Saturday, 2 June 2012

Chapter 40: Henageddon

Red Lion Street has a pub called the Red Lion. Above the pub is a night club called the Red Room.

Every Friday and Saturday night dance music pumps out and wakes all the neighbours.

Penny lives at number 48 Red Lion Street with her mother Laura. You can read all of her stories here. She's getting married soon to Warren. A rich fuck she met and screwed on their first date with her friend Rikki watching. Rikki lives at number 27. You can read all of her stories here.

Last Saturday Penny had her Hen night at the Red Room. All the young girls on the street went. I watched them all from my window. Clip-clopping and staggering in their stilettos, constantly tugging at the hem of their too short skirts, laughing like witches.

The pumping bass shook the whole street. I knew Rikki had hired a troupe of male strippers for her best friend, and bride to be; Penny.

Around 1am I got a phone call from Laura, Penny's mother.

'Captain, somebody just called me and said terrible things are happening down at the Red Room. I'm worried about my daughter but I don't want to embarrass her. Would you mine going down and just checking everything is ok?'

'I don't think they really need a 41 year old man down there do they?' I said.

'You have a special connection with the young girls on this street. They look up to you.'

'Ok,' I said.

I got dressed and walked down to the Red Lion.

Outside the entrance I found Virginie sitting on the pavement. Virginie lives at number 43 Red Lion Street with her husband Tony. You can read all of her stories here.

Virgine was clearly drunk and had her legs apart and her little black dress was hitched up. She was wearing no panties. Her small, baby titties were on show too.

Virgine was wearing sheer nylon hold ups and black whore shoes.

She was trying to stuff a wine bottle up her cunt. She had put a condom over the end of the wine bottle. The condom wrapper lay in the gutter.

'Jesus, shitting Christ Virginie? What the hell are you doing?' I exclaimed.

'It's crazy in there,' she said, pointing to the Red Room. 'Everything got out of control so quickly. The strippers were getting very saucy and then all of a sudden Rikki started sucking one of them off on the stage. Five minutes later everything went insane. The strippers just started fucking any girl who'd let them and believe me, most of the girls were letting them. They were dicks in mouths and cunts, Girls kissing girls, it's pretty wild. It's like a scene from ancient Rome.

It just got me so fucking horny and wet seeing everyone lose control like that. I wanted to fuck too but there were no strippers left for me. I just had to find a quiet place and get myself off.'

'You're fucking yourself with a wine bottle in the street!' I said.

'Jesus, shit. I know. I can't fucking help myself. Just watching all that cock and cunt. I just wanted something inside me. I just had to get myself off. Fucking shit. Fucking christ. Sacre bleu. Oh, oh, oh.'

All the time Virginie was talking to me she had been sliding the wine bottle in and out of her snatch.

'This isn't right, Virginie. Go home. Go home to your husband. Now.'

'Fuck me first, Captain,' said Virginie. 'Please, I need a real dick. Right here in the gutter. Fucking do me. Fill me up. Use me in the street.'

'Go home,' I said.

'What's going on in Red Lion Street, Captain? Why is everyone so goddam fucking horny? Is there something in the water? Is someone drugging us?'

'I don't know Virginie,' I left Virginie in the street, fucking herself with the wine bottle and walked into the Red Lion. I walked up the stairs to the Red Room and at the top of the stairs, just outside the club room, I found Angela getting fucked by some brain dead piece of male fuck meat.

Angela was dressed almost the same way as Virginie. Black tiny dress pulled up to her waist, tits out, hold ups and black high heels. Her panties were nowhere to be seen.

The guy fucking her was stark bullock naked. Not a stitch on. He was clearly a stripper. He didn't even look at me. He had Angela from behind, thrusting in time with the music, his balls slapping up against her ass. He was reaching round and grabbing her perfect C cup tits.

Other girls on Red Lion Street have bigger tits but Angela's are the best.

'Oh hi Captain,' said Angela not once stopping the cheap stand up fuck she was getting. 'Penny's hen night seems to have turned into a mother fucking orgy.'

'So I heard,' I said. At least Angela isn't married or attached to anyone. She can do what she wants. 

She's such a tall, strong , beautiful woman. Long powerful legs that could crush you. She had her legs far apart and was really making this young stud work for his money.

'Who's this?' I asked.

'Don't know,' said Angela. 'Didn't bother asking his name. I just grabbed him before anyone else did and bought him out here. He had the second biggest dick. Doctor Sun got the biggest one. He's not wearing a condom or anything. I told him he has to make me come three times before he can spurt over my perfect tits.'

