Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chapter 16: Puss In Boots

I live at number 10 Red Lion Street. Stephanie lives at number 42 with her husband Rob and her baby.

Stephanie sends me slutty letters and then denies knowing anything about them.

She pushed a letter through my letterbox just the other day. It said, "I just loving showing my cunt to total strangers. I love to do it on the train where nobody expects me to. I just leave my panties at home, find a seat opposite a lonely guy and ease my legs apart. I once let a 19 year old boy lick out my pussy on 7:59 to Brighton. When he got off the train I saw a wet cummy patch on the crotch of his jeans.

Another time I made a guy in his 60s beat himself off whilst I slipped two fingers inside my folds. I thought he might die as he shot four gloops of old man fat on to the train seat.

I'm going away for the weekend. I'll be on the 10:15 into town tomorrow."

The next morning I got up 9:30. Got dressed and walked to the station. Stephanie was on the platform in a short woolen dress, red tights, dark red high-heeled fuck boots.

Sometimes it's hard for the women to dress sexy in winter, but that isn't a problem for Stephanie. The red nylon of her tights was thick and but still showed the shape of her long, strong legs. Her boots were well made and practical but still kind of slutty. Her woolen dress was tight enough to show off her firm little tits and her perfect arse.

 She had a weekend bag with her. I wondered where she was going, leaving her husband and child behind. I said, "I'm here. You wrote me a letter?"

"I didn't write you any letter? What are you talking about?" said Stephanie.

Stephanie had done this to me twice before. I think she was trying to make me crazy.

"You wrote me a letter about how you like to show your cunt to strangers on the train. You told me about a teenager who licked you out. You told me about an old man who beat himself off and dribbled jizz all over the train seat."

"You are fucking foul," said Stephanie. "Such a weird disgusting little creep. I don't know why you say the things you do."

The atmosphere was bad. We stood in silence for a while, both of us looking at the pavement. Stephanie's train was pulling into the station.

"It's cold," I said. "I should go"

"I'm only cold in one place," said Stephanie suggestively. The train pulled to a stop and the doors slid open. Stephanie bent down to pick up her weekend bag. Her tight woolen dress rode rode up her arse a little. 

She wasn't wearing pantyhose. She was wearing red hold ups, I should have known. I could see a glimpse of her arse and maybe something else. Maybe I could see her cunny? I wasn't sure.

Steph looked at me and said, "Are you coming?"

We got on the train.

The carriage was nearly empty. You knew it would be. There was just two teenage boys down one end of the carriage. We went to the opposite end and I sat opposite her. Stephanie crossed her legs and undid her coat.

I love seeing the girls on the train. All prim and ready for work, or all dolled up for the night clubs at the weekend. Stephanie pushed her little titties out.

"So you think I'd show my cunt to just about anyone on the train do you?" asked Steph.

"I think you're a strange woman," I said. "Your husband said you never have sex with him anymore but it seems like you're a perfect slut with everyone else."

"My husband pays for me. That's all I need him for," said Steph. "I like driving men wild. I don't need to come or fuck myself necessarily. I love having the sexual power."

"Stephanie. are you wearing any panties?" I asked.

"I'm not," said Stephanie. "My drawer is full of unworn panties. I would say half the time that I'm out, I'm not wearing any knickers. I love having my cunt out, it feels glorious and I love it when men catch a glimpse of my pretty little slit. Young, old I don't care. I want the whole world to come at the sight of my precious little fuck hole."

"How does you cunt feel right now?" I asked.

"It's tingling a little bit," said Stephanie. "It's trembling with anticipation." Stephanie pulled her skirt up a little so I could see the tops of her hold ups. "It wants to come out and play."

The train pulled into the next station. I wanted the two boys to get off but they didn't.

"Where are you going this weekend?" I asked Stephanie.

"I'm going to meet three married black men I've met off the internet. They have paid for two nights in the most gorgeous hotel. They are paying me £500 each for a fuck, I'm going to take photos of them screwing me then I'm going to black mail them."

"Jesus fucking Christ," I said. "How did you get to be like this?"

"It came naturally," said Stephanie. "Do you want to see my cunt? It wants to see you."

"Those boys down there," I said. "They might see."

"Let them," said Stephanie. "It makes it better. There's about four minutes before we get to the next station. Get you cock out, wank yourself hard till you come and then get of the train."

Stephanie eased her legs open and revealed her jewel. Stephanie was in her early 30s but her plump cunt was still young and tight. She was shaven clean and smooth.

"And that would make you happy would it?" I asked.

"I'm not going to touch myself, watching you will be enough."

"You're strange," I said. I unzipped my jeans. My dick sprang out. I don't know if the boys could see. I started not to care.

"You a useless old fuck," said Stephanie to me. "A sad man getting near to middle age. I bet you wank over the thought of girl's like me all the time."

"I do," I said. "I see you on the trains in your heels and party dresses and I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you hard, then leave you."

Stephanie pulled her legs up higher and wider. "Look, just look," she said. "Look at what you can't have."

I jerked myself and looked at Stephanie. A beautiful married slut just displaying herself in public. Stephanie looked straight into my eyes as I beat myself off. Have you ever just masturbated whilst staring at someone looking back at you. It's an intense experience. Try it with your boy or girl. Try it tonight.

"Come for me you little shit," said Stephanie. "Come right fucking now."

I was close. "Say the words, that will make me come."

Stephanie said, "Do it, you old cunt. Jerk yourself off on a train like a sad little loser. Get spunk all over your hand and jeans. Look at this filthy, beautiful slut wife and imagined her getting boned over and over again by three black stallions. Think of me with every hole filled. Come now."

The thought of Stephanie being rendered airtight by some huge African meat sent me over the edge and a small volcano of jizz erupted in my lap. As the train pulled into the station I had spunk on my hands and jeans.

I got up to leave I said, "Send me a postcard."

Steph said, "I'll send you photos, now fuck off."

I stood on the platform and as the train pulled away I saw Stephanie walking down the carriage towards the two young teenagers.

I love living on Red Lion Street.

(Stephanie will send me those photos. They will appear in another story.)


  1. Another masterpiece. Stephanie is very special – her attitude, her hostility and then her sluttiness.

  2. Hi Cap'n.

    This has got to be your hottest post ever. But then I'm partial to slutty wives.

    Keep it up,

    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. porno pornothank you for sharing this story