Friday, 20 April 2012

Chapter 33: The Marriage of Derek and Valerie Sullivan

Valerie lives at number 28 Red Lion Street with her husband Derek.

She is 50 years old. I have known her all my adult life. She always promises to fuck me. She never does.

You can read all of Valerie's stories here.

Valerie told me all about her unusual but loving marriage with Derek. She had been unfaithful with seven different men and Derek knew about every time.


Valerie got married to Derek in 1992. She was 30, he was 50. She married him for his money. He married her for her tits and legs.

They got married at a registry office and Valerie chose a dress that made her look like a dirty seaside postcard.

For the first ten years of their marriage they showed each other respect but rarely love. Derek liked fucking Valerie but his dick was small and he knew that he rarely satisfied her. Several times he paid for prostitutes. Valerie knew this and didn't care.

Valerie on the other hand never fucked around.


After ten years of a loveless marriage Valerie had finally had enough. Whilst on holiday Valerie fucked a young Italian boy on his hotel balcony. He was half her age and had a cock that filled her cunt like she had never been filled before.

The next morning Valerie cried and told Derek what she had done. Derek said he didn't mind and that he had been listening outside the hotel door all along.

Derek asked Valerie to fuck Nico the next night in their own room. He asked if he could watch. He paid Nico money to fuck his wife. Nico thought they were crazy. Valerie got on the bed on all fours and opened her legs wide for her Italian lover. Her husband looked into her eyes as Nico entered her. Valerie told Derek that Nico was bigger and better then he ever was and Derek just sat there wanking himself.

Nico made Valerie orgasm three times before he shot his hot junk inside her. Derek walked over and jerked himself over Valerie's face and hair. Nico told Derek that his wife was a whore and Derek laughed his head off. 

On the plane home Valerie told Derek she loved him and for the first time she meant it.


The next year, after much discussion, Derek and Valerie decided that Valerie should take a lover.

They chose Ron. A mutual friend who had recently been divorced from another of Valerie's friends. Ron and Valerie had a regular, no strings attached, fuck buddy relationship. Ron would usually come around every Wednesday. 

Derek would cook for them both and then go down to the pub. Ron would always fuck Valerie in the arse and never in the cunt. He would always finish in her mouth.
When Derek got home he would kiss her full on the mouth with his tongue and taste dick, come and his wife's anus.

Eventually Valerie told Ron, 'This can't go on if you're never going to fuck my cunt.'

Ron said, 'Let's quit while we're ahead.'


It was two years before Valerie took another lover.

She told Derek about this guy called Tony who always grabbed her arse and told her how much he wanted to fuck her.

Derek said, 'Let him.'

Tony was brute. A loutish thug and not the sort of guy Derek and Valerie would normally invite round their house. Tony turned up in his best shirt and trousers. Valerie dressed up like a cheap actress dressed as a cheap whore in a cheap movie.

Derek said, 'Fuck my wife on our bed and let me watch.'

Tony lay on the bed as Valerie crawled over him in her tight lace dress, stockings and heels.

In less than three minutes Tony's pencil thin dick was shooting baby batter over his best shirt.

It left a big dark stain.

'Shit, I'm sorry,' he said. 'This never usually happens.'

Derek laughed and came on Valerie's stockings anyway.

Valerie was upset that she didn't get boned by this vicious looking idiot. 

They gave Tony another chance and he came back the next week. This time he at least managed to get his skinny dick inside Valerie's snatch but he didn't last long before he popped and Valerie didn't even get to come.

Valerie said to Derek that it shouldn't even count as being unfaithful.

Derek said that it did and that she was a whore and that he loved her.


It was a couple of years before Derek and Val found another lover.

It was Valerie's 44th Birthday and she pleaded with Derek, 'Husband, for my Birthday can you please get me a big, tight, muscly black man with a huge schlong that can fuck me so hard I can barely walk?'

Derek said, 'We're white and middle class. We don't know any black people.'

'For fuck's sake just buy me one!'

And that's what Derek did. He went on the Internet and found some black male prostitutes. He found the one with the biggest dick and paid him £150 to come round on Valerie's Birthday and screw the living daylights out of his wife.

