Monday, 23 January 2012

Chapter 22: The Middle of the Night (part 2)

This chapter follows on directly from Chapter 21.

Penny lives at number 48 with her mother Laura. You can read all of her stories here.

Rikki is her friend, she lives at number 27. You can read all of her stories here.

I slept restlessly that night. I was worried about Penny and Rikki. They had just climbed into a strangers car with no knickers and their sweet young cunts on display. I wasn't sure at all that they knew what they were getting themselves into.

I waited until the next afternoon before ringing Penny. She picked up.

"Penny? It's Captain Shame," I said.

"Hello Old Man," said Penny. I like it when she calls me that. I am only 41.

"I was worried about you girls last night? Are you ok? What happened after you got into that car?" I asked.

"You don't have to worry. He was ok. He took care of us. Do you want to know what happened you old pervert? Do you want to know all the details?"

"Tell me what happened. I want to know all the details," I said.

"The guy's name was Warren. He was rich and looked OK, better than you in any case. I was sitting behind him in the car I leant forward so I could smell him. He smelt nice. He asked us where we wanted to go? I said, 'Is your place near? Do you have drink? Do you have a large clean bed?' He said he had all those things. 

As we drove to his flat I whispered to Rikki, 'Let's show him our cunts.' We got our legs wide apart in the back seat and hoped he would look into his rear view mirror and see that we weren't wearing panties. He seemed to adjust his mirror. I couldn't tell if he saw my snatch or not. He didn't say anything.

We got to his flat. We walked up the stairs in front of him. We teetered on our heels. We swung our hips from side to side. We knew he must have seen our bare cunts by now. Warren's flat was big and clean and he obviously loaded. 

Rikki turned to Warren and said, 'We all know what's going to happen. Pour us two glasses of your most expensive whiskey and then sit on the sofa.'

Warren got us our drinks and sat on the sofa. We sat either side of him. We both placed our hands on his crotch and felt his dick getting bigger. I got on my knees. I pushed my arse in the air and moved in for a kiss.

He slipped his tongue in my mouth. He tasted of money.

I moved my tongue and around his mouth. He twisted his tongue around mine. I felt my nipples harden.

'How much money do you have Warren? asked Rikki as she massaged his dick through his suit trousers.

'Three times more than both your families put together,' said Warren. 'Do you want to know how much that glass of whiskey costs?'

'Yes,' said Rikki.

'About £60,' said Warren.

'I'm just a little slut,' said Rikki. 'I don't know anything about whiskey. I drink cheap white wine and flat lemonade. I'm the dirtiest girl you've ever had in your flat.'

'Don't be so sure,' said Warren.

I pushed my tongue in his mouth to stop him talking. I didn't want him to fuck Rikki. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me, use me, love me, marry me and then take me away. I wanted him to fuck me because he was rich. That was all. That was the only reason.

Rikki unzipped Warren's fly and his dick sprang out. 'Come see' said Rikki. I got down to inspect this rich fuck's dick. It was long, smooth and beautiful, though not especially thick."

"I know mine is bigger," I interjected.

"Shut the fuck up old man," replied Penny. "We got our faces up close to his dick. His dick smelt musty and dirty after a day inside his pants. I've learnt to love that smell."

I whispered to Rikki, 'Let me have him. Let him fuck me.'

'You want him all to yourself?' asked Rikki.


'You owe me. You have to bring me off. You have to eat my cunt.'

'Don't fight over me girls,' said Warren.

His dick quivered there in front of my eyes. I couldn't take it any longer.

I put my lips onto his helmet. I opened my mouth wider. I slid my slutty gob down his shaft and let him gradually go all the way in. My mouth was wet and warm for him. I heard him gasp, 'Jesus fuck.' My cock sucking lips were almost down to the base of his shaft. His long dick was filling my whore hole completely.

You know how some girls don't know how to suck dick properly?

You know how most girls don't?

You know how almost every girlfriend you've ever had, hasn't sucked your cock right?

Well that isn't me. That has never been me. I have always known how to suck dick right. When I was a young girl I would practice with a cucumber. Before I'd even had a real dick in me I'd got my technique right. I made a boy come in my mouth before I ever had a dick in my cunt.

When I feel a dick softly pumping jizz down the back of my throat I know that I've won and I feel like the queen of the world. I wouldn't have minded if Warren shot his load into my filthy young mouth right there and then. I would have swallowed his load straight down and then finger fucked myself for a week.

Rikki was behind me. I heard clothes dropping to the floor.

'And now take off your blouse,' said Warren. I heard Rikki unbutton and drop her shirt on the floor. I moved my lips up and down Warren's dick. I got lipstick all over his cock.

'Do you want to see my tits?' asked Rikki. Warren said he did. Rikki scooped her perfect titties out of her bra. Rikki had beautiful C cup boobs. Not big, but gorgeous, sexy and enough for any man. I felt Warren's dick swell bigger in my mouth as he watched my best friend show herself off to him.

'Lift you skirt. Show me your cunt,' said Warren. Rikki lifted her short black skirt. She was wearing no panties. Her pussy was smooth, neat and tight.

'What kind of girl goes out dressed like that, not wearing any panties?' asked Warren.

'The kind of girl who is going to eat her best friends cunt whilst she sucks you off,' said Rikki.

Rikki got down on the floor. I got my legs apart for her, I pulled my dress up high. Rikki was on her back and underneath me. She was at my door. Her tongue eased into my slit. It felt like Heaven.

Men who think they know how to lick pussy don't know shit.

Only girl's know how to eat cunt. Rikki's tongue was the mother fucking best.

