Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chapter 8: Through the Window

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Stephanie lives at number 42 with her husband Rob.

Stephanie is a mother in her early thirties but she still dresses like this...
Stephanie's husband Rob has told me several times how little sex he has with her but Stephanie sent me a letter telling me about how she fucked two workmen on a building site in broad daylight. She also showed me her beautiful cunt through her nylon sheer panties.

She is the biggest cock tease I've ever met and I'm not quite sure what she is playing at.

About a week ago another letter was pushed through my letterbox. I recognised Stephanie's handwriting straight away.

The letter said, "I want to talk to you about 'cunt'. I love the word 'cunt'. I love the way it sounds. It is the dirtiest of all the words. I love how your face looked when I showed you my cunt. I want to whisper the word cunt in your ear.

I don't just love the word 'cunt', I love cunt itself. Last week I was visiting an old friend of the family. She is a big fat red headed woman in her fifties with massive E-cup titties. We got to talking about sex and I asked her if she had ever had her cunt licked by a woman. She said she hadn't and I told her that only a woman truly knows how to eat another girl's snatch.

Before I knew it this big truck of a woman was sitting on my face grinding her hairy pussy down hard onto my mouth. I couldn't fucking breathe and she rubbed herself up and down my face until she came hard on me. I had cunt juice all over my chin and lips. I just  wish someone like you had been there as well so I could have had some fresh jizz on my face as well.

I'm a dyke and a whore. I love cock and cunt in equal measures. Come by my house at 2 o'clock today and I'll show you something my husband never sees."

She didn't sign it. She knew I knew who she was.

At five to two I left my house and walked down to Stephanie's. As I walked up to her house I saw Stephanie pulling up her tight red t-shirt.

Stephanie has small but perfect tits. Stephanie has a big round ass and long pretty legs. She was the sort of girl who could win your heart as well as your cock if you weren't careful.

Stephanie was naked except for her black knee length socks and her sweet retro heels. She knew how to make me super hard. I love a girl who knows how to wear classy heels and hosiery. She didn't look out of the window but she must have know I was there. 

She lay on her white leather sofa stroking her body. She loved loved touching herself and she loved letting me see.

Then I realised someone else someone else was in the room with her. There, crawling along the floor like a teenage pornstar, was Cate.

Cate was a student who lived at number 14. She'd once let me come on her stockings.

She was crawling across the floor to Stephanie in black patent leather heels and her white stockings. She had a small, slim, tight young body. She had perfect little tits.

Stephanie said something to Cate. Cate said something to Stephanie. I couldn't hear what they were saying through the window. I thought I heard the word 'cunt'. I probably did.

Stephanie writhed around on the sofa like she was performing in a peep show. Cate got right in front of Stephanie and arched her back so her arse was high in the air. You'd be a fool to not guess what happened next.

Stephanie opened her legs wide and put her hand on the back of Cate's head and guided her mouth to her pussy.

Cate lapped at Stephanie's pussy like a thirsty pussy cat. She licked at Steph's folds in long soft strokes. She reached behind herself and touched her own pussy as she ate the older woman's cunt.

I could hear Stephanie start to moan softly through the window. Stephanie kept her hand on the back of  Cate's head and pulled her in closer so Cate's face was buried between her legs. I pressed my face up close to the glass to hear but all I could make out was Stephanie's soft moans.

Cate reached further round behind her and started to touch her precious little ass-hole.

Sometimes a cunt can get so wet. When Cate finally came up for air she had pussy juice dripping from her lips and chin.

She looked fucking beautiful.

I was hard as a rock. I was watching a beautiful young student eat out the cunt of the hot wife of one of my best friends. Delicious, vag juice glistened all over Cate's pretty young face. Stephanie had her legs as wide as they would go.

Then Cate saw me looking through the window. She shouted something. Stephanie saw me too. 

"You fucking pervert get the fuck away from my window."

Stephanie came up to the window, shouted "Fuck off!" and then pulled the curtains shut, but not before I got a good look at her magnificent body.

I don't know what Stephanie was was doing; sending dirty letters to her husband's friend, getting young students to lick her cunt and teasing my cock and balls until they were fit to explode.

But I fucking loved it.

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