Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Chapter 35: The Third Date

Carol lives at number 5 Red Lion Street.

Carol isn't like the other girl's on this street. At least I didn't think she was.

I want to call her my girlfriend but our first two dates didn't work out at all. Let's just say she misbehaved.

I rang her up and said, 'Carol, I think we've got something special here but you've got to stop acting like a fucking whore?'

'I feel something special for you too,' said Carol. 'Why don't we give this thing one last try?'

'What shall we do?' I asked.

'Perhaps it might be better if we met in company? I have a group of friends who I'd love you to meet.'

'This sounds like a much better idea. Let's do it. When?'

'Pick me up at 8:30.'

I pulled up outside Carol's at 8:23pm. Carol apologised for still being in her work clothes. Carol worked in local government. She was an advisor on arts funding. She looked great in a business suit.

I opened the car door for her. She was all smiles.

'Where to?' I asked.

'I'll direct you,' said Carol.

As we drove, the early evening light was fading. We talked and laughed and I remembered how happy Carol made me feel.

We talked about the last few albums John Coltrane made and she said she preferred his work with Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner.

We talked about silent movies and about how we had both seen the BFI's recent restoration of 'First Born' at the last London Film Festival.

We discussed the novels of Kurt Vonnegut and both agreed that Slapstick was our favourite.

Carol told me to drive into some wasteland behind an industrial site.

'Fucking fuck Carol, not again,' I said.

'I just want you to meet some friends of mine. Then we'll move on. It's important that you like my friends.'

'Ok,' I said cautiously.

On the wasteland we found five ordinary cars. Standing beside them were five ordinary looking men.

The first one was short, fat, ugly, bald and ugly.

The second one was losing his hair and had a big beer belly.

The third one was wearing a track suit but looked like he had never run in his life. He had no hair.

The fourth one had the sort of face that had been hit hard with an ugly spade. He had a receding hairline.

The fifth one was short, fat, bald and ugly.

Me and Carol got out the car and Fatfuck #1 said, 'Are you hotmilf404?'

I whispered to Carol, 'These don't sound or look like your friends.'

Carol whispered, 'My Internet friends are real to me.'

Carol stood with her legs apart and slipped off her smart pinstriped jacket and let it fall onto the dirty ground.

'Let's get this thing started,' she said.

'Oh shit,' I said.

The five ugly fucks got out their dicks.

Fatfuck#1 had the smallest dick you'd ever seen.

Fatfuck#2 had a 6 inch, pencil dick. Alright for some I suppose.

Fatfuck#3 had a hefty blood truncheon. Nothing to be ashamed of at all.

Fatfuck#4 had a dick even smaller than Fatfuck#1.

Fatfuck#5 had a massive schlong. Like a cow's dick or something.

'Fuck this,' I said.

'She yours mate?' asked Fatfuck#3.

'Yeah, I guess,' I said.

'He's my man. He's my beau,' said Carol. 'He wants to watch you use me.'

'Is that right mate?' asked Fatfuck#2. 'Can we, you know, like have her and that.'

'Do what you like,' I said. I leant back on the car and waited for it to end.

Carol unhooked her white corset style top and pulled it to her waist. Her bangers fell free. She was in her forties. Maybe a little older than me but she still had tits to be proud of. Big natural fun bags that you'd want to suck until dawn.

Carol knelt on the dirty ground with her red heels splayed out behind her. She didn't care about her nylons or clothes. She pulled up her puppies and pushed them together.

'Titwank,' she said. 'Who wants one?'

Fatfuck#3 had the second biggest dick and he walked up and slid it in between Carol's boob crevasse.

Carol pushed her tits together around his shaft.

The other shit heads got in close and started to watch and wank.

Carol looked into the thugs eyes and squeezed her tits closer together. The brute fucked them.

'How's that baby?' asked Carol. 'Does that feel nice?'

'Fuck. Yeah. Fuck.' said the oaf.

'Better than your wife's I bet,' said Carol. 'I bet you wish your Wife had tits like this that you could fuck whenever you wanted?'

'Fuck, yes that's it. Big tits. Big lovely tits.'

These men were not wordsmiths.

'When I push my tits close together I can make them tight like a cunt. Do they feel like a cunt for you big man?' asked Carol.

'Fuck, yes. Cunt. Big tits. Fuck,' said Fatfuck#3. He was barely sentient.

One of the other guys stopped wanking, looked over to me and shouted, 'Your girlfriend is a fucking slag mate.'

'Yeah, I know,' I said. I was disgusted but my dick was still getting hard.

'Can I stick my dick in her mouth, mate? Is that alright mate? If your girlfriend gives me a BJ?'

Who the fuck says BJ anymore?

'Sure,' I said. 'Fill your fucking boots.'