In our late teens me and Rikki had no money and would stay in and practice cunnilingus on each other whilst our other friends went out. For endless nights we would tease each others' fuck holes with our tongues until we collapsed from the exhaustion of multiple orgasms.

'Do it right babe,' I said.

Rikki did it right. She spent a living age flicking my button and making me quiver all over. My mouth was still full of Warren's dick and I still wanted to feel his spunk in my mouth whilst this beautiful whore bitch ate out my wet gash like the world's best pornstar.

I wasn't going to hold on and I wasn't going to hide what was happening. Rikki pushed her tongue all the way up inside me and I pushed my crotch down hard on her young slut face. 

I came hard.

Warren's dick sprang out of my mouth as I howled out, 'Oh baby, baby, baby, baby.'

I felt the juices of my glory hole oozing out over my beautiful Rikki's face.

I squeezed out the last drop of my climax. I got up, my body still shaking. I sat on the sofa exhausted, but Rikki and Warren wanted more of me. It was like they were addicted to me. Rikki pulled me dress down and let my boobs fall free. Warren pushed his hand down into my crotch and grabbed my wet pussy and kissed my face all over. Rikki took my left tit in her mouth.

Warren put his tongue in my mouth. He didn't mind that my breath tasted of his dick. Real men don't.

'What do you want?' said Warren.

'I want you to fuck me,' I said.

'How do you want to be fucked?' he asked.

'I want you to fuck me like a virgin would fuck a prostitute. I want you to fuck me quickly and selfishly and not think about my pleasure in any way. I want to be used.'

'Do you want to take your clothes off?' He asked.

'No,' I said. 'I want you to fuck me in my best heels and party dress. It's my most expensive dress and it cost less than the glass of whiskey you gave me. I want you to get spunk over my best dress. I want you to ruin it.'

'I'll buy you a new one,' said Warren.

'You can buy anything you want. You can buy me. You can keep me here in your flat as a pet whore and throw a fuck into me anytime you want.'

Warren got off of me and undressed fully. Rikki sat on her knees to watch. She had two fingers in her cunt. She said, 'Fuck her, Warren. Split her in two. She likes it rough.'

I got my long legs high in the air and pulled my arse cheeks apart so he could see my prize. 

My cunt was dripping wet. Warren pushed my legs back and entered me easily.

'Sweet Holy Mary,' I said.

Sometimes I like to be fucked slowly on the grass on a hot summers day with my lover bringing his cock out to the tip and then easing it back in again.

Sometimes I like to be shafted hot and mean by two fat builders in a public toilet. One in my cunt and one up my asshole.

Sometimes I want a man to make love to me all night on satin sheets and never, ever come until the morning.

I just wanted Warren to fuck me and I didn't care how. 

Warren fucked me like a rich man fucks a girl of 23 who has her high heeled legs in the air.

Warren's balls slapped against my arse cheeks.

My tits shook with the force of the fuck.

Warren's cock reached deep into the back of my cunt.

I pulled my legs back higher for him.

Rikki put an extra finger in her cunt.

I said, 'please?'

Rikki said, 'Fuck her.'

Warren said, 'You're beautiful.'

My tits shook with the force of the fuck.

Rikki took her fingers out of her cunt.

Warren fucked me harder and faster.

Rikki put her finger inside her arsehole.

Warren said, 'I want all of you.'

I said, 'You've got all of me.'

Rikki said, 'Somebody help me please.'

I said, 'Come here baby.'

Warren took his dick out of me and sat down. I straddling him, reverse cowgirl style and eased myself down on him. We were a perfect fit.

Rikki looked like a young goddess in her stockings and heels. She stood up on the sofa. She got her snatch above my face. She lowered her cunt down.

Nothing tastes sweeter then my best friend's pussy. I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. I know Rikki's cunt perfectly. I know just what to do.

I flicked teased, licked and lapped.

Warren's dick was pounding me from below.

Rikki said, 'Do it right baby.'

I said, 'Let's come at the same time girlfriend.'

Rikki said, 'Is he fucking you good Penny?'

I said, 'He's filling my cunt up. He's a perfect fit. He makes me feels beautiful.'

Rikki said, 'Is it the fuck you always wanted?'

I said, 'I want him to come in my fuck box and make me pregnant. I want to keep him forever.'

Rikki said, 'Penny, can I come on your face, can I come on your face now? I want to, I'm so close.'

I said, 'I'm close too, baby, I'm close too.'

Rikki said, 'I'm coming baby.'

I said, 'I'm coming too baby.'

We came, beautifully and at once. I had cunt juice all over my face and my breath smelt of dick.

Rikki had cunt juice all over her face too.

We collapsed into a pile of sweat, nylon, tits, heels and pussy juice.

'I still need to come,' said Warren.

'You need to, you deserve to. You did well, come here.'

Me and Rikki got on our knees. Warren got his hard, swollen dick right in our faces.

'Who wants it?' he asked.

'Penny did most of the work,' said Rikki. 'Come on my best friend's face. Spray her pretty whore eyes with your dirty jizz.'

'Is that ok?' Warren asked me.

'Do what the fuck you want Warren,' I said.

'Wank me,' said Warren.

I wrapped both hands around Warren's dick. I tugged there times and he fucking exploded.

I have to confess he took me by surprise. I'm ashamed to say I closed my eyes for a second.

He shot a big load at me. Some went up my nose. Some went across my eyes. Some got on my forehead.

'Oh Jesus', said Warren.

'You look fucking beautiful,' said Rikki. Straight away she got in close and started licking the spunk from my face. She cleaned me like an animal dog would her child.

I felt loved.

Old man?"

"Yes," I said down the phone.

"Did you come?"

"I have cum all over my hands," I said.

I love living on this street.