Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chapter 30: The Engagement

Penny lives at number 48 with her mother Laura. You can read all of her stories here.

She is 22 and too reckless for her own good. She is one of those girls you see spiralling out of control in provincial town centres on Saturday nights. She is all high heels, over-styled hair and cheap polyester.

She has an amazing body but just teeters on edge eating a few too many pies. Her big ass often threatens to burst out of her tiny slutty dresses.

I came home one night at one in the morning and Penny was sitting on the kerb outside my house. She was wearing a skimpy black dress. The sort of outfit you thought that only whores or porn stars wear.

It's still March here in England, she must have been freezing, but this type of girl can survive a nuclear winter.

"What are you doing here, Penny? You should go home to bed," I worried about Penny. I cared for her.

"I was waiting for you. I wanted to show you something," Penny was a little drunk. "Look at my fucking rock!"

Penny held out her hand. She was wearing an expensive, though tacky silver ring with diamonds on it.

"I'm getting married!" she said.

"Who to?" I was intrigued.

"Do you remember Warren? He proposed to me tonight" asked Penny.

About two months ago I had found Penny and her friend Rikki drunk in the street in the middle of the night. I often find Penny drunk in the street. They called me 'old man' and shouted abuse at me. A rich fuck called Warren drove up in a car and picked the girls up. 

Penny ended up getting fucked by Warren whilst she ate out Rikki's snatch. Penny finished the night off with a litre of jizz on her pretty, tart face.

"I didn't even realise you were seeing him?" I said.

"Yes," said Penny. "He's wonderful. He buys me things. He treats me like a princess. He gives me what I want. I love him."

"You don't love him," I said. "You love the idea of him. He's a life line, a glimmer of hope for a girl who failed at school and is too lazy to dig deep and achieve something for herself."

"Fuck off old man," barked Penny.

"I say it because I care. I want the best for you."

"I thought you'd be pleased. I wanted to tell you because if it wasn't for you I might not have met Warren."

"I'm pleased if you're pleased. Honestly. Why don't you come into my house and tell me how he proposed."

"It was so romantic," said Penny.

We went into my house. I made tea. Penny sat down and crossed her legs. I got an erection.

Penny began, "Warren picked me up at 7:30. I had a feeling we were going somewhere special. This is my smallest, tightest black dress. It's ridiculous really. When I first got it. I thought I'd made a big mistake. It's far too small for me. It can hardly contain my body really. I am always having to pull it down. You can see my panties ALL the time, but Warren says I look beautiful when I dress like a piece of street meat and I didn't want to disappoint him.

When he saw me he said. 'Jesus, fucking Christ I want to plunge my pole into you right now.'

I said, 'I'm hungry. Feed me first.'

We got in his car and drove. He took me to the most expensive Italian restaurant in town. There were steps leading up to the restaurant and he made me pose for photographs. He said, 'I'm always hard when I'm with you.'

I said, 'I know.'

We went inside. Warren had hired the entire restaurant. There was no-one there except one handsome Italian waiter. Warren is so romantic and so rich. He always treats me well and I always reward him for his gestures.

He once paid for me to go to a top of the range health spa for the weekend with Rikki. We thanked him by making a video on our phones of us 69ing each other and eating pussy. The next time I saw him he watched it in front of me and I let him come down my throat.

Another time he bought me a beautiful watch. I loved it so much and told him he take my arse for the first time. I spread my legs in the back of a cab and let him fuck me straight in the shit-hole. We paid the cab driver to pull over and watch us and the cab driver managed to bust his nut too.

Another time he flew me to Paris because he was lonely on a business trip. He paid a whore 400 euros to lick out my arse-hole whilst I let him fuck my sweet, young face.

We just have the wildest times. I love him and I want to stay with him forever.

We enjoyed out starter courses. He talked to me about business and politics. He's so brainy.

The waiter was called Luigi and he seemed to know Warren well. He kept looking at my legs and I noticed he had a little hard-on in his black trousers.

Before the main course Warren stood up, and, well, no, he didn't get on one knee, but as soon as he got out the ring I said 'Yes' before he had a chance to ask.

I was so giddy with excitement through the main course.

I said, 'I'm going to be such a good wife for you, Warren. I'm going to cook and clean for you. A cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom, isn't that what they say? I'm going to be everything you need, Warren. I'm going to make your wildest fuck dreams come true.'

'It might be hard,' said Warren. 'Marriage can be tough. I might have affairs, or you might. We must be tolerant.'