Fatfuck#5 stuck his big dick in my girlfriends pretty little mouth. She swallowed it greedily.

Carol got into a squat position and hitched her skirt up. She was wearing black stockings and reached down and pulled her skimpy panties to one side so she could get to her fuck box. She fingered her slit till it was wet and swollen.

The men were getting impatient and angry. They all wanted her hands, tits and lips wrapped around their meat. They crowded in around her, all trying to get their turn.

Carol could certainly multitask. She switched from dick to dick. Wanking one whilst sucking another. Sometimes she had a dick in both hands and one in her mouth. Even then she still had time to touch her own tits and cunt and bring herself to the edge of orgasm.

The greedy little slut kept going back to fatfuck#5 and the biggest dick out of all of them. He grabbed the back of her head and stuffed his cock in her mouth as far as it would go.

Fatfuck#1 said, 'Can you believe this lads? She's a right fucking tart, right?'

Fatfuck#2 said, 'I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her cunt. I want to fuck her arse, her tits, her face. Everything.'

Fatfuck#3 said, 'I can't believe women like this exist.'

Fatfuck#4 said, 'I wish my Wife was like this. I wish my Wife would suck and fuck as though she really loved me.'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'Shit, she's sucking me off.'

Carol came up for air and shouted, 'Fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck. More!'

I sighed and got my cock out.

Fatfuck#1 said, 'Fuck her mouth! Fuck the slag!'

Fatfuck#2 said, 'I want to fuck her? Will she let us fuck her? She said she wouldn't on the net. I didn't bring any condoms.'

Fatfuck#3 said, 'This is like a porn movie.'

Fatfuck#4 said, 'I want to fuck her, then I want to go home and fuck my wife, then I want to pay for an 18 year old prostitute and then fuck her.'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'I'm so ready. So fucking ready.'

Carol took a dick out of her mouth, rubbed her soaking cunt and said, 'The biggest, the biggest can take me. The biggest can fuck me. That's all. Just one.'

I slowly started wanking myself. I hated myself for it.

Fatfuck#1 said, 'Shitfuck! Why can't we all screw her? Shit! Not fair!'

Fatfuck#2 said, 'I'm going to fuck her anyway. Who cares? Who's going to know?'

Fatfuck#3 said, 'Am I the biggest? I might be? Anyone got a condom?'

Fatfuck#4 said, 'Do it, do it, do it!'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'Move aside boys, let the dog see the rabbit.'

Carol took a cock out of her mouth and stood up and put one foot on the bumper of my car. She got her legs apart. 'Fuck me without a condom. Do it quick. You don't need to please me.'

My dick was hard now. I'm ashamed to say.

Fatfuck#5 got behind Carol and slipped inside her.

The air reeked of sex. All you could hear was grunts and moans. Fatfuck#5's balls slapped against her arse cheeks.

Fatfuck#1 said, 'Suck it. Suck my tiny dick bitch.'

Fatfuck#2 said, 'I'm going to dump such a messy load all over this whore.'

Fatfuck#3 said, 'Let me have a go. It's my turn.'

Fatfuck#4 said, 'Is she tight? Is her cunt tight? Is she tighter than your wife?'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'She's tighter than my wife.'

Carol said, 'I'm tighter than your wife, I've got bigger tits that your wife and I'm dirtier than your wife.'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'I'm going to come in your cunt, whore.'

Carol said, 'Be my guest.'

Fatfuck#5 howled at the moon and dumped some old man junk in my sweet girlfriend's snatch.

When he pulled out he was still dripping spaff everywhere.

Carol crouched down and pushed her tits out.

'End it boys. Finish me off. Dump your load on me.All come together. Drown me. Land it on me. Watch the eyes.'

Fatfuck#1 said, 'Fuck.'

Fatfuck#2 said, 'Yes.'

Fatfuck#3 said, 'Shit.'

Fatfuck#4 said, 'I love you.'

Fatfuck#5 said, 'I'm going home.'

It's hard to say who came first. I definitely came last and I didn't come on Carol.

Cum rained down on my girlfriend.

Carol was a mess. Wiping jizz from her eyes and tits as she got up with her stockings laddered and her clothes all muddy and dirty.

Nobody helped her up. Nobody said goodbye.

On the way home Carol turned to me and said, 'Do you want to come back to mine? We can fuck like lovers fuck.'

I love living on this street but sometimes it's too much.


  1. I am still looking for Red Lion St., Capt. The first drawing of Carol makes her look pretty fucking hot. Did you go back to her place?

  2. I feel like it must be so wrong that this got me off. But fuck did it get me off. Surprise surprise huh?

    I never liked Carol. I like her style though. Bitch. Fuck I'm wet.