Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chapter 44: Shopping with Kelly

Kelly lives at number 40 Red Lion Street with her parents. You can read all of her stories here. Every morning I see her clip-clopping down the street on her high heels. She goes to work wearing mini skirts and tight tops. She always has.

A few weeks ago I found her in the Red Lion Pub in a see-through dress with two leaking cocks in each hand. I was completely shocked. Kelly has a fiancé and despite her short slutty skirts I always through she was a good girl.

Yesterday I saw her strutting down the local high street. She wore her usual black high heels and a tight black mini. Her white top was far too tight and I could see her pink bra poking out over the top.

'Hello Kelly,' I said.

'Hello,' Kelly giggled.

'How are you Kelly?'

'i'm g8 thanks Captain, jus off 2 work, booooo thumbs down!'

She actually talks like this. She thinks in text.

'Did you get home ok the other night?'

'erm.... oh god were u there?' did you see me? i was soooo drunk. i cant remember much'

'I found you there with a strippers cock in each hand. Your face was covered in goo, Kelly! What were you thinking? I thought you were engaged?'

'omg!!!' Kelly didn't know where to look. 'Oh my god oh my god please dont tell anyone!! you havent told anyone have you?????'

'I won't but, shit Kelly. Why do you do things like that? I thought you were good.'

'i am mostly, but im tired of it. i love the attention i get wen I'm bad.'

I looked Kelly up and down. Her skin was orange from fake tan. Her hair was black and straightened. She had a little too much make up on.

'Why do you dress that way for work Kelly? Don't you know that the men will stare?'

'i love when they stare, thats what i want, i crave the attention' said Kelly.

'You know that men go home and wank about you Kelly don't you? You know that men close their eyes and think of you as they fuck their fat, old wives.

Kelly looked down and then up like a shy child.

'yes i do n i love it, i go on msn and talk to them n help them get off'

'You talk filth to strangers at work? Do you finger yourself Kelly? Do you wank at your desk?"

'hell yes i do, i love jamming my fingers in my bald pussy at my desk as i show em pics of myself n talk nasty to em'



'Tell me honestly. Are you wearing any panties right now?'

Kelly giggled.


Kelly shook her head.

I grabbed Kelly's arm tightly and marched her down the high street. She came reluctantly. 'Jesus Christ Kelly, you can't walk around town in a skirt that short with no panties on. I'm going to buy you some panties right now. Where do you buy your panties?"

'Primark usually'

'You need to spend more on your panties, little girl.' I marched her into Primark. It must have looked weird: A 41 year old man with a tarty 23 year old chav. She certainly didn't look like my daughter.

'Choose some panties, quickly.' I said.

'i usually wear thongs'


'yes i love barbie pink'

'Cheap slag.'

I bought Kelly a pink thong. It cost £3 and I pulled her out of the shop. Kelly look shamefaced but she didn't fight me. 'Put these on now, Kelly.' I said holding out the cheap, tacky panties.

Kelly took the panties and bent over and got them around her high heels. She pulled them up keeping her legs straight. People in the street stared at this young tramp getting dressed in broad daylight.

"I just spent £3 on you, what do I get in return?' I wasn't sure why I said it.

'well it sounds like you already owed me for the show i put on for u at the pub'

'I bought you your cheap Primark panties, what do I get back, slut?' Our roles were being cast.

'i'm a slut now am i mister?? well would you like to finger this young sluts bald pussy down a dingy alley as payment for my new cheap thong?'

'Shit, you are piece of filth Kelly. I have a good mind to take you home to your parents and tell them everything.'

'. .ooohhh ye u gunna expose me n shame my family name mister? go on go ahead!!'

'You'd like that would you? Me letting the whole town know that you're a dirty, little, piece of fuckmeat?'

'ye i fuckin wud so i can start afresh n go n be a glamour model or a babestation girl on tv'

'You want the world to see your cunt and tits is that it Kelly?'

'omg yes i want my pretty barbie face splashed across lads mags.'

I'm not joking. She really does talk like this. I'll prove it to you.

'If you'd let me finger you for a £3 thong, what would you do if I bought you a dress?'

'hehehe hmmm now were talkin! how bout a gob job?'

'Show me a dress you want.'

This time Kelly took my arm and led me to a shop. It was a shop run by some chavvy reality show personality. Some plastic titted dolly with a make up plastered face. Kelly took me in and showed me her favourite dress.

It was a tight cream number. She thought it was classy and expensive. I still thought it was cheap and nasty. My dick was getting hard.

'Try the dress on,' I told her.

Kelly went behind a changing curtain. She left it open a bit so I could see her getting changed inside, slipping off her mini. Sliding into her dress.

She came out.

This cheap little small town skank looked like a fucking goddess.

The dress hugged her young tits perfectly.

The dress clung her tight at the waist and showed off her beautiful arse.

'Turn around,' I said.

I wanted to fuck Kelly hard there and then.

I wanted to fuck her hard in the high street and take photos and put them up on every porn website in the world.

I wanted to fuck my high street tramp.

'Leave the dress on,' I said.

I paid and we left.

'omg fuckin love the dress fanx,' said Kelly.

Everybody stared at the big titted slut-child standing next to me. She had squeezed her D cup tits into a c cup bra just like all the young tarts from the estate do. The more I looked at her sweet whore face the more I realised how much make up she was wearing.

It had been plastered on with a trowel.

