said.


Ms Q got on the floor with her clothes in disarray. She lay on the dirty ground. Her 5inch patent big heels were stretched out wide. Ms Q started fingering her cunt.

I undid my belt. My dick sprang out.

It was fucking massive.

'Shit,' said Ms Q. 'It's true.'

I took each of her ankles in my hands. I pulled her legs up and far apart.

I bent her back.

Her swollen cunt lips were completely exposed to me.

'I want to bend your legs back too far, I want to hurt you,' I said.

'There's no such thing as too far. There's no such thing as too much. There's no such thing as enough,' Ms Q never took her gaze off of me. She stroked and pinched her tits.

Ms Q didn't want the bells and whistles so I didn't give her any. I just sank my rock, hard ten inch dick in between her wet, glistening pussy lips.

Balls deep.

So fucking deep.

'Holy shitting Christ,' said Ms Q. She arched her back up. She pushed her tits out. She pinched her nipples.

I didn't fuck her like a lady, I didn't tease her. This wasn't love making.

This was brutal fucking. Hard screwing. The way you'd want to fuck a whore in a back alley.

I pumped and thrusted.

I made Ms Q shake and quiver.

She never took her eyes off of me. There was still hate in her eyes. This was angry fucking.

'Not enough,' said Ms Q.

I fucked her harder. Pushing her along the dirt concrete floor.

'More you fucker,' said Ms Q.

I really tried to drive my cock in as far as it would go. I pushed Ms Q's legs right back

'Fuck me right, you dumb cunt,' barked Ms Q.

I fucked like I'd never fucked before.

'Close,' whispered Ms Q. 'So close.'

This wanton animal was a challenge to me. A mountain to climb. I pushed her legs back further. They could go no further. My dick was so fucking deep inside her.

Ms Q's eyes began to water.

I knew what she needed. I took one hand off of one of her ankles. I slapped her tits. They banged together. I slapped her face.

'You fucking fucker!' she shouted.

'Shut the fuck up,' I cried. I was fucking her so hard, so furiously: I wanted to split her in two.

I looked down at her and saw the sweet orgasm begin to flood through her.

I spat in her face.

'You’re. Just. A. Dirty. Little. Fucking. Whore. Aren’t. You?'

Her body shook.

She howled.

You could hear her streets away.

She howled like wolf.

I fucking came.

I blasted my spunk up inside her cunt.

Her body spasmed.

She was spent.

I pulled out.

Ms Q's eyes had completely changed. She looked coy and obedient.

My dick was still hard and dripping with cunt juice and cum. Ms Q got up and crawled to me on her hands and knees. Her tits still on show.

She looked up at me obediently.

'May I clean you Captain?' she asked.

'You may.'

I slipped my dirt cock into Ms Q's sweet mouth.

Ms. Q cleaned it thoroughly. She never took her eyes off of me. And as she licked the last drops of cum and cunt juice from my still swollen shaft, she smiled for the first time.

I had a feeling we were going to become good friends.

I fucking love living on this street.


  1. This is my absolute favourite story out of all of them. Absolutely fucking love it. I can't wait until I get some time alone so I can *really* enjoy it. Fucking great work.

  2. Taught that teacher a two or thing. Sounds like you aced it. And her too.

  3. I love your blog. Images are delicious and very hot stories


  4. Nice pieces of art you got going there. Compliment the story very well.

  5. Hi Cap'n,

    Just got back from the hospital, all busted up and needed a lift. This was a corker. Thanks, mate.


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