Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chapter 50: The Girl Next Door

Red Lion Street is getting me down.

There is only so much wanton abandonment I can take. I want to feel the earth again.

'Want' has replaced 'need'. I want to fuck forever and drown in a sea of cum and cunt juice.

But I need to breath again.

I want the girl next door. That's all we ever want isn't it?

The girl next door to me on Red Lion Street is Kasia. She lives at number 12 Red Lion Street and I live at number 10.

She lives their with her boyfriend. They're Polish.

Kasia and her boyfriend moved in on the 13th July.

I didn't see them for a few days. I just heard them fucking through my bedroom wall. They fucked like youngsters; hard, fast and often.

On the 20th July I was out in the garden and I noticed a hole in the fence, maybe two inches wide. It was at waist height.

I knelt down and peered through.

And there she was, Kasia in her garden. She wore a pretty, red summer dress. She wore neat black heels. She was small and fragile.

I can't remember what love feels like. Does it feel like this?

She looked too frail to fuck.

The noise I heard through the walls was of a young girl being properly pounded. She would scream like a dying cow. I assumed she was built stronger than this.

I stayed there watching her. She was in her own world. Dancing to an imaginary tune like a nine year old.

My dick stiffened.

Suddenly she looked straight at me through the hole and I quickly moved away.

I'm pretty sure she saw me. I went inside my house and wanked off at the thought of her.

After I wanked, I waited ten minutes and then I wanked off again. I thought about Kasia the second time too.

A week later on 20th July I looked back through the hole and saw her again.

She was in her bikini lying on a red rug. She was reading Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett.

The bikini was tiny, it revealed a beautiful large tattoo on her left arm.

She was wearing heels. Every girl who lives on Red Lion Street does. It's a condition.

Kasia has tiny tits. They are small, young and perfect. You might think I only like big tits. I don't.

I love to fuck flat chested girls or girls with G cups, swinging like boulders.

I love everything.

Or I've forgotten what I love.

I can't remember.

'Why do you stare at me Old Fox.'

It was Kasia, talking to me through the fence. She had a thick Polish accent. She was talking to me but she didn't once look up from her book.

'Because you are young. Full of potential. Eager to live.'

'Do you want to fuck me, neighbour?' she asked. She still didn't look up.

'Even though I am only 41 I feel ancient. I can't go on like this,' I said.

'I don't understand what you mean,' said Kasia.

I walked away from the hole.

The next day I heard Kasia shouting, 'Old Fox! Old Fox! Come see!'

I walked to the hole and looked through.

Kasia was in shiny red heels. She was dressed like a cheap prostitute. One that would cost less than £25. She wore a tight black lycra skirt and a skimpy purple vest.

She was bending over. She was showing me her cunt.

Her young, soft cunt.

Her beautiful, pretty, little snatch.

'Come see, Old Fox. Come and see my young cunt.'

'I can see,' I said.

'Have you ever seen a cunt as pretty as mine?' said Kasia.

'I don't believe I have,' I said. I was telling the truth. It was a beautiful pussy. It didn't look so much as shaven as naturally bald. But that couldn't be the case.

'How old are you?' I asked.

'22,' she said. 'but don't I look younger?'

'I don't want you to look any younger Kasia. You are already too young.'

'Too young for you Old Fox,' said Kasia.

'How tight is your cunt, Kasia?'

'Tighter than your first girlfriend's.'

I got up and walked away. I was as hard as a rock.

August 17th, early evening.

'Old Fox! Old Fox! Come and look!'

I walked to the hole and looked through. Kasia was in her best party clothes.

She had a little make up on. She wore a thigh length, flared skirt. She wore black patent heels.

Best of all she wore a tiny black choker with a pendant hanging from it.

Kasia was the fucking sex.

She had her tits out. She stroked and grabbed her small tiny tits.

'I'm going to a party,' said Kasia. 'My boyfriend is taking me to a party. There will be old men there. Will they like me?'

'Some of them will die,' I said.

'I worry my tits aren't big enough,' said Kasia.

'Your tits are beautiful,' I said. 'You don't need to worry about anything until you are 37. That's when the worrying starts.'

'Will you still want to fuck me when I'm 37, neighbour?'

'I'll be 56,' I said. 'If I can. I'll fuck you.'

'I do love my little tits,' said Kasia.

'Does your boyfriend know you show yourself to me Kasia?'

'We talk about you and laugh,' said Kasia. 'He say's, 'Go and show the Old Fox your tits.' We fuck loudly so you can hear us through the walls.'

I said, 'Next time wear hold ups for me, Kasia.'

I got up and walked away from the hole.

A month later she called me to the fence again.

'Like this, Old Fox?' asked Kasia.

Kasia was on the grass, her legs spread open. She wore black, sheer hold ups. She wore a white vest top and the tinniest black skirt. 

She wore pretty, black high heels with tee bars and red soles.

Best of all she wore the black choker.

'Usually I can only fit two fingers in my cunt, but today I managed to cram in three,' said Kasia.

'Jesus shit,' I said.

'Is this how you want me to dress, Old Fox? Like a whore from the 1970s?'

'You can dress however you like,' I said. 'It makes no difference.'

'My boyfriend had a message for you,' she said.

'What's that?' I asked.

'He said that you should save your cum for a week and then come out here to the garden and you can stick your cock through the hole in the fence. He want me to suck you then drink your seed.'

'OK' I said.

I left the hole in the fence.

On September the 24th she called me to the garden.

I went to the hole. She was there with her mouth open.

She wore a red party dress. She wore her choker again.

She wore make up.

She was right up against the hole.

She said, 'Did you save it for a week?'

I said, 'Yes.'

She said, 'Look at my delicate, porcelain face. Don't you want to fuck it?'

I said, 'Yes.'

She said, 'Stick your dick through.'

My dick was hard. I pushed it through the hole.

I felt warm, soft lips wrap around me shaft.

This is where the story ends. With the best blow job of my life.

Hard to explain.

The tongue.

The lips.

The tenderness.

The fact that I couldn't see her on the other side of the fence.

I came so fucking hard.

It was beautiful.

I threw my head up.

I looked at the sky.

I love living on this street.

But things have to change.

The End


  1. Fuck. A perfect ending. So long, cap'n.

  2. Art is perfect once again for the story.

    A good ending for a good series.

    Keep in touch, Cap'n

  3. Hi Cap'n,

    Kasia is right. You are an old fox. And a dirty one to boot.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  4. Thank you Captain, there's nothing I would change.
    It could be so entertaining to be your neighbour in real life.

    all yours
    - Kasia

  5. A great ending to the story! Thanks for all the entertainment and sperm, Captain. Please be sure to let us know where you move to next!

    Rod of The Canery blog

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