'So now I've bought you a dress you'd let me shove my dick in your gob?'

'ye why not,' Kelly shrugged like it was nothing.

'You'd let me stuff my cock in between your filthy lips and blast my load? You'd swallow my old man junk?'

'oh fuck ye ive wanted to eat old man sperm for ages. i love my old men on msn.'

She isn't joking.

'How do you like your semen, little girl?'

'well i kinda love it wen a guy has lumpy nasty spunk, like thik n lumpy, and i just love it wen it has a tinge of yellow n not totes white'

'Do you like it when the little bits stick to your skin Kelly?'

'omg yes n i love it wen i can squij the lumps between my teeth'

'I want to come on your nasty fucking face, Kelly. What do I have to do to spray my cum all over your filthy, little whore face.'

'how about a bag of chips?'

'If I bought you a bag of chips you'd let me throw a load over your eyes, nose and mouth?'

'omg yes u can even take pics of me mister'

I took her to the chip shop. I bought her chips. She ate them and looked at me whilst she put them in her cock sucking mouth.

'What now?" I asked.

'Slap your big old man dick around my dumb, orange barbie face around the back of Argos.'

That was the filthiest thing anyone had ever said to me.

We walked around to the back of Argos. Kelly picked a spot that she seemed to know. She squatted down and threw the chip carton to one side.

I undid my belt. I unleashed my dick.

'shit mister!!!!'

'Its ten fucking inches, Kelly.'

'this little barbie girl wants 10 inches in her throat'

'Look at my big dick, little girl.'

Kelly literally licked her lips.

'take my pretty face mister'

Kelly squatted in front of me, her big, pink lips were smiling wide.

I slapped my dick against Kelly's cheek. Slapped it round her face. She tried to get in her mouth. I wouldn't let her.

'mmmmmm yes slap my pretty fucking face. ooo ye slap my barbie face. jam it in my gob. i want it now.'

Her eyes were always looking up

'facefuck me' she said

I reach down and grabbed her hair. I pulled her hair hard. I pulled her to me.

'omg by the way i love never breaking eye contact with u,' said Kelly.

'Are you good at sucking dick, Kelly?  I asked. 

'The secret is to make a lot of noise,' said Kelly. 'Pervs luv that.'

Kelly leant forward and went onto all fours. She pushed her arse out in the air. I could see her high heels behind her.

She was ready.

She opened her mouth wide.

I rammed my massive swollen shaft into her slutty gob. 

I stuffed my meat into her mouth.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my shaft all the way in.

Kelly was gagging but she didn't fight.

It was the roughest meanest face fuck I'd ever given. I fucked her face like it was a cunt.

She looked at me and made a lot of noise. She sounded like an LA pornstar, slurping and glugging on my dick.

I knew what she wanted to hear. She wanted names.

'You dirty little street whore.'

Kelly took my dick out and gasped 'omg yes!'

'With your stupid made up face and your cheap fake tan.'

My dick was back inside her mouth. Kelly started pulling the straps of her dress down.

She pulled her tits out of her dress and bra roughly. She pulled and played with them. Gag slime was hanging off her chin.

'You're the sort of girl whose supposed to serve me burgers and here you are sucking my dick for a bag of chips. You're a dirty piece of filth Kelly.' I said.

'I'm going to tell your mum.'

'I'm going to tell your dad.'

'I'm going to tell your fiancé.'

'They will all know.'

Kelly just kept looking up at me, playing with her tits. Gagging on my dick.

'Kelly is the dirtiest, most depraved wannabe glamour model in the whole town.' I said. 'She'd fuck anybody for a bag of chips.'

Kelly put her hands by her side and pushed her tits out. I reached down and mauled them like pieces of meat.

I pinched the nipples hard.

I slapped them. I slapped Kelly's tits really hard so they banged into each other. They shook and wobbled.

My dick was so far in her gob. I looked down and said, 'Want me to slap your face, dirtbag?'

Kelly nodded. Snot was coming out of her nose.

I slapped her face, hard. Her eyes well up.

'Do you want my junk Kelly?' I asked. I was breathless. Kelly could only blink.

'I want to come on your face and your new dress. I want to ruin it for you.'


'You're just a cum rag to me. A piece of filthy cloth that I wank on and throw away.'


'I want to use you.'

'Fucking reach round and cup my balls you chav slag. Do it. Now.'

Kelly reached round and cupped them and that's all I needed. 

I fucking came.

I pumped a little down Kelly's throat before pulling out and spraying her.

Cum splattered on her face. Some spunk got in her hair.

I aimed my dick lower and got a big nasty gloop on left tit and then finally I managed to aim some at her brand new dress.

I ruined Kelly's new party frock.

Cum fell from Kelly's chin in big lumpy gloops. Kelly smiled. She smiled like a child with a present.

'mmmm do i still look pretty mister?'

I looked down. Kelly had too much make up on. Her cheap Primark bra was squashed down under her cum splattered tits. She had lumpy jizz over her face and in her hair. She was a fucking mess.

'Yes,' I said, 'You still look pretty.'

I love living on this street.


  1. *giggles* I laughed with glee from start to finished.

    And I was right, Captain.

  2. This made me laugh a lot, thanks,

  3. Is it bad to say I'm feeling rather jealous...

  4. I adore this. Truly. So fucking deliciously wrong and bad. A degradational (is that even a word?) feast.