Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chapter 34: A Night To Remember

I live at number 10 Red Lione Street.

Nastassja and Neo live at number 2 Red Lion Street. Nastassja is 37.

They have known each other since they were ten years old. They were childhood friends and now they are best friends still. Their children have grown up and left home.

Recently Nastassja has had a sexual awakening. All she wants to do is fuck and suck. She has noticed how men look at her differently. She doesn't think she is doing anything obvious but as she walks down the street she knows they look at her giant tits and arse.

Neo is proud of his sexy wife. He takes pictures of her and puts them on the internet. They really exist. The have a website

The other day a Neo sent me an email it said, 'I have left a present for you in room number 3 of the Red Lion Hotel. Go there now.'

Red Lion Hotel is at number 34 Red Lion Street. It isn't really a hotel at all. Just a shabby little guest house. It's a doss house for tramps and when I say 'tramps' I mean that in both senses of the word.

I couldn't work out what Neo was up to. I put my shoes on and walked down to the hotel. At the reception was an old crone in her 70s with thinning grey hair and stubble round her chin. Not everyone in Red Lion Street is a hottie.

I said, 'I think I'm expected in Room 3.'

The old crone gave me a key and said, 'Upstairs.' She didn't look at me.

I walked up the creaky stairs. The carpets smelt of damp and dirt. I found Room 3 and unlocked the door.

Inside I found Natassja. She was tied to a chair and blindfolded. I can't honestly say I was surprised.

'Who's that? Who's there?' said Natassja.

Natassja was big around the hips, big around the tits and big around the arse. She was built to fuck and from what I heard, that's what she did mostly. She was wearing a blouse two sizes too small and a tight knee length black skirt.

Her DDD tits were bursting to get free.

She wore red high heeled platform shoes. I'd seen her walking down the street in them. They made her arse wobble.

'Who's there? What's going on? Neo is that you?' said Natassja.

I didn't say anything.

Natassaja had rope tied around her neck which was in turn tied to her hands which were trapped behind her back. Her ankles were tied together too.

'I can't see what's going on?'

Natassja had a red scarf tied around her eyes.

'Neo, is this my surprise? What's going on? Will somebody speak to me?'

Neo had told me before that he wanted his wife to be fucked by another man and he said that Natassja wanted it too.

Natassja tried to wriggle free but couldn't. Neo had tied her up tight. She tried to move her feet but couldn't.

I got closer and looked at her beautiful high heels. I wanted them hooked over both of my shoulders. I wanted to fuck Natassja hard, harder than her husband ever did.

Natassja wore large fish-holed tights. Like sluts do.

I was getting hard. I decided to undo my jeans. It was inevitable really.

I made sure Natassja heard me undoing my belt buckle. I made sure she heard my jeans hit the floor.

My big dick sprang free. Usually it's nine inches erect. In situations like this it grows to ten.

'I know this game,' said Natassja. 'We played it before. You're pretending to be a stranger, right Neo?'

I walked over beside her. There was a note behind her on the bed. I opened it. It said, 'Let's give her a night to remember. Neo.'

I bought my dick close to her face.

'Fuck I can smell you,' said Natassja. I smacked my dick against her face. She tried to catch it in her mouth.

'Fuck,' said Natassja. 'Fucking fuck. I want it.'

I got up on the bed behind her. I pulled her chair back so it was resting on two legs. I straddle her from behind so my crotch was above her face. I tilted her head back. Natassja opened her mouth.

I held my dick and lowered my balls into her waiting mouth.

She took my nuts inside her slutty gob. Natassja teabagged me like a whore wife teabags her husband.

Her mouth was warm, wet and tender. She ran ran her tongue around my clacker bag. It felt perfect.

She sucked on my balls like only real women know how to.

I rose up out of her mouth and then Natassja said, 'You taste different.'

I paused wondering what she would say next.

'Let me rim you.'

I moved forward. I bought my ass down onto her face. I pulled my cheeks apart. Natassja ran her tongue around the rim of my ass-hole. She ran it round ten times and then pushed it inside me.

Another man's wife was tonguing my shit hole. I fucking loved it. I pushed down. Her face was buried inside my crack. I fucking loved it.

She would have eaten me all night if I'd let her.

I got off. I put her chair upright. I put my dick right in front of her face. 

She said, 'Fuck my whore face, right now.' She opened her mouth wide. She had a small little mouth. I wasn't sure she could take all of me. I pushed my meat in between her lips.

Natassja's neck was tied so tight that she couldn't move her head. This made the face fucking even better. She couldn't dictate the pace. I could thrust into her however I pleased. 

She remained perfectly still and I fucked her face as though it were young slut's cunt. 

I looked down at her beautiful, massive fat tits and rammed my full length into her sweet little mouth so my balls slapped against her chin.

Natassja started to choke but I still threw five more thrusts into her before I pulled out and let her grab some air.

Natassja coughed, 'Fucking fuck, you're not Neo! Fucking Jesus Christ! Fucking put it back in. Fuck my face, stranger. Fuck this dirty Wife.'

I pushed myself back in. I fucked her face, hard and brutal. She showed no sign that she didn't want it that way. I decided there and then that I wasn't going to fuck her. I was just going to dump my load on her cheap tits.

I pulled out and Natassja had the same idea. 'Fucking shoot your fucking junk all over me you fucking big dicked cunt.' She said.

Natassja tried to get my dick into her mouth one more time but I didn't let her.

I just got my fist around my meat and started to wank myself hard and fast.

'Ooooh fuck yes, that's it you fucker. Wank yourself. Come on, rub one out. Spray me. Shoot it all over me. I've waited all my married life for another man to use me as a piece of filthy fuck-meat. Dump it on me. I fucking love cum. Drench me. Use me. Fucking ice this cake you shit bag.'

It was her tits. It was those fucking massive tits. They sent my straight over the edge.

I hadn't wanked or fucked in days. It was huge fucking load.

A few globules speckled her face but four huge gushes landed right on her cleavage. A massive spunky load that made her squeal.

'Fucking fuck,' I said.

'Let me see' said Natassja. I pulled her blind fold up.

'It's you,' she said.

'Your husband really loves you,' I said.

'I know,' said Natassja.

I fucking love living on this street.