'How many times have you come so far?'

'Just the once,' said Angela. She turned round to the stripper. 'Hey fucktard. Fuck me right. Fuck me harder. Don't treat me like a little girl. Fucking, fuck me harder.'

'Jesus,' I said.

'Want some?' asked Angela. 'You could maybe fuck my mouth or shitter whilst this cunt tries to bring me off?'

'No it's ok. I think I need to try and get some of these girls home to their parents.'

'Your loss,' said Angela.

As I walked away from Angela and into the club I heard her say, 'I said FUCK ME HARDER. Don't be scared.'

I walked into the Red Room. It smelt of dick and cunt. The were maybe eleven muscle bound strippers around the room. All of them getting fucked or sucked. There were 30 or so girls. All squealing. All drunk. Some girls were getting off with each other because there weren't enough men. Some girls were eating cunt. A few girls were nervous and just watching but no-one was leaving and no-one was complaining.

I walked into the room and tried to see if I could find the girls I knew. Check they were ok.

I nearly tripped over something on the floor. I looked down and there was Cate, lying on the dirty dance floor.

Cate lives at number 14 Red Lion Street. Read all of Cate's stories here.

She was wearing a tight black corset and a red mini skirt which was up round her waist. Cate wore black patent leather high heels and tights. She wore no panties and her pantyhose had been ripped and laddered around her shaven cunt.

'Shit Cate,' I said. 'What are you doing down there. Get up.'

'When Rikki started sucking of the stripper all the girl's started grabbing men. I didn't get one. I got left out. I couldn't stand it. So fucking horny. So fucking horny. I've ripped a whole in my tights so I can finger fuck myself, but it's not enough.'

'Get up Cate,' I said. 'Go home.'

'Fuck me first Captain,' said Cate. 'Fucking do me. I need a cock like yours. I've made myself come four times down here on the dirty floor but it isn't enough. I need a real dick in my cunt.'

'Go home Cate.'

'Fucking fuck. Not fair. Fuck.'

Cate writhed on the floor. Touching herself, craving attention.

'Why are we like this Captain? What's wrong with everyone on this street? It's getting so out of control.'

'I know,' I said. 'Go home, please Cate.'

'Need a fuck, need it so bad. Want to come. Fuck. Shit.'

I left Cate squirming on the floor as she started to put two fingers in her tiny, young cunt.

I was looking for Penny and Rikki. They are nothing but trouble those two. They were on the stage of course.

Some poles were set up on the stage. The girls were twisting and gyrating like two school girls pretending to be R and B singers.

Penny wore a pretty little red party dress, black heels, a choker and a wedding veil. She didn't have any panties on. Anyone could see that. Her dress was way too short.

Rikki wore a tight black long sleeved dress that barely covered her arse. She wore smart high heels and stockings and suspenders. Much to my surprise I could see that Rikki was in fact wearing panties. Bright red ones. 

Who would have guessed?

Hardly any of the girls seemed to be wearing panties. I don't know where all the panties went. Maybe they were all in the cloak room.

'Hey look,' shouted Rikki pointing at me. 'There's that filthy old codger. Hey, fuck you old man!'

'What the fuck are you doing at my hen night you useless old tool, why don't you piss off home fuck nuts?' cried Penny.

The girls danced and posed, pulling up their skirts a little, flashing their legs and arses.

'Your mother phoned me, Penny,' I said. 'She heard something weird was happening here. I'm just checking you're ok.'

I noticed a flicker of dread across Penny's eyes at the mention of her Mother. 'Fuck the fuck off you sad old shit,' said Penny. 'You're not my Dad. You're not my fucking teacher. Go fuck yourself you irritating ball bag.'

'Yeah,' said Rikki. 'No-one here likes you. 'No-one here wants you. You're just the sad old man who everybody feels sorry for.'

This isn't true. Rikki once begged me to fuck her up the arse when her parents were out one night and Penny had let me come in her mouth about a month back. I presumed they didn't tell each other these things.

It always felt like Penny was pretending to hate me. Rikki however seemed to have real contempt in her eyes when she insulted me.

'What happened here?' I asked. 'I heard you started this Rikki?'

'Yeah, well, no, fuck off,' said Rikki. She really was a stupid young woman. 'The stripper was asking the audience if we wanted some. I just gobbled his dick for a while. It was just a bit of fun.'

