Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chapter 13: Inside the Red Room

Cate lives at number 14 Red Lion Street.

Cate phoned me up. She said, "My cousin Theresa is moving in with me. You'll love her, she's big and gorgeous. We're going to the Red Room on Friday. You should come."

At the end of Red Lion Street is a pub called the Red Lion. In a room above it on Fridays and Saturdays is The Red Room. It's a loud dance club for young people. I don't know what the hell it is, I'm forty years old, but the bass shakes the whole street.

I don't know what I was doing going to The Red Room. I haven't been to a night club in ten years. I think Cate was taking the piss out of me, but Cate was the sexiest, smartest young thing I knew. She once let me cum on her nylon stockings. I decided to give it a go.

I put on a shirt, jeans and trousers and walked down to the club feeling like a prick. As I walked in, the volume of the music almost blasted me back out again. I fought my way through the crowd and managed to get a drink. 

All the girls were young and sexy and dressed in heels and short skirts. All the men, were ugly and thick necked. It was so busy you couldn't help have young tits and arse brush up against you.

I saw Cate. She looked delectable. She wore black high heels with ankle straps. She wore the tightest red cocktail dress. She wore long black gloves.

She shouted something at me. I couldn't hear what she said.

She shouted something again, I still couldn't here what she said.

Cate pulled me onto the dance floor. I felt like a fool. Cate danced like she was dancing for no-one but herself. She was natural and sexy because she didn't care what anybody thought of her. She slinked her hips. She wriggled her arse. She rubbed her hip up against my crotch. She must have noticed my hard on. She didn't care. She just carried on dancing.

The music seemed to get louder and faster. I got us another drink.

Cate shouted something at me. I couldn't hear her.

She shouted something again. I still couldn't here.

She shouted again, right inside my ear. She said, "Come and meet Theresa."

She led me across the dance floor and there she was.

Cate's cousin was red haired and big hipped. She was just a little bit too big in a dress that was just a little bit too small. All the men were looking at her.

Cate saw me looking at her and laughed. She just carried on dancing. 

Theresa danced slower than the music. She was moving to her own rhythm. She swung those big beautiful hips back and forth. The boys started to move towards her like they were magnetized.

With her eyes and hands Theresa made it obvious that she didn't mind how much the boys looked or how close they got. One guy moved in close behind her. She turned and smiled at him. The smile told him to move closer to her.

He took his chance and pushed his crotch up against her giant ass. Theresa reciprocated and pushed her arse back against him. As she did she looked at me and winked.

She beckoned another guy with her finger. Both guys moved stupidly around her, dumbfounded by this huge wanton goddess. She pushed her hips up against one guy and then moved to the other. Bulges were forming in their jeans.

They were confused and mesmerized. All the time she kept looking up at me. Other girls were throwing evil stares at Theresa. The sisterhood always breaks up when a proper slut enters the room.

Cate was off dancing with some other girls now.

Theresa now had three guys around her. They kept pushing their luck. Theresa didn't dissuade them.

One guy placed his hand on her arse. Theresa left it there. Another let his hand run over her breast. She didn't seem to care.

The boy couldn't stand it any more. He moved in and grabbed her face. He kissed her hard and forced his tongue inside her mouth. Theresa pushed him away and shouted him. At first it seemed like he had crossed the line but then she pulled him close and shouted something else in his ear. 

He walked away. Theresa turned to one of the guys and cupped his crotch in her hands and shouted something in his ear too. As he walked away she pushed her tits up against the third man and shouted the same command at him. He left.

Theresa then shimmied over to me. She shouted something. I couldn't hear her over the music.

She shouted again. Is still couldn't hear.

She put her mouth right up to me ear. She shouted, "You will take care of me won't you?"

I said, "Of course."

"Meet me in the Gent's toilets in ten minutes." shouted Theresa. "I need you there."

"Ok," I said. Theresa walked off towards the men's toilets. Swinging her arse back and forth.

I found Cate and told her what had happened.

Cate said, "You should go and help her. She sometimes gets into trouble when she's drunk."

I waited another five minutes, finished my drink, then walked to the men's toilet.

At first I thought the toilets were empty but then I heard a noise from the far cubicle. As I walked closer I heard low moaning. The door to the cubicle was ajar. I pushed it aside and looked in.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

Theresa was sitting there on the toilet. Her knickers were pulled down around her knees and her dress was hitched up high. All three of the men were there with their erect cocks out. Theresa was wanking one off and cramming another in her mouth.

Theresa looked at me and winked. The men just looked at me like I was another guy waiting to get his dick sucked. Maybe I was. I didn't know what the fuck was going on.

The man with his dick in Theresa's mouth said, "I'm going to come."

Theresa looked him straight in the eye as he pumped jizz into her gob. She let spunk fall from her lips and onto her tight black satin dress.

Theresa pulled the cock from her mouth and gasped for air. "More," she said. "I want more."

The first guy left. The second guy said, "I'm ready. I'm going to cum."

I could tell Theresa wanted him in her mouth but the guy was already spraying jizz everywhere as she pulled him in close. He managed to get some cum on her chin but most of it fell on to her gorgeous tits and dress.

"Jesus Christ, what a slut," said the guy as he put his cock away and walked out.

There was one guy left, other than me. He wanked his long shaft furiously as he moved in towards Theresa.

"I need to pee," said Theresa. "I want you to cum in my mouth whilst I pee."

"I'm so ready baby," said the thick headed idiot. "I'm so ready to cum."

Theresa wrapped her lips around his helmet and then she let go. All three of us could hear her pee splashing inside the toilet.

The man let go. He moaned as he let his cum jet down Theresa's throat. Theresa swallowed.

Theresa could resist pulling away at the last minute and letting a little cum fall from her mouth onto her dress and thighs. She is girl who understands how much a man wants to see his cum over a girl.

The guy pulled out and ran out of the toilet.

Theresa looked at me. She had cum on her lips and chin. She had cum on her tits. She had cum on her black satin dress. She had cum on her thigh.

She said, "I think I've had enough now."

I said, "I think you have too."

"Let me clean you up," I said, offering a clean handkerchief.

"You are so kind," she said as I tenderly wiped the jizz from her chin.

"I need to pee again," said Theresa and I heard the splish splash sound as I cleaned up her breasts.

I fucking love living on this street.

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