Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Chapter 42: Kebab

WARNING: this piece contains themes of non-consent sex. Please use your best judgement when deciding whether to read on.

Valerie lives at number 28 Red Lion Street with her husband Derek.

She is 50 years old. I have known her all my adult life. She always promises to fuck me. She never does.

Valerie phoned me up.

'Fuck off Val,' I said.

'What? Why are you talking to me like that?' said Valerie, feigning shock.

'I'm fed up with it, for years now you've been teasing me. Laughing at me, making fun of me whilst I just stand there with my dick in my hand. Either you want me to fuck you or you don't. I don't want to be part of this weird fucked up situation you have with your husband. I don't want to play anymore.'

'Shut the fuck up and listen,' said Valerie.

'Fuck off,' I barked back.

'Find me three boys, teenagers preferably. Take them to the kebab shop tomorrow night around 11 o'clock. Tell them they can fuck an old whore if they want.'

'Jesus,' I said. 'No, Valerie, please stop.'

'Grow a pair, dicksplash,' said Valerie, 'and bring a camera. This is going to be a present for my husband.'

I put the phone down. I pretended I wasn't going to do what Valerie told me, for a few hours. Then my dick told me different.

Do you know how hard it is to find three teenagers prepared to fuck a fifty year old woman around the back of a kebab shop? I'll tell you. Not very hard at all.

Four emails and two phone calls later I had found Gary, Mark and Rob. They were young, dumb and muscly. Three brain dead douche-bags who liked sport and porn. They said the word 'dude' a lot.

The next night I met them at the Kebab shop at 10:45. They wore shorts and t-shirts. They were nervous, excited and even slightly angry. Their heads were jutting like chickens, chewing imaginary gum.

Valerie walked up dressed like a 1980's prostitute. Tight, short, red dress with black seamed tights and ridiculous patent leather heels.

Valerie has a tight, firm body for a fifty year old. If you think a fifty year old woman could never make you hard or wet then you just haven't met Valerie yet.

Sometimes though, just sometimes, Valerie is starting to look her age. She looked uncomfortable with her legs on show. It was the first time I had seen her a little unsure of her sexuality. The cocky swagger and swing of her hips was missing.

My sweet Valerie was getting old.

'Hello boys,' said Valerie.

'Do you want us to fuck you, tart?' said Gary.

'Fuck, what a slag,' said Mark.

'Here? Now? Really?' said Rob.

'Follow me,' said Valerie as she walked into a narrow alley down the side of the Kebab shop. We stopped a few meters. It was dark but anyone could still see us from the street.

Valerie dropped to her knees. She pulled her dress up around her waist. She was wearing tights not stockings. A strange choice I thought.

Mark was rubbing his dick in his shorts. He was hard and eager.

Robbie stood back and seemed unsure.

Valerie looked at Gary and beckoned him with one finger. 'Stick it in my gob teenager. Come to Mummy.'

Gary stood in front of Valerie and she pulled his shorts to the ground. His dick really was quite impressive, thick and long though not fully hard, a lazy lob-on.

'Little boy needs help,' Valerie didn't hold back. She wanked the teenager like a skilled nurse. Long, careful strokes. She was a professional, she loved her craft. Gary was fully hard inside 30 seconds.

'Shit, fuck,' said Gary. He seemed a little embarrassed in front of his friends but he could help himself. He was getting wanked off by a 50 year old slut, around the back of a kebab shop and he was already getting close to the edge.

I started taking photographs.

Valerie said, 'Don't worry honey. Mummy's here.' She started to lick the length of his impressive shaft.

Mark had got his dick out as well now. His dick was also long, but thinner than Gary's.

Valerie was starting to become her good old self. She looked the perfect MILF slag with her high heels splayed out behind her. She started to wank Gary harder.

'Shit,' said Gary. 'I can't hold on much longer.'

'You don't need to baby,' said Valerie. 'Let it go,' and with that Valerie got underneath Gary's balls and lowered them into her mouth and sucked on them. She pulled down on his dick in long, furious strokes.

Gary made a high pitched noise like a little girl. 

His dick erupted. 

He spat out his load.

A glorious fountain of young jizz.

Boy-come fell on Valerie's hair, some on her face too.

It rained down on her.

I kept taking photos.

'Next', called Valerie.

Mark was keen for it to be him. 'Do we get to fuck too?' he seemed to be asking me.

'Ask the lady, not me,' I said.

Valerie had turned herself over and was lying on her back.

She was lying on the cold, dirty concrete. Her dress was pulled up above her waist and her legs were stretched wide apart.

All fours of us could see Valerie's old bald cunt under the stretched nylon. She wore no panties. Tights seemed a strange choice for a woman wanting to get gang banged round the back of a kebab shop. I would have thought that stockings would have been a better option.

Valerie looked up at the boys and said, 'I want one of you to fuck my cunt and the other to fuck my slut mouth. I want to be speared from both ends.'

