Saturday, 26 May 2012

Chapter 39: Feisty Submissive

Ms. F lives at number 17 with her husband.

She's 24. She dress in that slightly gothy, punky way that gives most men a hard-on even if they don't care to admit it.

She describes herself as a Feisty Submissive. I don't really know what that means either.

She phoned me up last Thursday and said, 'Captain, I have a real urge to be throat fucked.'

'Really?' I said. 'Does it have to be right now?'

'It kind of does really. Like I say, it's an urge.'

'What about your husband?'

'He says he's too busy? Come on. I'll dress up and everything.'

'Ok, ok, ok, I'll be ten minutes. Make sure your shoes look good.'


Ms. F only lived a few doors away. The door was ajar so I walked in.

'I'm in the kitchen!' called Ms. F.

I walked in and there she was.

Like all the best women on Red Lion Street Ms. F was built right. She wasn't the kind of girl who was going to break if you fucked her too hard. She had the sort of frame that could probably take 5 or 6 guys if she was in the mood.

She had gorgeous natural E cup tits and a nice big ass that begged to be taken roughly and fucked hard.

Ms. F had flame red hair and a small, dirty mouth. She was dressed just like you might expect a goth suburban house wife to dress for adultery on a Thursday afternoon; a tight white blouse that couldn't hold her tits, a tight corset that pulled her waist in, a cheap black skirt that was too small for her gorgeous fat ass, stockings and slutty, slutty shoes.

'Do you like?' asked Ms. F.

'I want to throw you over that washing machine, put it on to spin cycle so it vibrates your clit then ram my big swollen meat stick up your tiny little shit hole.' I said.

'Fuck that,' said Ms. F. 'I just want it in my fucking mouth. That's all I want. Put it in my mother fucking mouth.'

Ms. F dropped to her knees. 'I want nothing more or less. I want to be throat fucked right now. I want you to be rough, violent and selfish. Are you hard yet?'

'Not yet,' I said. 'I will be soon.'

'Then hurry up and put it in.I love the feeling of a soft cock growing in my mouth as I suck it. I love that moment that a blow job turns into a throat fuck.'

'Jesus,' I said. 'Are you real or did I just dream you?'

'Use me,' she said.
I unzipped my jeans. I pulled out my monster.

'I'm the biggest on the street,' I said.

'You are,' she said.

She opened wide. I was semi hard. Her mouth was warm and wet.

She had a small mouth. It's always better when their mouths are small. She took me half the way in. She felt gorgeous.

I heard a noise from the room next door. 'Shit is your husband in?' I asked.

Ms. F nodded without taking my dick out of her mouth.

'Fuck,' I said. 'He doesn't mind?'

Ms. F took my dick out of her cheap little cock and shouted to the next door. 'Hubby! The Captain is here to fuck my whore face. He wants to be sure you don't mind!'

'Whatever,' came the muffled reply.

Ms. F turned back to me and took my dick back in her mouth.

I grew quickly inside her. Ms. F pulled her blouse apart a little so I could see her tits a little more.

She pulled her skirt up a little. She had no panties on. Her pussy glistened a little.

She sucked cock really good. She was sweet and tender and dare I say it, a little loving.

This dirty housewife loved to suck dick, she lived for it.

I was fully hard inside her. Her mouth was stretched wide. She could barely take it all.

She never used her hands. She just rocked onto my mouth a little. Taking the entire length and then letting it slide back out. Gradually I started to take control. I started to dictate the rhythm.

She came off my mouth and said, 'I love this part. The moment that the control is taken from me and you take what want and just use me. I want to be used.'

'I want to use you.'

'I want to gag on your big thick cock,' she said.

'You will,' I said.

'I want to lose control I want tears streaming down my cheeks taking my mascara with it. I want you to reduce me to nothing but a warm, wet hole, existing only for your pleasure.'

'You're nothing but a cum bucket to me. A filthy, unwashed wank rag.'

'Make me frightened. Make me cry.'

And so it began. One of the nastiest, brutal face fuckings I have ever performed. I thought about how she wanted to be treated and I spared no through for her own comfort.

I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my sword back in and out of hey tiny pretty mouth. I went as deep as I could. My tip smashing the back of her mouth, my balls crashing against her chin.

When she gagged and tried to pull away I just pulled the back of her head back in so she was trapped.

She never took her eyes off me. Not once. Her eyes said, 'Stop, I hate it.' Her eyes said, 'Never stop, I fucking love it.'

She'd pulled her skirt up. She was trying to pleasure herself but she couldn't. The face fucking was too brutal. Too nasty. Too good.

Her eyes pleaded. Her eyes said, 'Use me.' Her eyes said, 'Empty yourself.' Her eyes said, 'I want it all.'

I hadn't wanked for a week. I knew I had a massive load.

I pulled out. I don't know why. Ms.F was shocked.

I exploded. Five beautiful spurts of thick lumpy cum fell on to the floor.

The jizz rained down and splattered on her kitchen floor.

'You fucking cunt!' said Ms. F. 'What the fuck did you do that for?'

'Sorry,' I said. 'Did you want it?'

'You fucking know I did you bastard!'

'Did you want it all down your throat?'

'I wanted to drink it. I wanted to gargle it in my mouth then run and show my husband whilst he was doing his DIY.'

'Then lick it up,' I said.


'Lick it up. Lick my spunk off of your kitchen floor.'


'I order you. Lick my spunk of your kitchen floor, you fucking whore.'

'Did you call me a whore?'

'I did.'

'I fucking love it.'

'Then lick the fucking floor clean and swallow all of my filthy seed you fucking whore.'

Ms. F got down low and licked the cum from the floor.

She stuck her arse in the air.

She never took her eyes off of me.

I fucking love living on this street.

(Ms. F is real and has her own blog

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