'I hope you do have affairs, darling,' I said. 'I just want you to be happy. I want you to fulfil all your desires. I want you to bring home 18 year old prostitutes and fuck them on our bed whilst I make you dinner downstairs. I want you to pay for fat sluts and screw them in our hotel room when we are on holidays.'

'What about you my sweet?' asked Warren. 'What do you need to make you happy.'

'I need your money and your cock,' I said. 'Buy me shoes and cars and I'll be anything you want. Do you want me to be a slag for you? Do you want me to take a lover, honey?'

'I might, one day,' said Warren.

'I'd fuck a whole rugby team for you if it made you happy, darling. You would come home from work and find them lined up outside your front door in a queue that went round the block. Each one, waiting to dump a load of junk on my fresh young face. You would get inside and my face would look like an iced bun.'

'Stand up now,' said Warren. 'Turn around, show me that arse, drop your knickers.'

'Here in this restaurant? Right now?'

'Luigi knows. It's OK.'

I stood up. I turned around. I pulled my knickers down till they were around my knees. I pulled my skirt up to my waist. I got an arse cheek in each hand and spread myself wide.

'Can you see Warren? I'm going to be your wife. Can you see my beautiful clean, neat cunt and my tight, pretty shit hole? You own them now. You can use them as you please.'

Warren had his cock out and was wanking himself. 'I want to fuck you now,' he said. 'Right now in this restaurant.'

'You can do that because you're rich. You can buy me and all the women you want. You can fuck me in the mouth, arse and cunt five times a day because you have money and I adore you.'

'I'm the fucking man, aren't I?' said Warren.

'Yes darling, you're the man. Now get up here and take what is yours.'

Warren was standing close behind me. I felt his warm, hard cock against my butt cheeks.

'Cunt or arse darling?' I asked.

'I want tonight to be romantic,' he said. 'Cunt.'

He spat in my snatch. I smeared his saliva in with my cunt juice. I was ready. I was always ready.

Warren's cock is not the thickest but it is long and smooth. His bell-end eased apart my cunt lips and with one easy push he went all the way into my fuck hole, his balls slapped against my arse.

'Fuck me like that baby,' I said.

He did. He fucked me in long, easy strokes. Long thrusts that filled me up every time.

I bent over the table and kicked my panties off. I got my legs further apart so that I could take more of him. I tried to get the most out of each push. My cunt was on fire and my nipples were like hard, little nuggets.

'Where's that waiter?' said Warren loudly. I guessed what was happening.

'Do you want him to fuck me too, baby?' I asked Warren.

'Very much,' said Warren.

'Did you pay him,' I asked. 'Did you pay him to fuck your wife to be?'

'I did', said Warren. 'Luigi!'

Luigi came out with a fresh bottle on wine in one hand and his dick in the other.

'Did you want something Sir?'

'Luigi would you be so good as to come here and stick your dick in my Fiancé's whore mouth?'

I opened my slutty gob wide. I wanted it. Luigi's cock was slightly longer than Warren's. He fucked my mouth gently for a while until I looked up at him and let him know I wanted it harder.

And that's the way we stayed; me over a table in the tightest, smallest dress getting spit-roasted by these two horny stags. 

I felt divine. I felt alive. I felt loved.

'Your girlfriend fucks like she's from the gutter,' said Luigi.

'That's why I love her,' said Warren.

When I came I let them both know. I clamped my cunt tight around Warren's shaft and deep throated Luigi.

'Now,' said Warren, both of my beautiful boys went into the final straight. They fucked me like a rag doll. They fucked me mean and selfishly, like boys who want to come and don't want to please a girl. I fucking loved it.

Have you any idea what it feels like to have a man come in your mouth the same time as another man comes in your cunt? I was like a fuse in an electric circuit. I was lit up.

I came again. I came harder than before. I came harder than I ever have. I had cum pumping down my throat and jizz shooting up my snatch.

This marriage will last forever, Old Man."

"I'm very happy for you, Penny," I said.

I love living on this street.


  1. Aww! That was romantic. I like Rikki and Warren. Now excuse me while I go and jerk off…

  2. in a lot of ways these drawings are hotter than photographs of the same thing would have been. a lot hotter. just scroll back up to penny exposing her cunt from the rear. that's funking hot.

    now i just gotta find out where the hell this red lion street is...

  3. Hot story!!!
    Love the drawings!

    Candy e Bunny