Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chapter 36: The Bridal Shower

Penny is a dirty slut. Really, she's just a dirty slut.

Penny lives at number 48 with her mother Laura. You can read all of her stories here.

Penny is engaged to Warren, some rich fuck who screwed her the first night he met her.

Penny rang me up the other day and said, 'Come into town, I need you. I'm at the bridal shop on Kent Street.'

'What the fuck do you need me for in a bridal shop?' I asked.

'Because you're a dirty cunt of an old man and I need your opinion on something,' said Penny.

I couldn't argue with her description of me. I put the phone down and got in the car.

It was an high class part of town. It was a very expensive bridal shop, it had private fitting rooms.

I was expected, I was shown through.

Penny stood there in white heels, corset, hold-ups and skimpy white lace panties.

She wore a large white veil.

At first she looked like a beautiful, fairy tale bride who had forgotten her dress, but then I looked at her hard young face and saw the eyes of a tramp.

'Hello, you dirty old fuck,' said Penny.

'What the hell are you doing Penny. Act your age. Put some clothes on.' Penny is 22.

'Keep your wig on Captain. I need some advice. I'm getting married to some old, rich fuck and you're an old fuck too.'

'What do you need?'

'A wedding night is supposed to be a girl's perfect moment. I want nothing left to chance. I want to be a dynamite fuck for Warren. I want to be white lightening. I want to be a silver streak.'


'How do I look?' asked Penny.

It's hard to describe the exact, specific way in which Penny is hot. She is a thoroughbred, a pedigree. She can turn any head. She has an hourglass body. Her tits are large, natural and firm. Her legs are long, strong and powerful.

Her face is pretty, certainly but her eyes have a nasty quality. You know she would do anything, everything.

Dressed in beautiful white lace, with a virginal head piece, the lie was bought into perfect focus.

She was a gorgeous slutty whore dressed as a virgin and there was nothing hotter.

'Warren will come in his pants before he even touches you. No man could say no,' I said.

'Prove it,' said Penny.

I walked forward. I placed my hand around Penny's throat. I pulled her close.

I whispered in her ear, 'You want another man? In your wedding night lingerie? You are just dirt'

'I want to drink you, old man. Down my fucking throat.'

Penny unzipped me and slipped her hand inside.
'Jesus fucking Christ, you old fuck. They weren't lying.'

'Who's they?' I asked.

'Eloise at number 45 said you were the biggest on the street. She said when you came in her cunt, it was like someone had fired a garden hose pipe inside her.'

'That's true,' I said.

'Angela at number 18 said her fuck box had never been filled so completely. She told me she wants it again and soon.'

'That is also true,' I said.

'Theresa at number 14 said she bitterly regretted letting you fuck her up the ass. She knew she wasn't big enough. It hurt her to sit down for a week.'

'True, true and true, I said.

'I have a small mouth and big, full lips. I don't think you could get right down my throat. Let's see.'

Penny sat down. She got her legs wide apart and opened her mouth. I dropped my trousers. She took me in her hand. She wanked me slowly with a few strokes and then bought me into her mouth.

'Let's see,' she said.

Penny's precious, sweet mouth was tight around my cock but she was a good girl and opened her mouth wide and greedily took me. Her mouth was warm and wet. She ran her tongue around my end. She pulled me in and out.

Do you have any idea what it's like to stick your dick in another man's bride whilst she is still wearing her wedding veil? 

I'm thinking that even those of your who are married, your wife took her veil off. Or slipped off her high heels because they were 'killing her'. Or possibly thought that getting on her knees for a full on face fuck wasn't really romantic enough for a wedding night.

Penny looked straight up at me. I started to fuck her face with my full length.

My bell-end hit the back of her throat and my balls slapped against her chin.

'You're going to be a terrible wife,' I said.

Penny took my dick out for a moment and said, 'I'm going to be the best fucking wife in the world. You think this is going to be a secret? I'm going to tell him you fucked my face whilst I sit on his dick. I'm going to let him, and his friends, screw me up the arse whenever he wants and I'll never be poor again.'

'But Jesus, you're in your bridal gear? I'm fucking your whore mouth? Doesn't that mean anything to you?'

'I'm doing it for Warren, because he asked me too, because deep, deep, down this is what every man wants their wife to be. They want them on their knees, on the street and they want them to never, ever take their heels off.'

Penny was wanking me with a good firm grip. She took me in her mouth. Then she took me out. Then she took me back in again.

'Holy shit. Bad Wife, Another man's bride. Fuck. Fuck.'

'Look at me,' said Penny. ' Look down on another man's bride. Look at my big eyes. Look at my full, red lips wrapped around your dick. Look at this sweet, young girl in her corset and smooth, white nylons. Look at me. Fucking look at this young, harlot wanking you and let go. Fucking let go. Come in my fucking whore, bride mouth. Shoot it. Fucking shoot in my slut gob now. Don't waste a fucking drop.'

I looked down at her beautiful, big eyes and I wanted to do it.

I exploded. Penny opened wide but she had such a small pretty mouth. Most of my spunk went in but a drop landed above her mouth and some fell off her bottom lip onto her chin.

The jizz dripped off her chin onto her expensive wedding lingerie.

'You fucking dirty old fuck,' said Penny.

I love living on this street.


  1. While most of me is REALLY glad I'm not Penny… I also kind of wish I was Penny.

    You made me come again.

    1. I don't think it's a marriage that's going to last. I never get used to the thrill of making you come.