Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chapter 37: The Double

Stephanie lives at number 42 with her husband Rob and their baby.

She fucks whoever she likes and doesn't tell him.

Rob knocked on my door. He was in tears. He held up a photograph of Stephanie with three big black dick in her, cunt, arse and mouth.

I had seen the photo before.

'I found this photo of my wife. Jesus Christ, our marriage is over. We have a kid and everything. What is she doing?' said Rob.

'I know,' I said. 'Your wife is out of control.'

'You knew about this? You knew and didn't tell me?'

I decided there and then that, apart from the time I shot my own creamy load over Steph's arse, I would tell Rob everything.

'I just...couldn't get the guts to tell you. I've seen that photo before though. She pretty much brags about all the men she fucks. I'm so sorry Rob.'

'Jesus shit my wife is a whore. A real fucking whore,' said Rob.

'Well not a real whore,' I said. 'She doesn't charge money.'

'Have you fucked her?' asked Rob.

'No,' I said. It was the truth. I had just licked out her arse-hole and came on her butt cheeks. 'The funny thing is, I think she wanted you to know. I think she does actually love you but she wants you and her to be something else. Something wild. Something forbidden.'

'What am I going to do?' asked Rob.

'Well you can fuck whoever you like now, that's for sure,' I said.

'And you think that's what Stephanie wants?'

'I don't know about that but she can hardly hold it against you.'

'Shit, I...I don't know, I'm lost. I'm angry.'

'Come on,' I said, pulling on my coat. 'Let's go fuck a girl.'

'Just like that?' said Rob. 'Who?'

'Eloise at number 45,' I said. 'Now she really IS a whore. It's her business. We pay her. We fuck her. We've all fucked her. You're probably the only person on the street who hasn't.'

Eloise really is a whore. I fucked her once when I was bored. She is built with solid foundations. A woman who was bred to fuck and not much else. Her tits are like worlds colliding. Her legs are like the Twin Towers.

You can read all of Eloise's stories here.

Five minutes later we were in Eloise's place. She wore a small black, stretchy, lycra dress with nylons and black and white patent leather shoes. Both me and Rob had hard ons. She could tell.

'It's usually £500 to fuck my cunt without a condom, but you can't come inside me. However this fucker,' Eloise pointed at me. 'Shot his dirty wad up my snatch without asking last time. I'm not particularly inclined to let you back in there again without a sheath.'

'Yeah, sorry,' I said. 'I just lost control. It won't happen again.'

'Like fuck it won't,' said Eloise. 'Listen I tell you what I'll do. I'll charge you a special rate £800 for the both of you but you can't go in my cunt, you'll have to fuck my arse instead.'

'Shouldn't the arse cost more,' I asked.

'Not mine. Let's just say it's a little weather worn, plus there's a recession on.'

'It's a deal,' I said.

'Is she real?' said Rob.

With one move Eloise had her dress up and over her head and it was on the floor. Her big tits were already scooped outside of her bra like the pornstars have them. I assume she wore her bra like that all the time for convenience.

She was a vision in black nylon and lace.

'Don't take another thing off,' I said. 'You look perfect.'

'Drop your pants,' commanded Eloise.

Rob dropped his trousers and pants. A pretty decent shlong sprang out, hard and erect. Rob's dick looked angry and mean just like him.

I pulled down my own trousers. My dick could win prizes. I've told you this before.

'Holy fucking shit,' said Rob, looking at my dick.

'I know,' said Eloise. 'This shit head almost made me come last time. It really is something.'

'On your knees,' I said.

Eloise got down between us. She took our two shafts and started to wank us.

She wanked us good. She knew what she was doing. One in each hand. Long, generous strokes. She spat on our cocks. She took my dick in her mouth and flicked her tongue around. She looked up at Rob as she did so.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and said to Rob, 'I've seen you around, with your pretty wife and your little baby. What makes you come here and fuck me?'

'I found a picture of my wife, with all three of her holes filled by a bunch of black dudes,' said Rob.

'Lucky girl,' said Eloise as she moved over and took Rob's dick in her slutty gob.

'Oh mercy,' said Rob.

'Tastes delicious,' said Eloise as she came up for air. She went back down and deep throated him.

'My wife doesn't suck my dick like that,' said Rob.

'Of course she doesn't,' gargled Eloise with the dick half in her gob. 'But I bet she sucks other men's dicks like this. I bet she likes the taste of black dick the best of all. We all do when it comes down to it.'

Eloise switched from dick to dick. Taking us deeper and deeper each time.

When she didn't have a dick in her mouth she looked up at Rob and said, 'So why are you here getting your dick sucked? Why aren't you fucking your wife?'

'Because I found out she had had three black dicks in her cunt, arse and mouth, all bigger than mine.'

'Lucky, lucky girl, but you must be heartbroken you poor lamb,' said Eloise, still gasping between cock sucks. 'I'll tell you what as a special treat I'll let you eat out my filthy whore snatch for free.'

'Blimey,' Rob looked at me with a worried face. 'Eating out a whore's cunt. Is that even safe?'

'I washed it this morning. Get down there fucknuts.'

Eloise had a special kind of cushioned table made purely for fucking. It's the kind of thing you only see in the home of a prostitute, or a couple of swingers, or a gonzo porn directer.

Eloise climbed on to it and got her legs apart. Rob paused for a moment and then got down and started lapping at Eloise's greasy pussy. Eloise reached down and grabbed the back of Rob's head and pulled him deep into her crotch.

