Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chapter 41: Lulu and Ginger Black Fox

Lulu lives at number 46 Red Lion Street.

She laughs when she fucks and she fucks a lot.

We used to date a few years back. 

Lulu loves these long summer days when a young girl can wear next to nothing.

Lulu wears the thinnest cotton dresses and never wears a bra even though she should.

She says a bra would spoil the line of her dress but seriously, she's an E cup or something, her tits look positively filthy, flopping about under those cheap skimpy dresses.

She never seemed to wear any panties either.

'Tight dresses just don't look right,' she would say. 'I want a smooth line that runs all the way from my neck down over my arse.'

We only dated for a few months but in that time we barely left her house. Lulu is a ferocious, energetic fuck, on top, underneath, doggy style, cow girl. She likes hard fast fucking and plenty of it. She wants to be in charge, always. Constantly telling me to eat her longer, to fuck harder, to suck on her tits.

But the very best thing about Lulu, as I said, is that she just laughs and laughs all the time when she fucks.

A couple of days ago I saw her bouncing down the street. Her tits struggling to stay in her tiny white dress.

Her black high heels were clip-clopping on the pavement and she was smiling ear to ear.

'Hey big bollocks, how ya doing?!' shouted Lulu.

'I'm doing fine,' I said.

'From what I hear,' said Lulu. 'You've become the street slut. Fucking every cunt that moves.'

'Well I've fucked yours,' I said.

Lulu laughed like a witch, 'You have baby, you have.'

'What about you?' I asked. 'Are you getting laid?'

'Oh man, I've just met the best person you've got to meet her.'

'I didn't know you fucked girls?' I asked. 'I thought you liked dick too much.'

'Normally,' said Lulu. 'But this girl is just the best. She's my pet, my slave, my servant. Do you want to come and meet her?'

'OK' I said.

We walked down to Lulu's house. 'She's very shy,' said Lulu. 'You must be nice to her.'

When Lulu went inside she shouted out, 'Mummy's home!'

We went inside. Lulu went to a back room. I could hear her talking to someone. I could hear her saying, 'Do as I say Sweetness. Don't show me up.'

Lulu came out and said, 'Come here Ginger.' 

Ginger Blackfox walked in.

Ginger was a phenomenon, a powerhouse, a paragon. She strode in on red patent heels with her hands on her broad hips and I was instantly hard.

'Say hello to Mr. Shame, Ginger,' said Lulu.

'Hello,' said Ginger.

Ginger was wearing a red blindfold. I think she was trying to be in disguise, but I recognised who she was. She lives at number 18 with her husband and kids. They've only moved in recently. They seemed like a quiet, ordinary family but whenever I saw her in the street I always through about what it might be like to come on her fantastic DD tits.

If Ginger wanted to keep this secret I wasn't going to spoil it for her.

'Hello Ginger,' I said.

Ginger was wearing a tight, red, latex dress. I swear my dick was about to explode right there and then in my jeans.

'Isn't she amazing?' said Lulu. 'She's my pet. My little, servant angel. She'll do anything for me. She belongs to me completely.'

I had no idea how this worked. Ginger was married and lived down the road with her husband. Despite having had fun with several submissive girls I have never fully understood the D/s lifestyle.

'What sort of things does she do for you?' I asked. I really wanted to know.


'Like what? Show me.'

'Ginger,' said Lulu. 'Go and put your mask on, there's a good girl.'

Lulu spoke to Ginger like she was a little girl and Ginger responded like one. She ran out of the room like a child looking for her favourite toy.

Lulu said, 'She's mostly a good girl. Sometimes she's naughty, but I'm training her and she knows she'll be punished if she misbehaves.'

When Ginger came back into the room it was the most insanely ridiculous sight. She was wearing some kind of gimp mask. It looked pretty sinister and scary.

On it's chin was a massive ten inch dildo.

'On your knees little girl,' said Lulu.

'Yes Mistress,' said Ginger.

Ginger was on her knees and looking up at both me and Lulu like an adoring pet. Through the eye holes in her mask I could see she was obedient and loving. She put her head back and closed her eyes.

Lulu got down and took the giant dildo in her hands and put the tip in her mouth.

Lulu sucked the dildo as though it were a real cock.

Lulu ran her mouth up and down the shaft.

She tried to deep throat it but it was so fucking big Lulu couldn't get it too far down her mouth.

Ginger seemed so much like an eager pet. Pushing her head up when she thought Lulu wanted her to. Trying hard to please.

Lulu spat on the dildo trying to get it wet.

'You'd do anything for me wouldn't you?' Lulu purred at Ginger.

'Yes Mistress,' said Ginger.

'Sometimes she's good but sometimes my slave girl is a dirty little slut,' said Lulu.

Lulu sucked off the dildo some more and then lay back on the floor.

'Shit, I need to be fucked,' said Lulu. She got her legs apart and pulled her flimsy summer dress up a little way.

'Well ok,' I said. 'If you really think...'

'Not you, Dicksplash,' shouted Lulu. 'I want my little bitch slut to fuck me. I want her to fuck me with her dildo. I want her to serve me.'

'Yes Miss Lulu,' said Ginger.

Ginger crawled across the floor on her hands and knees. Her beautiful giant arse stuck high in the air.

I wanted to fuck Ginger's arse and Lulu's cunt in that order.

'Sit down and wank yourself, shitface,' said Lulu. 'I want my sweet little tart to service me.'

I sat down and got my dick out. I started to wank.

