Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chapter 32: The Town Bike

Stephanie lives at number 42 with her husband Rob and their baby.

She fucks whoever she likes and doesn't tell him.

The weather's getting warm here in England. Steph knocked on my door and said, "Let's go for a bike ride."

Stephanie was sitting on her bike. She wore a tight white cotton t-shirt. She wore knee-high woolly socks over dark nylon tights. She wore the smallest denim shorts and cute heeled boots.

What the hell is it with woolly knee high socks over dark, black nylons? The girls dress like that all the time here in London. As the girls add more layers over themselves they should be getting less sexy not more. It's magical.

The sight of that expanse of nylon stretched over their thighs never fails to get me hard. The girls know it too. I see how they smile and look away.

I got out my bike. I rode behind Stephanie down Red Lion Street. I watched her tight ass rubbing against the bicycle seat. I watched her firm butt cheeks stretch the denim.

It's hard to ride with a boner.

Stephanie road to the 'back fields'. The back fields are directly behind Red Lion Street. If Stephanie's husband, Rob looked out his bedroom window he would see me cycling with his wife.

Steph parked her bike and got off. Stephanie undid a button on her denim shorts and stretched out in the sun.

"I fucking love this weather," she said.

Back in January Stephanie spent a weekend in a hotel and got totally torn apart by three big dicked black guys.

She sent me photos. You can read all about it here.

"You sent me photo of you naked, covered in the spunk of three men you'd met on the Internet," I said to Stephanie.

"Are you sure?," she said. She was still stretching and basking in the sun. "I don't remember doing that. How strange."

"You went to a hotel," I said. "Each man paid you £500 to fuck you. You never told your husband."

"You're talking shit," said Steph. "It costs more than that to fuck me. Much more."

"Why do you do this? Why do you cheat, lie and treat your husband so badly. You've had a child with him."

"Are you trying to lecture me little man? I don't need morals from you. I fuck who I like, when I like. My cunt craves it. I use my Husband for his money. The child is my security."

This woman was unbelievable. I was completely rigid for her.

"You have an erection," said Stephanie looking at my crotch.

"No, I haven't," I said.

"Don't lie," said Stephanie. "Would you like to see me try and ride my bike with my denim shorts round my knees?"

"Very, very much," I said.

Stephanie eased her shorts down to her knees. She wore no panties underneath her dark nylons. I could see her cunt. I could see her arse cheeks.

I could see the dark nylon stretched tight over her butt. 

I was so fucking hard.

"I knew you wouldn't be wearing any panties," I said.

"And I knew that you knew,"  said Stephanie. "Let's ride."

We got on our bikes and rode. Stephanie left her jean shorts round her knees. The bike saddle pushed up into her arse and cunt.

We rode our bikes to the far end of the field. I rode behind Stephanie, naturally.

"What can you see?" she asked.

"I can see the blossom start to bud on the trees. It's uncommonly warm for this time of year. Spring has come early. It's a beautiful day for a bike ride."

"What else can you see?"

"I can see your bike saddle riding up into your arse crack. I can see your perfect butt cheeks move as you cycle. I can see the smallest glimpse of butt crack above the waist band of your pantyhose."

"It's so hot," said Stephanie. "I'm  developing a sweat."

"I bet it's sweaty down there between your legs," I said. "Between the leather of your bike set, the stretched nylon and your gorgeous snatch. I bet it's wet with sweat and cunny juice."

The back fields are directly behind Red Lion Street. If Rob looked out of his bedroom window he would see his wife cycling with her jeans around her knees.

"Can you imagine, how it smells?" asked Stephanie.

"No," I said. "I can't possibly imagine."

"Anyone could see us out here," said Steph. "Anyone could see my dirt box underneath my pantyhose."

"Don't you care?" I asked. "What if your husband saw?"

"I want him to see me," said Steph. "I've left photographs of me getting fucked by three black men in his bedside drawer. He will find them soon."

"Why do you want Rob to find out?" I asked.

"I want to see what it turns him into," said Stephanie.

"And what might that be?"

"A man."

Stephanie stopped in the middle of the field. She threw her bike to the ground. Her denim shorts fell to her ankles.

"I'm going to pull my tights down a little. So you can see my pussy better. So everyone can see my pussy better."

"Of course you are," I said.