'He fucking came in your mouth,' said Penny laughing.

'Yeah but I haven't fucked anyone, not like these other slags,' said Rikki.

'And that guy who works behind the bar,' continued Penny. 'He came in your mouth too.'

'Well, yes,' said Rikki, slightly annoyed with her friend. 'But that's all. Just mucking about really. These girls are taking it too far.'

'I need to think about what I should do,' I said, walking away.

'Fuck off old man,' they both shouted.

I needed to get out of this madness it was too much. 'Mr Shame!' I heard someone cry. I turned round and there was Doctor Sun, Red Lion Street's sexy oriental GP. You can read her stories here.

Doctor Sun was sprawled out on the edge of the stage with her long sexy legs splayed out behind her. She wore cute strappy heels and long sheer hold ups. Her short sexy dress was hitched up over her arse and she had a stripper's big black dick in her hand.

She had cum on her tongue.

She had cum on her chin.

She had cum on her cheek.

She had cum on her arm.

She had cum in her hair.

As she licked the dick clean the big black strippers eyes seemed to roll back into his skull.

'Look Mr Shame, look,' said Doctor Sun. 'I have found the biggest dick. I got the biggest dick on the blackest stripper and made him pop.'

'Doctor Sun,' I said. 'You of all people should know better. You have a position of responsibility on this street. These girls should be looking up to you.'

'They are looking up to me. I got the biggest dick all to myself because I'm faster and meaner. Those skanks were too slow.'

'Jesus,' I said. 'Doctor Sun, what's going on in this street? Has somebody put something in the water? Everybody's gone crazy.'

'It's an epidemic,' she said. 'We've all gone cock crazy. I'd like to help you but right now I'm drunk on cum.' Doctor Sun looked up at the black stripper and said, 'Hey, you, you useless fucking tool. Do you think I could suck you hard again so you can fuck my box and make me pregnant?'

'OK,' said the stripper. He looked like he was about to pass out.

Behind Doctor Sun on the stage was a second pole. I saw Kelly from number 40 get up on stage and grab the pole.

Kelly is 23 and lives with her parents. Until recently they had lived in a small town amongst the suburbs. She works in an office in town as admin assistant. Every morning I see her teeter down the street on her way to work in ridiculous heels. She wears tiny skirts and squeezes her D cup tits in to C cup bras to make them look bigger.

She wears too much fake tan and too much make up but despite all of that, I have always thought she was a good girl. She has been engaged to her boyfriend for four years now.

Kelly usually liked to keep her long legs bare but tonight she was wearing thigh high black socks and shiny red heels.

Her dress was shocking. It was a short, flimsy, see-through number, and when I say see-through I mean see through. I think it was the sort of garment that was supposed to be worn over another dress. I don't know. The point is, everybody could see her black bra and thong.

I couldn't believe she was dressed like that and I certainly couldn't believe her parents had let her.

'Oh Kelly,' I said. 'Not you as well.'

Kelly steadied herself against the pole. She stuck her arse out. A naked stripper with an eight inch dick got up on stage behind her and pulled her dress up over her fat, fake tanned arse.

'im going 2 get fuked,' said Kelly. 'want 2 watch?' this is how she speaks. She thinks in text.

'No Kelly. You're engaged. Think about your parents.'

'i am finking about my mum n dad. wat  they wud say if they saw what a slutty chav slag i wuz. I'm finking about wat my boyfriend wud say if he saw me here on stage, giving it away to strangers.'

The stripper spat on his fingers and ran his hand up Kelly's shit crack. He started to line up his dick to her back fuck hole. She couldn't have been ready.

'i'm tired of being gud,' said Kelly. 'everyone thinks i'm gud but really i want to be the nasti. i want to be a glam model. i want to be in Nuts and Zoo. i want my dumb barbie face in the magazines and i want all the men to spunk off. at work i talk to old fucks like you on MSN. i make them wank for me and i send them photos of me on the beach in Ibiza with my tits out.'

The stripper pushed his unsheathed dick into Kelly's anus. Frankly, it seemed to go in far too easily.

'wach me, you old fuck. watch this slaggy, little bimbo with my face all made up on get arse-fucked in public. wach my fat arse jiggle, see my tits bounce, look at my yung face and beliv how much i wan it.'

The stripper was fucking her hard up the arse but Kelly didn't even blink. It was like she had spent her whole life training to be arse fucked up against a pole in a night club in front of 50 people.

Another guy got up on stage with a bigger dick then the arse fucker. Kelly took her hand off the pole and started wanking him.