Benjamin become a regular fixture at the Sullivan's house. He would come over every Sunday after Valerie had cooked Derek his Sunday Roast. Benjamin had a long, slender nine inch dick and could last for hours.

He seemed almost bored when he fucked Valerie. He could make her moan and orgasm into the evening and only when she begged him did he let his spunk shoot over her.

Derek would sometimes lick Benjamin's jism out of Valerie's fuck hole afterwards.

After 23 sessions Valerie asked Benjamin, 'What is it you want?'

He said, 'I love it when rich, white housewives make me come with their feet.'

Valerie said, 'Show me how.'

Benjamin took off Valerie's shoes and got her on the bad and clamped her bare feet around his shaft.

He got her feet tight like a cunt and taught her how to jerk him off that way.

Within five minutes Benjamin howled, 'Fucking, fucking, white bitch, fuck, fuck!' as he shot a perfect jet of jizz into the air.

Derek said, 'That was the hottest thing ever!' and five minutes later he was having his own perfect foot wank.

Valerie got bored of Benjamin.


Derek's dick was so short and stubby that it didn't even really do enough for Valerie when it was stuffed in her tight arse-hole.

One morning over breakfast Derek said to Valerie, 'You know my brother Richard has never fucked a woman up the arse and his wife won't let him.'

'Jesus, Derek,' said Valerie. 'Are you saying you want your own brother to fuck me in the anus?'

'I've already asked him. He said yes. His dick is much bigger than mine.'

'Fuck, this is out of control, ' said Valerie. 'Where and when do you want this to happen.'

'Over the bonnet of my car on a hot summer night in a public car park.'

'Make it happen.'

Two weeks later in the middle of July, Valerie put on sheer white stockings with a red seam up the back. She wore a black leather mini skirt and deep red, patent leather heels.

Derek drove Valerie to a car park round the back of a nearby pub.

Derek's brother Richard was waiting there. He was ugly and bald and Valerie never liked him but the idea of being fucked up the arse by her Husband's brother made her crotch glisten with cunny juice.

The bonnet of Derek's car was still warm as she bent over it and pulled her skirt up for Richard.

She got her leg's wide and said, 'What are you waiting for? Fuck your brother's wife.'

Richard WAS bigger than Derek. He ploughed in Valerie and showed her no mercy.

'I've always wanted to fuck you up the arse,' he said.

'I've always hated you and your dumb wife,' said Valerie.

Derek sat in the car watching his wife getting arse fucked.

Two men were standing outside the pub having a fag and watching this random slut getting her back-end boned in public.

Richard finally blew his junk up Valerie's shit hole and shouted 'Arsenal!'

Valerie limped back into the car with spunk running down her stockings. She gave Derek a hand job and then they drove home.


One night Derek came home from work and said, 'I think I'm going get a promotion at work, but it all hangs on this one thing.'

'What's that?' asked Valerie.

'Well you see, Kenton my boss has always had this thing for you and...'

'You don't need to say anymore darling,' said Valerie. 'Invite him round for dinner next week.'

The next week Valerie made Derek and Kenton a lamb casserole. Afterwards she took Kenton up to their bedroom while Derek stayed downstairs and did the dishes.

Kenton had the biggest dick she had ever seen and he just fucked Valerie long, hard and fast.

Valerie cried out, 'This is all I ever wanted. A big dick that can last! Fuck my cunt! Thank you Boss-man.'

Downstairs Derek wanked himself off on the sofa listening to his boss fuck his wife. They never came down that night and Derek slept there till the morning.

Derek got the promotion.


Valerie's last lover to date was a painter and decorator called Chris.

He painted Derek's walls and then he painted his wife's face.

Derek would always watch. Sometimes he made Valerie keep the cum on her face as he kissed her afterwards.

Chris eventually said he had to stop. 'You two are just fucking crazy,' he said.

Over the last six months Valerie has made me come five times but she won't let me fuck her.

I asked her, 'Do you love Derek?'

She said, 'I know it's strange, but yes, our love is true and complete. We have absolute trust.'

'When will you fuck me?' I asked.

'Soon,' she said. 'I have just one more thing for you to do.'

I love living on this street.


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