Thursday, 5 July 2012

Chapter 43: Swapsies

I live at no 10 Red Lion Street. Stephanie and Rob live at number 42.

They are newly married. Their marriage is in free fall. They are out of control.

Stephanie is that rare thing, a woman with a truly insatiable sexual appetite. Her husband isn't enough for her. No man could be. She wants cock day and night and will do anything she can to get it.

She found three big dicked black guys on the internet. She took them to a hotel. She got filled in every hole. She took photos. Read about it here.  

She put the photos in a place where her husband would find them.

He found them. Stephanie just doesn't care what she does.

Rob came to me in tears. I told him him to fuck the pain away. I took him to the local prostitute.

You can read about that here.

Rob phoned me up yesterday. 'I have to thank you,' he said.

'What for?'

'You saved my marriage.'

'I can't see how,' I said. 'What happened?'

'After I fucked that prostitute I was distraught. I didn't know what to do. I lay on the kitchen floor crying my heart out. Stephanie came home and found me. I told her everything, that I'd found the photos, that I'd fucked a prostitute in revenge. She smiled from ear to ear.'

'You have a strange wife, Rob,' I said.

'She said that now we could be truly in love. Truly liberated. We could fuck whoever we want forever. She said this was true marriage, true love, absolute trust.'

'She's insane.'

'I love her, I can't let her go,' said Rob. 'She wants you to have dinner with us tonight. She wants to say thank you for taking me to a prostitute.'

'Shit, er, ok.'

'Do you know that expensive Italian in town?'

I did. I'd heard all about this place. Read about it here.

'Bring a date,' said Rob. 'Do you know anyone submissive?'

'I know a few.'

'Bring one.'

I put the phone down. This was going to be an adventure. This is the sort of activity I was trying to quit. I thought of all the girls on Red Lion Street. I phoned up Ms. F at number 17. Read about her here.

'Want to come to dinner tonight with me, Steph and Rob,' I asked.

'Do you want me to bring my husband?'

'I don't think so.'

'Is something filthy going to happen? Are you going to order me to do stuff?'

'Almost definitely.'

'Let me ask,' Ms. F put her hand over the receiver and shouted out to her partner. 'Husband? Captain Shame wants  me to go on a double date with him. I think he wants to order me to fuck or suck someone, can I go?'

I heard a muffled "whatever" from Ms. F's husband.

'OK I'm in,' said Ms. F. 'What should I wear?'

'Dress like a slut on her pay day,' I said.

'Pick me up at 8pm.'

Ms. F was a vision when I met her, a complete goddess, wide fuckable hips, big E cup tits. She wore a tight red dress with a tight corset. She wore a collar, nylon hold ups and high, red, patent leather shoes.

I wanted to throw her on the ground and fuck her on the pavement in the street.

I knew she would have let me.

We got to the restaurant. Ms. F dressed provocatively but Steph completely crossed the line.

She wore black heels and dark opaque hold ups. 

But shit.

Holy shit.

Jesus fuck.

The dress. 

Stephnie was wearing a completely see-through, nylon dress.

The type you only see in filth shops.

I'd never seen a girl wear one in public.

You could see her bra and tits. You could see her panties. Everyone stared, even Ms. F. "Holy crap," she said.

Stephanie is a pretty blonde with a perfect body who will fuck anything. They really do exist.

We sat down and ate our starters. We talked gossip about the street. We tried to guess who had made Reese pregnant.

Rob kept looking at Ms. F's perfect rack. I kept staring at Steph's sweet cock sucking mouth.

High heeled shoes kept caressing my leg. I couldn't always work out whose.

Rob said to me, "So Ms. F will do as you say?"

"I think so," I said.

"Try something."

"Ms. F, hitch your skirt up. Touch your cunt."

"Yes," she said. Ms. F fidgeted in her seat but eventually got her dress up round her ass. She put her hand inside her panties. She finger fucked herself at the dinner table.

"Shit," said Rob. "Can I ask her something?"

"Do as Rob says," I said to Ms. F.

"Pull down the top of your dress. Scoop your breasts out of your bra. Show me and my wife your tits."

Ms. F looked horrified. We were in a restaurant. We were stuck in a corner but still; people would see.

She unbuttoned her dress.

She pulled down the straps.

She heaved her huge boobs out of their holsters.

She looked fucking magnificent.

Fucking gorgeous E cup tits. Me, Rob and Steph all stared.

The waiters collected our plates. They didn't even bat an eyelid.

2More?" I said.

"More," said Rob.

