Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chapter 17: The Perfect Christmas Present

Virginie lives at number 43 Red Lion Street with her husband Tony. You can read all of her stories here. They moved over from France just recently. They are good friends of mine. Tony is intelligent, kind and generous.

Virginie is slim, sassy, funny, super sexy and above all, French. Is there any such thing as a not-sexy French girl?

Virginie phoned me up last week and said, "I've been absolutely racking my brains for what to get Tony for a Christmas present. You know how to take photos don't you? Didn't you go to Art College?"

"Yes, I went to art college, I can take good photos," I said.

"In that case," said Virginie. "I think I know what I can get Tony for Christmas, something sexy, something different. Can you come round to ours this afternoon?'

When I went round, Tony wasn't there and Virginie seemed to be dressed as some kind of common Parisian street hooker. She wore a tight white vest that showed her perky young tits. She wore the shortest mini skirt with sheer seamed stockings and a red suspender belt.
On top of all that though Virginie was wearing the most ridiculous pair of stripper shoes you have ever seen in your life. They were made of the brightest patent red leather with huge platformed soles. If you had asked me I would have said this type of shoes could never be sexy. I like a girl with a classier type of heel.

But as soon as I saw Virginie's porn shoes my dick grew hard. She wore them with such grace and confidence. I wanted to fuck her. 

Virginie sat down on the sofa and picked up a camera.

"Here's my idea," said Virginie. "Tony has always wanted some sexy photos of me and I've always said no. In fact I think what he really wants is to have some really dirty porno shots of me. Do you think you could take some photos of me looking sexy for Tony?"

"It will be no problem," I said.

I took the camera and started taking photos. It was awkward at first. Virginie was my friend and this felt a little weird. She pulled her tight white top off. She let her skirt fall to the ground, she was wearing beautiful red lingerie.

I said, "I think that we would make better, sexier photos if you felt more sexy don't you?"

"Maybe," said Virginie.

"Tell me a little about what you and Tony do? Talk about how you two fuck. It might be weird but it will get us in the mood, make the photos better for Tony."

"Ok," said Virginie. "Well, me and Tony have a frank and open relationship. He likes to fuck me a lot and I like to get fucked. He likes to fuck me in hold ups and heels and I like to dress like a slut for him. That's why I got these shoes. The first time I wore them he just stood there with his mouth wide open. I got on my knees and wanked him off into my mouth."

The photos were going well. Virginie was on the sofa and had her legs high in the air. She eased her panties down her legs until they were caught around her heels. Her pussy, was clean and shaven and beautiful.

She said, "Tu aimes ce que tu vois?"

I said, "I don't speak French."

I said, "I'm surprised that Tony has never taken photos of you before like this?"

"Well you see, the truth is that he has," said Virginie. "We actually have loads of photos of me dressed like a naughty, little skank, but the difference is, this time the photos are being take by another man, when he isn't here. This will drive him wild. He will go crazy knowing one of his best friends has seen his slutty wife's fuck hole."

"Oh I see," I said. "Why did you choose me?"

"Tony saw your long, thick dick at the swimming pool once. He said he dreamed of seeing his best friend fuck his filthy wife. He thought it was the dirtiest, horniest thing that could ever happen."

"Does he let you fuck other men?" I asked, my dick getting harder all the time.

"Oh yes," replied Virginie. "We are completely liberated and free with each others sexuality. He has seen me with other men and once he and another guy DP'd me?"

"Your arse and cunt?" I asked.

"No, both of them were inside my cunt. Let's go upstairs."

Virginie lead the way up the stairs. She could barely walk in those heels. Her arse swung back and forth. I wanted to kiss it, I wanted to lick it, I wanted to eat it.

We went inside the bedroom. Virginie got up on bed and got on all fours. She stuck her arse out high in the air. I took some more photographs.
"You're arse looks beautiful," I said. "Hold it like that a while."

"Ecarte tes cuisses autant que tu peux," said Virginie.

"I don't speak French," I said. "Why am I here Virginie?"

"The only person who has ever fucked me up the arse is my husband, but I know he has dreamt and wanked about seeing another man's hug cock split my shit hole apart. I think it would be such a lovely Christmas present for my husband if you fucked my arse right now and took pictures of it."