'Why?' asked Mark.

'Because my husband wants me to and I want to be the best wife possible.'

'Take your tights off then you old bag,' said Mark.

'Rip them,' said Valerie. 'Rip Mummy's tights off.'

Mark got down and started clawing at Valerie's tights. His dick was rock hard and ready to burst.

He managed to work a hole in Valerie's nylons and pulled a bigger hole around her crotch area.

'These tight's cost more than you earn in a week, boy,' said Valerie.

'Fucking slut,' said Mark.

Valerie's cunt was exposed. Everyone could tell it was wet.

Mark got on his knees in between Valerie's legs. Valerie got her legs further apart.

Valerie looked above her at Robbie who had his dick out now. His dick was medium length but fat and wide.

'Stick that in my mouth now little boy.'

As Robbie walked over Valerie reached down and scooped her tits out of her red dress.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

I took more photos.

Mark slid his dick in with ease.

Every one could see Valerie's wedding ring.

Gary was fidgeting in the background. His dick still semi hard. He seemed unsettled and wild eyed. 'Fuck the slag,' he said. 'Fuck the old slag. She wants it. Give it to her.'

Mark started pounding Valerie's cunt. He was going to town on her. He wasn't wearing a condom. Nobody thought to ask and Valerie didn't say anything.

'What a dirty old MILF,' cried Mark.

'She's sucking my dick,' said Robbie.

Valerie got her mouth free for a second and said, 'my teenage boys, fuck Mummy. Fuck your Mummy.'

Mark was fucking Valerie so hard. I knew he would come soon.

Gary was wanking himself hard again. I didn't like the look in his eye.

Valerie was lying there like a bedraggled whore. She was getting fucked from both ends. Her tits were shaking.

Mark started to come. He said, 'Fucking, fuck me!'

He pulled his dick half way out. His come ejaculated out over Valerie's pussy lips and onto the concrete.

'Mummy got fucked,' said Mark laughing.

'Yes she did,' said Valerie, in between mouthfuls of dick.

'I want another go,' said Gary. He had made himself hard again. 'I want to fuck the Granny.'

Valerie spat the dick out of her mouth and looked up at him with hate in her eyes, 'What the fuck did you call me?'

'Granny,' said Gary.

'Fuck you,' said Valerie. She was starting to get up. She had come in her hair and come falling out of her pussy. 'No-one calls me Granny. I'm not your fucking Granny you fucking dumb cunt.'

Valerie was almost up on her feet when Gary punched her full in the face. Valerie fell to the ground. 'Stay down, Granny. I'm going fuck you good.'

'Hey, hey lads, clam down,' I said. Moving in to help Valerie up.

Mark's fist crashed into the side of my face. Gary turned round and punched me hard in the gut. I fell to my knees.

I couldn't get up.

Mark went behind Valerie and gripped her arms.

Gary slapped her face.

Robbie got in between her legs with his stiff little dick.

'Me next,' said Robbie.

'No me,' said Gary.

'No me, said Robbie.

Valerie was crying. 'Please stop. I've had enough. I want to go home.''

'Shut your flithy Granny cunthole mouth,' barked Gary he slapped her face.

Robbie was inside her cunt already.

Valerie looked at me with terror in her eyes.

I couldn't get up. I was winded.

Gary slapped her face.

Robbie fucked her.

Mark laughed.

Valerie said, 'They're fucking raping me.'

They were too strong for her. She couldn't move.

Robbie fucked her hard.

Gary slapped her face again.

Mark laughed.

Robbie started to come.

Valerie said, 'Please stop.'

Robbie's come was leaking out of the side of Valerie's pussy lips.

We heard a Police siren and saw flashing blue lights.

The boys got their trousers on and ran.

Valerie lay there crying, 'They fucking raped me,' she said.

There was cum on the floor. Cum in her hair. Cum on her face.

I managed to get up. I pulled Valerie out of the alley.

We got out into the street and Valerie fell to the floor.

A policeman and an ambulance driver walked up and said, 'It's ok, it's ok.'

Valerie lay on the floor crying.

She said, 'They raped me, they raped me.'

I sat down. I felt sickened by what I had seen and what I had become.

I hate living on this street.


  1. Fuck off uncomfortable… also orgasm-worthy. Delicious… brilliant.

    Beautiful work.

    I'm off to shower in white spirit.

  2. Compelling stuff. Bravo.

  3. Out-fucking-rageous. As always. Bravo again.

  4. Hi Cap'n,

    With your work I never know what's fantasy and what's reality. It's part of the fun. There really aren't any limits to what's interesting as a story. I hope that the event here didn't actually happen. The reality of that would be terrible.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  5. None of this happened, don't worry.

  6. Glad to hear it... Extreme but interesting... A dark turn.

  7. Also try to watch erotic films