Stephanie put her thumbs in her waist band and pulled down her nylons. She left them half way down her thighs. The waist band pinched her soft white skin a little. 

Stephanie turned around bent over so her arse and cunt were fully exposed to me.

"What can you see?" she said.

"I can see the grass, the fields, the sky. In the next field I can see two horses standing in the shade. It's a beautiful day to be alive."

"What else can you see?"

"The cunt of a whore," I said.

"Can you smell it too?" she asked.

"Not from here," I said.

"Then get closer."

I love the sight of a woman with her clothes pulled in all different directions just to display her fuck hole. Stephanie hadn't taken a stitch off. Her jeans were round her ankles and her tights were halfway down her thighs. She still had her high heeled boots on. Whatever happened I didn't want her to get anymore undressed than this.

I wanted to fuck her this way.

I moved in closer. I got on my knees. My face was five inches away from her cunt. I breathed in.

"What can you smell?" she asked.

"The grass, nature, summer."

"Anything else?"

"I can smell the wet, sweaty snatch of the town fucking bike."

Stephanie laughed, "Very good." Stephanie got down on her knees. She reached behind her and pulled her arse cheeks apart. Her tiny shit-hole looked tight and clean.

"What about now?" she asked.

"I can smell your arse."

The back fields are directly behind Red Lion Street. If Rob looked out of his bedroom window he would see me on my hands and knees sniffing his Wife's anus.

"Lick it," she said. "Lick it now."

I love to lick a girl's arsehole. I will worship any woman who demands I eat her back door. I got in close. Stephanie stretched her hole wide.

I ran my tongue around her rim.

"Fucking Holy Mary," said Stephanie.

I slipped the tip of my tongue inside her.

"Sweet baby Jesus," she said.

I pushed my tongue in as far as it could go. My face was smothered in her arse.

"That's it. That's right."

"Do you want a finger in your slit?" I asked.

"I want two," said Steph. "Finger fuck me, slow."

I slipped two fingers inside her glistening, smooth pussy. They went in easily. I fucked her slow and steady with my hand. Stephanie pulled her arse cheeks apart. Her wedding ring was right by my face.

"Finger fuck me. Lick me."

I pushed my fingers inside her as far as they could go and licked her precious little rosebud.

"Sweet nirvana, this is going to do it," said Steph.

The back fields are directly behind Red Lion Street. If Rob looked out his bedroom window he would see me finger fucking his wife and licking her anus.

Stephanie came like a little girl. She squealed like a child with a bag of candy. She pushed her cunt back on my fingers and I felt her tighten around me. I pushed my tongue deep into her arse as she orgasmed. Her shit hole tightened too as she let a second wave flood through her.

"Oh my," said Stephanie.

I withdrew. I had her arse stench on my face and her pussy juice on my fingers.

"What now?" I asked.

"What's the worst you can think of?" said Stephanie. She was still on her hands and knees.

"The worst I can think of is that you just stay like that a while. I use you as a cum rag. I jerk myself and land my cream all over your perfect arse. You go home to your husband with another man's semen running down your shit crack."

"That's fine," said Stephanie. "Do that. Help yourself. Do it quickly. Don't waste my time."

I got my dick out. I wanked myself. I thought of the time I looked through Stephanie's window and saw my friend Cate licking her snatch. You can read about that here.

Steph looked back at me and said, "Hurry up."

The back fields are directly behind Red Lion Street. If Rob looked out his bedroom window he would see me spraying his Wife's arse with my hot sticky seed.

Steph was covered. Gloopy cum fell from her arse and collected in the crotch of her nylons. Jizz dripped down her ass crack.

"What can you see?" asked Stephanie.

"A whore in a field."

I love living on this street.


  1. Oh Cap'n, my Cap',,

    As you might guess, Steph is my favorite of the whores on Red Lion Street. I could only wish that I was Rob and that my lovely wife abused me often in this special way.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. Oh sweet holy fuck…

    I just thought I'd mention that there's another whore here with her cunt dripping, soaking her panties and leggings. Where are my nylons?


  3. LGS, send your wet panties to me. Let me come in them. Then I'll send them back.

  4. Oooh I loved this... Thank you, your writing is fresh and witty. Really enjoyed it! The pictures just add to the fun
    Lily xxx