"More," said Steph.

"More!" said Ms. F.

"Get under the table," said Rob. 'Suck me.'

Ms. F looked at me. I nodded yes.

Ms. F slid off the chair and disappeared under our table.

I heard Rob's fly unzip. I saw his mouth open and his eyes roll.

2Sweet Jesus," he said.

His wife sat next to him and held his hand. She said, "Is my baby getting sucked off good?"

"I'm growing in her mouth," gasped Rob.

"She likes that," I said.

We all heard a gargled sound from under the table. Ms. F mouth was full of dick.

Our courses arrived.

I looked under the table.

Fuck, what a gorgeous sight.

Ms. Fs big arse was encased in beautiful lace panties. Her skirt was hitched up. Her stockinged legs and heels were all exposed.

Her mouth was full of dick.

I said, "Ms. F hurry up or your dinner will get cold."

Steph said to Rob, "Is she good?"

Rob said, "Jesus, shit, she's good."

Steph said, "Is she better than me, husband?"

Rob said, "I'm sorry but yes, she is. She's so fucking good. She is better than you, wife. So much better. I'm sorry."

Steph said, "Come in her her mouth, Come on her face. Do it for me. Make me happy."

Rob moaned, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

From under the table we heard Ms. F cry out a garbled "fuck."

Two minutes later Ms. F reappeared from under the table.

Her tits were still out. She had a mass of cum all around her mouth. It was running off her chin onto her perfect fat tits.

"Shit," she said. 'He came so hard it all burst out of my mouth. I wanted to swallow it all but I couldn't. I have cum everywhere."

"Don't clean you face," I said. "Leave your tits out. Eat your dinner."

"Shit," said Rob.

"Fuck", said Steph.

We sat their and ate our dinner. We talked about art and history. Ms. F just sat there with her big cum drenched jugs out on display.

Ms. F talked normally to Steph with Steph's husband's jizz smeared over her slutty face.


We finished the main courses and ordered coffees. The waiters took our plates away.

The waiters must have noticed our cum splattered whore but never said anything.

I felt Steph's sharp stiletto heel rub up my leg.

"Rob?" I asked.


"I wondered if you'd mind if I stick my dick down your wife's throat?"

"I'm not her keeper. She's her own woman. Ask her." 


Steph didn't wait to be asked. She slid under the table.

She unzipped me. I was so fucking hard. I sprang out.

She ran my dick around her face.

She kissed it.

She licked it.


She put my swollen fuck stick inside her dirty, filthy, cock sucking gob.

It was fucking heaven.

I looked under the table and Steph looked up at me as she licked my bell end.

Steph is the kind of girl who always looks up at you when she sucks dick. She knows how important the eye contact is.

She really is fucking beautiful.

Her fantastic arse was out behind her. She arched her back.

Her eyes wanted to please.

"Fucking use me," said Steph. "Use my mouth as a fucking cum bucket."

"How are you ever going to hold on to your wife Rob?" I asked.

"By letting her have whatever she wants," said Rob.

Ms. F reached over and grabbed my hand. "I'm wet. Can I play?"

"Yes," I said. Ms. F put her hand inside her panties.

Rob was wanking himself hard again too.

Everyone was getting theirs.

"What makes you come darling?" asked Steph.

"Cup my balls. Reach round and touch between my ball sack and my arse. It's like a fucking switch. I will erupt."

Steph took my balls into her hand. She reached under and touched behind my sack. She deep throated me.

I looked up at Rob. He said, "Let go."

I came so fucking hard. Every drop jetted down into her unfaithful mouth.

"I just came in your wife's mouth," I said to Rob.

"Thank you," said Rob.

"Fuck," said Ms. F. She might have been coming herself. Her tits were shaking.

Steph came up from under the table.

She looked gorgeous.

"Watch," she said.

Steph let cum dribble out of her chin and fall down onto her see-through nylon dress.

A drop landed on her right tit.

"What a slut," I said.

"I know," said Rob.

I'm starting to like living on this street again.

(Ms. F is real and has her own blog


  1. I always like Steph's slutty style! She is definitely unique and I'm loving that Rob knows and is getting off on it! As for Ms F, holy fuck, great arse, great boobs, what a fabulous fucktoy ;)
    Lily xxx

  2. Hi Cap'm,

    Me, too.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. Is it possible to have more stories with girl(s) wearing satin gloves ? Best regards.

  4. Wow. Another story so hot, the reader has to keep stopping to wank. Well done once again! And oh yes, you ARE a lucky bounder, eh.