I went up to Eloise's face. She got her big cock sucking lips around my tip. She licked and kissed and teased.

It was a gorgeous sight looking down at Eloise spread out on her whore table like a succulent piece of fuckmeat. This women was over the hill and almost used up. But somehow despite her big fake tits and her skanky, tramp mouth this fuck monster still had class.

Her lingerie, stockings and shoes were not that of a normal everyday whore. She spent money on the tools of her trade. She was an artist too. A truly creative mind. The way she flicked and tongued my helmet. She kept bringing me up close to the edge but instinctively knew when to slow down and prevent her getting a gooey splat of man fat on her face.

She was different to how she'd been when I had fucked her previously. Normally she was good, but it still felt like she was watching the clock. This time it seemed like she wanted something out of this too.

She kept her hand clamped on the back of Rob's head and kept pushing him exactly where she wanted him. She lifted her big arse off of the table and pushed up into him trying to squeeze every sensation out of his eager mouth.

'Eat me, fucking eat me!' she said. 'Your slut wife is worse than me. At least I get paid. Three horse dicked black dudes in every hole. Think of that and eat my filthy whore cunt.'

I watched Rob eat Eloise's slit. I can't say I was jealous but Rob seemed to be really enjoying himself.

'How many men have screwed your tired fuck hole, Eloise?' I asked.

'I know this because I need this information for my accountant,' said Eloise. '672.'

'Fuck,' I said.

'That just makes me want to eat cunt even more,' said Rob.

'Fuck me now,' said Eloise. 'Flip me over. Fuck me up the arse.'

Eloise sprang up and got on all fours. She splayed her legs out.

'Condom?' asked Rob.

'Don't fucking care, stick it in,' said Eloise.

Rob parted the prostitute's butt cheeks and glided in. His face looked surprised, as though he didn't expect it to go in that easily.

Rob grabbed Eloise's and bra and suspender belt. He pulled them tight.

I stuck my dick in Eloise's mouth and fucked her face some more.

The three of us rocked like that for a while. A perfect spit roast. Eloise pushed back and made sure Rob's balls slapped against her arse as she let him go in deep.

'My cock's going in so fucking deep,' he cried.

I thrust my big dick all the way in too. I made sure my bell end hit the back of her throat. Eloise looked up at me and her eyes said harder, rougher, faster.

I fucked her face harder, faster and rougher.

Today was special for Eloise. I don't know why. She wanted more.

'How many men have fucked my wife? Why is my wife such a slag?' tears started to run down Rob's face as he continued to fuck like a deranged robocop.

Eloise came up from air. 'Shit,' she said. 'I don't know what it is, maybe the thought of your bedraggled, cumstained wreck of a wife but you two big dicked fuckers might actually be able to bring this old whore off.'

'Really?' I gasped. 'When did a man last make you come with his dick?'

'2003. Tip me over the edge and this is on the house, fucknuts.'

'But how?'

Eloise slipped of Rob and told him to lie on the table. He lay back with his dick in the air like a flagpole.
'I can't hold on much longer,' said Rob.

Eloise got above him with her back to him and lowered herself down. She spread her swollen shit hole wide. 'Back in you go,' she said.

Rob was up inside her arse-hole. Eloise pulled her legs up high and wide. 'Fuck yes, she said. Now you,' she looked at me.

'What? In there? It's....impossible?'

'I don't think my cunt even works anymore. I want two dicks up my anus, right now. Stretch me, use me.'

Eloise pulled her legs further apart. Both me and Rob were pretty well hung guys. I thought this defied the laws of physics. I pushed my tip in above Rob's dick. Our cocks touched. I don't mind that. It felt good. It felt wrong. It was going to be so fucking tight in there.

'I don't think it's going to work,' I said.

'I did it just once before, but they weren't as big. I'm pretty stretchy. Push in. Hurt me. I don't care. I like it.'

I fought against the resistance. I didn't feel like it would work and then, I don't know what Eloise did, but I was inside her arse. 

So fucking tight.

So wrong.

My cock against another mans inside a whore's anus.

A real life anal DP.

'Holy fucking christ, that's it. You fucking, fucking fuckers. Fuck, fuck, fuck!' cried Eloise.

I couldn't get all the way in but I would say three quarters was.

'Fuck MEEEEEEE! I am so full. I am so fucking full,' cried Eloise. 'Think of your slutty shitbag wife and shoot your angry spizz up my back door, NOW.'

Rob made a noise like a slaughtered pig and then I felt his shaft pulsing against mine, It was too much and looking down at this stretched whore I too had to let go too. I came hard.

Two jets of semen shooting up inside her and Eloise nodded and closed her eyes. Her ass-hole clamped tight around us and I knew she was cumming hard. All three of us in perfect unison, absolutely peaking.

Fucking beautiful.

As we started to pull out, what looked like a cup full of spunk oozed out of of Eloise's spent bum-hole.

'Fuck,' said Eloise. 'Get out of my house, now.'

'My marriage is over,' said Rob.

I love living on this street.


  1. God Cap'n,

    That was a nice one! Personally, I think Stephanie is a dream cum true and Rob will seriously regret letting this prize slip through his fingers. Tell him for me that it's time to grow up. He just experienced, thanks to you and Eloise, a strategy for dealing with his angst. But Steph is giving him the gift of a lifetime. Hold onto that bitch, Rob. Let her twist her dagger in the wound forever. You'll grow to love her even more for it and she'll love you, too.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

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  3. PS I want Eloise's shoes!

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