Friday, 18 November 2011

Chapter 12: The First Date

Carol lives at number 5 Red Lion Street.

I fancy Carol. I fancy Carol in the same way that I fancied the smartest, sexiest girl at school. I think she's lovely. I have a crush on her.

I phoned her up to ask her out on a date. I was so nervous. I couldn't believe it when she said yes. I turned up at her door and she was dressed in a classic little black dress and heels.
She didn't look cheap or slutty though. Carol never looks cheap. She always looks sexy and classy. I think she's great.

It would be wrong to even say that Carol is conventionally attractive. That's not to say she is unattractive either but she does at times look her age. She has a large generous body and her hair is obviously dyed. She has a strong jaw line. She is what you might describe as a 'handsome' woman.

What is it about her though? What is it that makes me like her so much?

She exudes sexuality in everything she does. She is strong, intelligent and funny but underneath it is this feeling that she could take on a rugby team and still want for more.

She has a PHD in philosophy. She is out of my league.

I walked her out to my car and we drove to an Italian restaurant that I most definitely could not afford. I wanted nothing but the best for my Carol. When we got inside I pulled her chair out for her. I wanted to be the perfect gentleman.

As she went to sit down I noticed a glimpse of stocking top from behind and the bare flesh above.

This was my kind of woman.
Carol ordered in perfect Italian.

Over the starters we discussed politics and the Euro debt crisis. She is so well informed and seems to know something about everything. She's modest as well though.

She ate her food delicately and all I wanted to do was kiss her right there and then.

The conversation moved onto music and once again she seemed to be an expert on almost everything, jazz, folk.

We moved onto the main course. We ordered our second bottle on wine.

Carol knew everything about wine too.

Carol said she thought that Yves Kelin was perhaps the greatest of all the Nouveau Realisme painters.

Carol said that although she agreed with me that Samuel Beckett was a master playwright but I should really check out his translations of Mexican poetry.

Carol said that she much preferred the cinema of Werner Herzog to Wim Wenders.

Carol told the perfect joke. We laughed until our sides split.

We skipped dessert but had some coffees. I paid for everything even though Carol protested. I walked Carol back to the car and as she got into the passenger side it seemed that she made certain that I saw the tops of her stockings again.

Once inside the car Carol, said 'Let's go for a drive.' We drove out into the countryside and talked about our shared love of animals and natural science.

At times we sat in silence and it seemed perfectly ok to do that. There was none of that tension that you'd usually find in these circumstances. We were perfectly comfortable in each others company and felt content in the fact that we trusted one another.

It was getting late, about 1am and I said to Carol, 'Thanks for a perfect evening Carol, "Would you like me to take you home?"

"Yes," said Carol. "But there is maybe just one thing I'd like to do before we go though."

"What's that honey? Anything you like?"

"Well..." Carol hesitated.

"Go on Carol, I don't mind, tell me what you want to do."

"Well if you don't mind I'd really like to suck you off until you explode in my mouth."

I didn't say a word. I pulled the car into a lay-by and as soon as the car came to a rest Carol got out and crawled into the back of the car. By the time I got in the back with her she had pulled down her black dress and scooped her giant tits out of her scarlet bra.

I pulled my trousers and pants down and Carol took me into her into her mouth and sucked me like a pro.

Carol took my full length and I gently fucked her mouth. The tip of my long dick touched the back of her throat but Carol didn't choke or make a sound.

I reached down and grabbed one of her tits and massaged it roughly.

Carol took my dick out of her mouth and flick her tongue around my helmet quickly before taking me back inside her sweet cock sucking gob.

She never once looked at me or made a sound. She just concentrated on the job in hand. She was focussed wholly on making me come and I was intent on filling her mouth as soon as I could.

She turned around so she was facing me and started to wank me whilst wrapping her lips around my bell-end.

I looked down at her gorgeous natural tits and her slutty meat eating gob and knew I couldn't hold on any longer.

I let go.
Carol made a soft moan as I jetted fresh jism into her mouth. She kept her lips around my end and let the cum ooze out of her lips and down her chin.

Some spunk landed on her beautiful boobs and the she looked up at me and made sure I saw her swallow. She smiled broadly with cum on her face and said, "You can take me home now."

As we pulled up to her house she still had my fuck juice on her chin. She wanted to leave it there.

She said, "That was a perfect evening, let's do it again."

I love living on this street.