Monday, 21 May 2012

Chapter 38: The Dog

Cate and Theresa live together at number 14. They are students. They are cousins. They fuck guys together. They are fucking wrong. No doubt about it.

Cate is 22 and as pretty as a doll. You can read all of Cate's stories here.

Theresa is slightly older. Maybe 24. You can read all of Theresa's stories here.

I fucked Theresa up the arse once and Cate has wanked me off. Really we're all mates though. I help them with their coursework. I was round their house one afternoon last week.

Theresa as always was dressed like some kind of tornado from the 1950s; tight fitted red dress hugging her fuck-me hips and black patent high heels. She has big natural tits that I still have never gotten to see, despite getting to ram her shit hole.

Cate is slim and beautiful. She was dressed in a skimpy, tight white t-shirt and a short, short, red mini skirt. She had red strappy high heels on and dark nylon hold ups. I could see the white skin of her thighs between her hold ups and her skirt. We all could. We all knew.

We were gossiping about people on the street.

'Reese is pregnant?' gasped Cate.

'Yes, 6 months gone now,' I said. 'Nobody knows who the father is but it isn't Chris's and he's left her now.'

'Isn't Chris living with that slag at number 15? What's she called? Tracy?' said Theresa.

'I think so, but I'm not sure how well that's working out,' I replied.

'I think Steph and Rob might be splitting up too,' said Cate. 'I was walking past their house and I heard an awful row. Rob was screaming at her. Calling her a whore. He said she must have fucked everyone in the street.'

'Everyone is always fucking everybody else on this street,' said Theresa. 'I like it, but sometimes it depresses me.'

'It makes me horny,' said Cate. 'It makes me want to get my cunt licked.'

Cate looked at Theresa and they laughed hard.

Shit, I thought. Here we go again.

'Girls,' I pleaded. 'Perhaps we shouldn't. You know how gorgeous I think you both are and you know how much I want to fuck you, but I don't know. Perhaps we should preserve out friendships etc.'

'We weren't talking about you, Captain. When we want our cunts licked and we have something much better than you, old man,' said Theresa.

'Show him,' said Cate. 'Go and get the dog.'

Theresa left the room and went out the back door into their garden. Me and Cate could here her talking to some kind of animal. 'Come here,' she said. 'Good girl.'

I thought this was the moment when Red Lion Street had finally turned bat shit crazy. Were these pretty young things going to bring an animal in? How deranged and perverted were they going to be?

Theresa walked back in with a blond short haired woman crawling on her hands and knees. The woman was wearing a collar and lead.  She wore black nylon see-through knickers and black whore heels.

Her back was covered in tattoos and she had big natural tits. She was maybe in her mid to late thirties.

'What the fuck?' I said.

'This is Phoenix,' said Theresa. 'She is our dog. She does whatever what we want.'

Phoenix didn't say anything. She just looked around her. She sat up so we could all see her tits.

'Good girl,' said Cate. 'We found her wandering the streets. We gave her a tin of dog food and washed her. Now we keep her in a kennel in the back yard. She adores us. She will do anything for us.'

'Does she speak?' I said, staring at her intently.

'If we let her,' said Cate. 'If we allow her. She is completely at our beck and call. She hangs on every word we say.'

Phoenix looked at Cate with big obedient eyes.

'Show her what else Phoenix can do Cate,' said Theresa.

Cate got up and undid her skirt. She let it drop to the floor and kicked it to one side. She wore no panties. Her cunt was clean, bald and beautiful.

She slipped her tight white t-shirt over her head. Cate wore a pretty red polkadot bra. Cate had tiny, tiny tits. She didn't even really need to wear a bra at all.

Cate got on the floor and lay on her back.

'Here Phoenix!' she called. 'Come here, come here girl. Eat cunt. Eat my cunt.'

Phoenix scampered across the floor and got straight between Cate's legs.

Straight away there was this gross slurping sound. Phoenix really did eat cunt like some hungry animal. She was eager and keen.