"I might hurt you," I said.

"No you won't," said Virginie.

"How will I take pictures and fuck you at the same time?" I asked.

"I have a tripod," said Virginie.

Virginie went out to get a camera tripod. I got undressed. My cock was absolutely as hard as a diamond.
It stood up like a flagpole. You could have run the Tricolor up it.

Virginie came in and saw my fuck meat. "Holy shit!" she said. She set up the tripod and camera but could take her eyes off of my schlong.

"S'il te plait met ta bite dans mon cul!" said Virginie.

"I don't speak French but I hope you said, 'please fuck my arse,' because that's what I'm going to do."

Virginie got up on the bed and stuck her arse out for me. She got her legs wide apart and I spread her cheeks so I could see her tiny puckered arse-hole. When she had been out of the room she had clearly put some lubricant inside her rim. She was wet and ready. She was a woman who wanted it quick and fast.

She said, "Stick it in me, use me, fuck my arse."

I gripped Virginie's hips and eased my tip into her rim. She gasped at the size. She reached forward to where the camera was and pressed the shutter. After ten bleeps the shutter went off five times.

"Oh I wish my beautiful husband could be here now. I love him so much, I do this all for him," said Virginie.

I managed to work my helmet inside her rim. She yelped in pain. "I'm happy to do this for my friend," I said. "If it's what he wants then I'm happy to fuck his slutty wife."

I pushed my dick in an inch further and Virginie screamed, "C'est trop! C'est trop! C'est trop!"

"I don't speak French," I said and in one burst pushed forward so my balls slapped up against her ass.

Virginie howled like a wounded dog and I proceeded to fuck my friend's wife up the arse. In and out at a steady regular pace. "Owwwwwwwwoooohhh!" cried Virginie. She managed to reach the shutter button and take some more pictures.

"You are a fucking, filthy, dirty, slutty wife to my friend," I said.

"I know, I know," said Virginie. "I am the worst slut, the shittiest wife there ever was, or am I the best?"

Is Virginie a bad wife? Or a good wife? Would you want to marry her?

"Fuck me more, fuck me harder, use me," said Virginie. 

I gripped her hips hard and thrust in fully each time. My balls smacking against her arse. I was angry with her and in love at the same time. She had a crude, animal sexuality that made me want to fuck her selfishly.

"You've hit my A-spot you fucking English cunt!" cried Virginie. "I'm ccommmming!"

Virginie's anal sphincter gripped tight around my shaft as she came. "Jesus wept," I said.

"Ejacule moi dedans, maintenant!" said Virginie.

"I don't speak French," I said. "But I'm about to dump a filthy load of junk in your slutty arse-hole."

I let go. I hadn't wanked for a week. Gloops and gloops of thick cum pumped out. I puled my dick out to the rim so the spunk fell out of her ass-hole.

I pulled out and left her there. I got the camera and started taking pictures. Virgine made her anus pulse so more cum oozed out down her cunt and legs and stockings.
She reached round and scooped up the cum on her fingers. I kept taking pictures. My dick and her arse-hole were both leaking cum everywhere. She took some cum from her ass and put it in her mouth.

"Happy Christmas Tony," I said.

Happy Christmas Tony," said Virginie. "Now get the fuck out of our house."

Three days later I got a text message from Tony. It said, "Thanks for the Christmas present mate. It's what I always wanted."

I love living on this street.

(A note about this story. This is the first time that a story has been made from a reader's contribution and photos. Tony and Virginie sent me photos of themselves and asked me to draw them and make a story up for them. Feel free to email me if you want to do the same.)


  1. Awesome story! we love it!
    Very nice illustrations!

    Merry Christmas!

    Candy e Bunny

  2. Excellent work as always from you!

  3. really love the drawings here, the nice line shading, and the splash of red which encompasses everything, great color theme and scheme

    happy holidays! :)

  4. Captain Shame,
    A friend turned me onto your blog last week, but tonight I finally had a chance to read it through. I love the combination of erotica with graphic art. Really well done. And thanks for checking out my blog I see you joined :). I'm going to link you there, if you don't mind.

  5. porno pornothank you for sharing this story broo