Lulu was frigging herself. Getting herself wet.

Ginger had her dildo mask right next to Lulu's slippery, wet slit.

Lulu looked down and said, 'What are you waiting for? Fuck me!'

Ginger guided her long dildo in between Lulu's pussy lips.

It's a strange thing to see one girl fuck another girl with a face dildo. Ginger had to rock back and forward to give the giant phallus a fucking movement. The dildo itself was fucking massive. Enough to fill up Lulu who I always remembered having a small tight cunt.

Lulu spread her legs wide open. Ginger got right inside.

'Jesus, shit fuck,' said Lulu.

'More, Mistress?' asked Ginger.

'Mother fucking shitbags. Oh shit. Yes, That's it. There. There.' Lulu started laughing. She always laughed when sex was good.

Ginger moaned in pleasure and need.

'Shut the fuck up bitch and fuck me good,' cried Lulu.

Ginger fucked her some more with her dildo mask.

Ginger's red latex dress had ridden up her arse. I could see her bald cunt. It made me nearly come.

Lulu got up all of a sudden and said, 'Lie on your back pet. I want to sit on your fucking face.'

Ginger was a glorious sight lying on her back. Her latex skirt rode up even further and her cute smooth cunt really was on display to everyone. She pulled her dress down and let her DD tits fall free.

I could smell Ginger's arousal. Lulu could smell it too. We fucking loved it.

Lulu straddled Ginger's face and lowered herself down. As the dildo eased into Lulu's fuck hole she started howling with laughter.

'Oh so fucking good,' said Lulu. 'So fucking good.'

The dildo looked too big and long to go right inside a small girl like Lulu but she worked hard to get it in.

'I can't tell you how good it is to have a fuck toy of your very own Captain. I love getting this sweet bitch to fill me whenever I require it. She eats cunt perfectly too.'

Ginger made an involuntary whimpering noise and I could see her cunt juices glistening on her pussy lips. Lulu commanded, 'Quiet bitch. No-one gave you permission to moan.'

Ginger just lay there with her legs wide open and let Lulu use her however she wanted.

Lulu bounced up and down, faster and faster.

'Holy fuck I'm coming,' she cried. 'I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.'

I was wanking hard. I was close to the edge myself.

Lulu jumped off of the dildo and scooped her tits out of her cotton summer dress. She got on all fours.

'Fuck me like this Ginger. Make me proud of my pet and I'll reward you. Make me come this way.'

Ginger crawled up behind Lulu. She grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled them apart. 'That's it my pretty slut, do it like that. Plough my cunt.'

Lulu pushed her arse up high and got her legs wide apart. Ginger pushed the dildo into Lulu's sopping wet cunt. Ginger moaned like a teenage pornstar on her first audition.

'Mistress like,' cried Lulu.

'May I come soon please Mistress?' asked Ginger.

'Soon pet. Fuck me harder,' said Lulu. 'Fuck me right.'

Ginger pushed deep and hard. 'I want to please you,' she said. 'I want to be a good girl.'

'Shitting norah!' cried Lulu. 'That's the right angle. Just like that. Mother fucker, mother fucker, mother fucker mother fucker.'

Lulu came hard and screamed the house down. The whole street could hear her. Afterwards she couldn't stop laughing.

Lulu got off and slumped down on the floor.

'Mistress?' asked Ginger. Squirming and trying not to touch herself.

'You were a good girl. A very good girl. A good girl like you deserves a treat. What do you want Ginger?'

Ginger slipped off the dildo mask and for the first time I saw her beautiful face.

'Daddy's milk, Mummy's fingers, please.'

Ginger knelt in front of me. Her tits were fucking gorgeous.

Lulu came round between us. 'Let me wank you onto her tits whilst I make my pet squirt for you', said Lulu.

'Do you remember how I like it?' I said.

'You bet,' said Lulu.

Sometimes it's nice to fuck a girl's arse. Sometimes it's good to wank onto a face. Too often though, I forget the joys of an honest hand job. Lulu took my shaft in her hand and wanked me like any good young slut knows how to.

Holy fucking shit I was hard.

I was the same size as the dildo.

10 inches of rigid hard cock meat.

Ginger just knelt there pushing her tits together and staring at me. Lulu had three fingers in Ginger's sopping wet cunt. Ginger was panting and smiling. Lulu inserted a fourth finger and kept a rhythm going between my cock and Ginger's cunt.

'Face or tits?' I asked.

'Wherever you want,' said Ginger.

'You decide. Ginger, you make sure you squirt real good for the Captain here,' said Lulu.

Lulu was pulling in long, elegant strokes. She pushed her thumb into Ginger's dark pink pussy and fisted her hard and fast. 

'Please Mistress,' said Ginger moaning and trying to remain still. 'May I come please?'

'Let it go,' said Lulu.

Ginger almost screamed her release as the cum gushed out of her onto the floor in five erratic bursts.

'Milk, now!,' said Ginger breathlessly.

'Fuck,' I said.

I let go. I sprayed warm lumpy semen all over Ginger's fantastic jugs.

Shit it was a big load.

Lulu laughed her head off.

'Holy fucking shit, such a big load.' said Lulu. She let some it drip onto her too.

Ginger was sitting there rubbing the cum into her tits and letting it drip down onto the latex.

'Did I please you both?' asked Ginger.

'You did well,' said Lulu. 'Good girl.'

'Very good girl,' I said.

Holy shit.

I love living on this street.


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