Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chapter 31: Harper Eliot

Harper Eliot lives at number 9 Red Lion Street. She is big in the places you want her to be. Her tits are massive and her gorgeous arse cheeks swing from side to side. She makes all the old men hard. Her face is kind and patient and her hair is long and red.

You can read the rest of her stories hereHarper is real, she actually exists. You can visit her own blog here.

She has only just moved to Red Lion Street in the last few weeks. No-one knows anything about her or what she does. She looks young but I couldn't say exactly how old she was. Some say they have seen her hanging around with men too old for her.

I left my house one morning and found her standing outside. She wore a black dress and cute Mary Jane shoes with a strap and medium heels. She wore dark nylon tights.

Harper turned and looked at me. Her face was hard to read. She looked like she wanted something.

In her hand she held a sweet wrapper. She dropped it onto the pavement, on purpose.  'Oops,' she said, like a bad actress.

I looked at the wrapper. I pulled my eyes up past her tits and back to her face. 'Pick it up,' I said.

'No,' said Harper. She shook her head slowly. Like a spoilt child.

Something stirred in my crotch. You know what.

Instinct told me what to say. I didn't know exactly what Harper wanted but I knew my next line.

'Are you...bad?'


'How old are you?' I asked.

'How old do you think?' she said.

I don't like the age guessing game and ignored her counter question. 'Pick up that litter,' I repeated.

'I will not.'

'Listen, if you do not pick that sweet wrapper up I will have to...' our roles had been cast. I just had to cross the line, '...punish you.'

'Yes,' said Harper.

'Yes what?'


'Get inside my house, now. Let's deal with this inside.'

I held the door open and Harper walked past me into my house. I followed her and watched her arse. My dick hardened.

It was a little forced the way she walked. She wanted me to look. She wanted this old man to stare.

'Go into the kitchen,' I said.

I went into the dining room and got a straight backed wooden chair. I took it into the kitchen. Harper leant against the counter. I slammed the chair down in front of her so it made a sharp, loud sound on the granite floor. 'Sit down!'

Harper sat on the chair. Her legs were close together. Her hands were by her side.

'Straighten your back, child,' I said.

Harper sat up straight. She pushed her tits out proudly. She looked like a schoolgirl trying to get Teacher's attention.

'Cross your legs.'

Harper crossed her legs, slowly. The nylon between her thighs made a soft 'shffft' sound.

'Cross them the other way.'

Harper uncrossed her legs then crossed them again. The nylon between her thighs made another soft 'shffft' sound. I could see a little more leg. My dick stiffened.

'Place your hands on your thighs', I prepared to cross another line. 'You insolent, ignorant girl.'

Harper placed her hands on her thighs. She bit her bottom lip. She never once took her eyes off mine.

'Why do you dress like that?' I asked.

'There's something wrong with the way I dress?'

There wasn't anything wrong with the way she dressed. Every time I saw a boundary in front of me, Harper just held the door open.

'You're dressed like a silly slut. Showing off your tits and arse like that. Making all the old men's dicks hard.'

'I'm sorry.'

'Sorry, what?'




'Get on your knees.'

'Is the floor...clean?'

'I don't think so.'

Harper got on her knees. She looked up at me.

'All fours.'

Harper was on her hands and knees. Her beautiful ass and heels behind her. Her boob cleavage swinging beneath her cute face.

'Is the floor dirty?' I asked.

'A little bit, yes. It's a little bit dirty.' It wasn't.

I got a wet sponge from the sink and threw it at her.

'Clean it.'

Harper scrubbed the floor.

'How old are you?' I asked again.

'How old do you think I am?' said Harper as she scrubbed my kitchen floor.

'I think you're young, but you have the confidence of a woman. I don't know, 24 maybe? How old do you think I am?' I asked her back.

'I don't care,' said Harper.

'I'm 41.'

'I don't care.'

'I could be your father.'

'I know.'

'How do you like being ordered about by an old man you just met in the street? How do you like being told to scrub his kitchen floor? How do you like kneeling down there with your arse sticking out for me to see?'

'I like it all very much, sir.'

I walked round behind her. I wanted to stare at her arse. I wanted to fuck her up the arse, I wanted to cum in her arse. More than that; I wanted to kneel down, pull down her nylons, spread her cheeks and run my tongue up the entire length of her butt crack, from her juicy cunt right along her tiny shit hole and up to the base of her spine. 

'Hitch up your dress, slut. Let me see it.'

Harper reached round behind her and pulled her dress up over her butt cheeks.

Her nylon pantyhose were stretched tight over her giant globes. She wasn't wearing any panties. I could see her beautiful bald cunt.

I could smell her.

'Jesus, shit. No panties,' I said.

'Nope, no panties,' said Harper.

'Have you ever been arse fucked, little girl?'

'No,' She said. 'I'm an arsehole virgin. One boy tried and failed.'

Harper carried on scrubbing the floor. Her tits swung.

'My dick is close to ten inches long when it's fully hard. No matter what happens I could never fuck you up the arse.'

'Yes, you could. You could fuck me up the arse.'

'I'm too big for you. I'd hurt you.'

'I don't care. I want you to. I want you to fuck me up the arse, Sir.'


'Fuck you.'

'You filthy little whore, don't speak to me like that. I won't allow it.'

'Sorry, Sir.' There were a few moments of silence that followed. Neither of us knowing what to do next. I unzipped my jeans. My dick sprang out, huge and erect. I was still behind Harper. She couldn't see it but she heard the zipper. She sighed and said, 'Spank me.'

I didn't hesitate. I bent down and spanked her across her arse.

'Again,' she said.

I spanked her harder.

'Again,' she said.

I spanked her as hard as I could and left red marks on her butt.

'You need to be punished for dropping that litter,' I said.

'I'm scrubbing your floor. I'm on my knees. You've spanked me. Isn't that enough?'

'No,' I said. I walked round in front of her with my dick sticking out like a flag pole.

'Jesus fucking Christ you weren't joking,' said Harper.

'Have you ever had a man twice your age haul you in off the street, get you on all fours and then jerk off in your face?'

'No,' she said. 'I'm still young. I'm a cumface virgin.'

I started to slowly beat myself off. I moved in closer. Lady Grinning Soul stopped scrubbing but knelt there looking up at me and my dick.

'How would you feel if I came on your face right now?'

'I would feel humiliated. I would feel degraded. I would feel alive.'

'Ask me, beg me.'

'Please come on my face, Sir.'

'Not sir.'

'Please come on my face...Master?'


'Please come on my face...Daddy?'

Jesus Christ I was getting close to the edge, 'Beg.' I said.

'Please come on my face, Daddy. Please dump a huge messy load on my filthy, young face.'

I looked down at her eyes, pleading for my seed. I looked down at the biggest, most beautiful tits.

'How old are you?' I asked.


21. Holy crap. It was too much. I let go. I came hard. A string of spunk went across her left eye. A second shot landed on her mouth and chin. A third blast went on her mouth too. The spunk collected together and started to fall from her chin onto her tits.

'Thank you Daddy.'

Harper went to clean herself up.

'Don't clean yourself. Leave my jizz on your face. Walk down the street with my cum on your lips and never ever drop litter again.'

'Yes Daddy.' Harper got up, straightened her skirt and walked out of the house, swinging her hips as she went.

I fucking love living on this street.


  1. Oh! I LOVE this!! -x-

  2. As do I! What a perfectly erotic story featuring one of our absolute favorites.