'Fuck,' said Cate. 'That's a good, good girl.'

Theresa sat down next to me and put her hand up her dress. 'You might as well have a wank whilst we watch. I know I'm going to.'

I unbuckled my jeans. My dick sprang out. I stroked myself. Normally the girls are impressed but I knew today they only had eyes for each other. I was a spectator.

'Jesus, that's so good,' said Cate as she writhed on the floor. 'For such an old dog she really is as keen as a new born pup. I can honestly say that no-one has ever licked my snatch as good as Phoenix. Not my cousin Theresa, not my teacher, back at school, not even my uncle, Theresa's dad.'

'Shit,' I said. 'What is your family like?' 

'Fucked up,' said Theresa. She had her dress up by her waist now. She wore no panties. She flicked her clit with her index finger.

Pheonix was groaning and moaning, pushing her face deep into Cate's crotch. She wanted to please her mistress. She wanted to be a good dog.

Cate gasped and arched her back. She pushed her cunt into Phoenix's face. Her tiny tits were in the air.

'Such a good old dog,' said Cate. 'Yes, yes, yes. Right there. Lick me there and I will come. I WILL come soon. Just there. Good dog. Good slutty, old dog. Do it right. Do it right. Oh Yeeeeeeesssssssss!'

It was a beautiful sight. Cate's whole body tensed up as the orgasm shook through her. She fell back on to the floor and slumped. Pheonix pulled out and sat up.

Her face was absolutely smeared with cunt juice. She looked very pleased with herself.

'My turn,' said Theresa. 'Get on your back you dirty, old bitch.'

Phoenix rolled onto her back. She had been well trained. Theresa squatted then knelt down onto Phoenix's face. Theresa was always the most aggressive of the two cousins.

She didn't care to make Phoenix comfortable in anyway. She just just ground her plump, tight fuck hole into Phoenix's hungry mouth.

'Fucking eat it. Eat it bitch!' shouted Theresa.
The girls were getting nastier and were enjoying abusing Phoenix but Phoenix seemed to like it even more. She moaned and licked and tongued at Theresa's wet pussy.

'Fuck her face, cousin,' shouted Cate who was now sitting up but had stuck two fingers in her cunt and was trying to bring herself off again. 'Sit on that dirty bitch's face. Come on her. Come on her my sweet cousin. Oh this is so fucking hot.'

Theresa pushed her tits out proud, 'Shit, she really does eat cunt good doesn't she? I'm nearly there. I'm nearly fucking there.'

'We have our own sex slave, a beautiful old dog who will eat our soft young cunts in return for dog food and a kennel,' said Cate. She had three fingers inside herself now.

'FUCK ME THAT'S GOOD!' cried Theresa. She was thrusting up and down Phoenix's face. She was being so hard and rough. It must have been hurting poor Phoenix but she didn't complain. She really was a very good dog.

'Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!' cried Theresa.

As she came she pushed down so hard I felt I was going to hear Phoenix's skull crack. Theresa threw her head back and her huge tits shook as she howled out her cum cry, 'aarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh!'

'Me too! Me too!' Cate had her legs as far apart as they would go and had three fingers in deep. She was finger fucking herself hard and fast. She came for the second time and sighed, 'what a fucking, dirty, depraved slut you are Phoenix. Good girl.'

Phoenix was finally allowed up for air.

Her face was covered in cunt juice.

'Could you get her a bowel of water?' asked Theresa who was now slumped in a heap on the floor.

I went to the kitchen. Phoenix followed me. I hadn't gotten to come. My dick was as rigid as a pole.

I found a bowl with 'dog' written on it.

I placed it on the floor.

Phoenix lapped at the fresh water with her arse in the air.
I fucking love living on this street.

(Phoenix exists. Find her here.)


  1. as usual your tales of red lion street are hotter than hell. i am still trying to learn where this little slice of heaven and dirty girls is located.

  2. So love beng on here! Thank you so very much Captain Shame!

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