'sometimes i wonder how many men would be the ideal number to fuck me in one sesh,' she said. 'a rugby team might be 2 much. i might never walk again. 7 is a good number. i'd like to have seven men in one go. 2 could cum in my mouth and 2 could cum in my arse. i'd let the other 3 fuck my sweet bald cunt without rubbers so i never knew whose baby it was when they got this small town slapper pregnant.'

Kelly looked at both of the strippers, one getting wanked and one up her arse and said, 'i want a shower of cum. wud u 2 fuckers please paint my barbie face?'

Arse fucker pulled out. He spun Kelly around. They pushed her to the ground. They were too rough with her. They were rough like all thuggy men are when they know a girl want's it so badly. 

They were animals on heat.

Nasty brutes.

Heartless bullies.

They got their dicks in close to Kelly's face.

'slap your dicks around my orange bimbo face. i fuking love it. i fukking want it now and every day. I never want to stop. use me. paint me. humiliate me. degrade me.'

The two strippers slapped they dicks against Kelly's face. They were wanking hard now.

'take pics on your phone Captain Shame. take a photo of me surrounded by dicks and covered in cum. blow it up to poster size. put it on the wall outside my parent's bedroom. make me famous.'

The strippers came within seconds of each other. Huge, lumpy, gloopy loads with bits in.

Not like the cum you see in porn movies.

Real, nasty, thick, stinky semen. 

On Kelly's cheeks.

On Kelly's chin.

On Kelly's neck.

On Kelly's tits.

Kelly just laughed and laughed, shouting, 'oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!'

I turned away. I had failed in my mission. I hadn't saved any of these girls.

The crowd was starting to disperse. The girl's were going home. The strippers were getting dressed. 

The floor was littered with semen and empty bottles of alcopop. I still couldn't see any of the girl's panties.

Rikki and Penny were still there. Sitting on the side of the stage. Somehow they had also received a blast of cum over each of their pretty young faces.

They sat kissing and stroking each other. Swapping two men's spunk between their beautiful mouths.

'I love you,' said Rikki.

'I love you too,' said Penny.

'You're going to make such a beautiful wife,' said Rikki.

'I know,' said Penny.

I started to leave. I had an erection. I would spend the whole of the next day beating off to what I had just seen. I still felt depressed though.

Before I left I walked in to the Gents. There was Harper. Harper lives at number 9 Red Lion Street. You can read the rest of her stories hereHarper is real, she actually exists. You can visit her own blog here.

Harper stood by the urinals. She wore a small black dress, you could see her bright red bra and her big, fat tits. She wore red high heels with a single ankle strap.

But none of that was what first caught my attention.

Harper had her skirt hitched up and what looked like a gallon of jizz was falling from her plump white, bald pussy onto the toilet floor.

'Hello Daddy,' said Harper smiling.

'Hello baby,' I said.'

'I'm the toilet attendant,' said Harper. 'You have to tip me.'

'I see,' I said. 'And what, as if I couldn't guess, is going rate for a toilet attendant tip?'

'Usually it's a fresh load of man fat in my gorgeous, young cunt. Though some men have just slapped my arse and spat in my face.'

The cum was still falling out of her. It was unbelievable. Splat, splat, splat it went, onto the ground.

'How many guys Harper,' I said. 'Just tell me. How many guys have been inside you tonight.'

'Let me see,' said Harper. She closed her eyes and tried to think. She was as drunk as a bishop. 'Four, I'm pretty sure it was four. Yes, four, I think.'

The spunk was still oozing out of her. It wouldn't stop.

'Harper, I think I'm going to use my toilet at home if that's ok?'

'You can use my arse Daddy? No-one's been up there tonight. No-one's ever been up there.'

'I told you before Harper. I wouldn't fit. You couldn't take me.'

'Fuck you Daddy. I could too.'

'Go home, Harper.'

'Fuck me up the arse Daddy. I've saved it. I've saved it for you and you alone. I want your dick in my shitter. Please, please, please.'

Sometimes. Just sometimes. I hate living on this street.


  1. This story is almost too much… almost too gratuitous… too sinful…

    But it still made me come. Also delighted to be back. Thank you so much.

  2. Yes, It definitely WAS too much. In fact writing and drawing it has left me slightly dazed and bewildered. Red Lion Street WILL return to calmer waters during the last ten chapters.

  3. Wow, I'm just about speechless, but turned on nonetheless.

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